I, Frankenstein Brings Frankenstein’s Monster Into the Modern Age

ifp2014 Is shaping up to be a fantastic year for fans of science fiction and fantasy movies. There are many movies slated for release in 2014 that will continue the trend of big budget movies with fantasy and science fiction themes. Studios have finally realized that there is a lot of money in bringing some of the most loved science fiction and fantasy characters to the screen. There are also several movies coming out in 2014 that take familiar characters and give them completely new stories for the modern age. One of the most anticipated movies is a reboot of the Frankenstein story. The hero in the story is the monster that Frankenstein created and set loose upon the world. After leaving the Frankenstein castle the monster, Adam, took Frankenstein as his last name and set off on a journey of personal discovery. On that journey he discovered that he cannot die.

I, Frankenstein has been in development for a long time and fans are excited that the film is finally going to be released in 2014. The film is a collaborative effort between Australian and American film companies and it was shot primarily in Australia. It stars Aaron Eckhart as the lead character, Adam Frankenstein. Adam is the creation made by Dr. Frankenstein.  The film is set hundreds of years after Adam was created by Frankenstein by sewing together corpses and animating the resulting cadaver with electricity. Adam cannot die, and so he has been wondering all the years since his creation trying to figure out what he is and what his existence means. Over the years he has refined his look and he no longer appears to be a terrible monster.

At the same time that Adam Frankenstein is wandering two warring species, gargoyles and demons, have noticed him and want to know what the source of his immortality is. Each side wants to harness the power of that immortality to give their side an edge in the war and help them take over the Earth. Frankenstein has also attracted the attention of humans. Scientist Terra also wants to study him to find out what has given him immortality. The film is a super hero style romp through several worlds as Frankenstein tries to find the answers to questions about his existence and tries to stop the destruction of the Earth. Miranda Otto, known to science fiction fans as Aeowyn from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy films, plays the queen of the gargoyles in the film.

I, Frankenstein is the latest in a line of fairy tale and fantasy tales that are being given new life in movies. The last few years have seen a string of mythical stories like Snow White and Hansel and Gretyl being interpreted in darker ways. In Hansel and Gretyl: Witch Hunters the children who were escaped from a witch after being held captive and fed candy to fatten them up in the fairy tale have grown up and become famous witch hunters. The film was wildly successful and inspired more modern remakes of classic tales like I, Frankenstein.

The film has been plagued with production troubles that have delayed it from opening. Originally the screenplay for the film was sold to a production company in 2006. Ever since then there have been problems popping up with the casting, filming and shooting that have caused the studio to constantly roll back the release date. Fans are excited that the film is finally going to come out. The movie is similar in look to blockbusters like The Avengers and the producers are hoping that the film will appeal to the same type of audiences as movies like X-Men, The Avengers, and Spider Man.

This film will be the first retelling of the original Frankenstein story that focuses exclusively on the creation of the scientist and what might have happened to him. If the film is successful it could lead to the film being franchised so that audiences can go on more adventures with Adam Frankenstein.  A graphic novel based on the film is also being produced and will be available after the release of the film.