comic-conDressing up as heroes, villains and other movie/cartoon characters will seem to be like a childish idea for some of the people out there, but the truth is that it is indeed one of the best ways in which you can escape your mundane life every once in a while and a great way in which you can actually bring to life your favorite movies.

Comic-Cons are one of the best ways in which you can allow yourself to be a kid and to play around a bit. If you have a favorite TV show or if you have a favorite comic book, you will definitely love the idea of gathering together with other people who like it as well and to dress up as your favorite characters. You may not be able to fly (or save the world, for that matter), but you can always be a comic book hero if you really want it.

The History of Comic-Con International: San Diego

Comic-Cons are like a drug: once you attend one, you will always want to search for more of them and to come back as often as you have the chance. The San Diego Comic-Con (also known as SDCC) is one of the largest ones in the world (in fact, Forbes has actually named it as the largest ones in the world) and it is also one of the oldest ones as well.

The history of the Comic-Con International: San Diego goes as far back as 1970 when Shel Dorf, a lifetime comic book fan moved to San Diego. Previously, he had participated in one of the first Comic-Cons out there, the Detroit Triple-Fan Fairs and when he moved to San Diego he wanted to organize such a convention here as well. He didn’t organize the International Comic-Con from the very beginning though. First, he organized a convention that lasted 1 day and which was called the Golden State Comic-Minicon. Following that, he later on organized the Golden State Comic-Con which lasted for 3 days and attracted 300 people. Until 1991 when it finally moved into the San Diego Convention Center, the Comic-Con was held in multiple other locations throughout the city.

The popularity of the San Diego Comic-Con grew quite rapidly and many of the people out there believe that this is largely indebted to the fact that from the very first years the convention tried to attract associations with other similar groups (such as the Society for Creative Anachronism or the Mythopoeic Society). Nowadays, the Comic-Con held in San Diego brings together more than 100,000 people (in 2013, it attracted more than 130,000 actually).

One of the largest Comic-Cons in the world is a place many comic book fans want to be every year, but the greatest part about the San Diego convention is not just the fact that it is attractive for many people, but that it is attractive for many fandoms. Comic book fans, movie fans, TV show fans, book fans, manga fans – they all gather together in San Diego, every year, for 4 days of events, workshops and making friends.

The San Diego Comic-Con is more than a celebration of fiction and science fiction, but a celebration of joy, of creativity and of friendship as well. With so many people gathering, it is impossible not to find at least some with the same interests as you are.

How Will You Dress Up for the Next Comic-Con in San Diego?

For people passionate about science fiction, about fiction, about comic books and heroes that save the world on a daily basis, attending a Comic-Con is a serious matter. If you are among them, you will definitely want to make the most of how you dress up for the following Comic-Con you attend and in order to really be the best, you have to think things through ahead of time.

Dress up as one of your favorite Marvel heroes for a WOW effect or dress up as a villain if you are on the “darker” side as well. Allow your imagination to run wild with this because, in one way or another, this is what Comic-Cons are all about: creativity and celebrating fantasy!