ghostbusters-3Ghostbusters 3 Moves Forward According to Dan Ackroyd.  Is Ghostbusters 3 ever going to happen? Fans have been asking that question since the sequel to the original Ghostbusters hit theaters way back in the 80s. For decades fans have waited hoping to hear news that another Ghostbusters film was on the way.


Ghostbusters was one of the films that defines the 80s and fans of all ages can recite some of the famous one liners from memory. The Stay Puft Marshmellow Man is permanently embedded in pop culture because of the movie Ghostbusters. It was one of the most popular films of the 80s. Now, having held the status as a classic comedy since it was released, it’s a time capsule of 80s fashion, humor, culture and language. And that just makes fans even more anxious to see Ghostbusters 3 happen.

In 2010 it seemed that the film might actually happen. Notorious hold out Bill Murray seemed willing to enter talks about a possible third installment of the classic hit film. Ivan Reitman was set to direct and the other stars of the show seemed like they were on board. The hilarious writers of TV cult classic The Office signed on to write the script. Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis seemed to have already thought about the progression of their characters and where they would be in life 20 years after the original film setting. They joked in interviews about their characters being old men who couldn’t even carry their enormous ghost fighting packs any longer. But then things seemed to fall apart again.

Talks stalled, and so did any real plans to get the film started. In 2013 things seemed to be picking up once again, but the death of Harold Ramis in early 2014 threw the film into jeopardy again. Now according to Dan Akroyd the film has been revived and is moving into pre-production. The latest report, although it is unconfirmed, is that the director of the huge comedic hit Bridesmaids Paul Feig is on board to direct the film and plans to make Ghostbusters 3 almost a reboot of the original with an all-female cast.

By now fans are hesitant to get excited about the possibility of Ghostbusters 3 because they have been waiting so long. If the remake does move forward it will be without Reitman, who said that he was unable to direct after Harold Ramis died because it would be too emotionally difficult for him to work without his longtime friend. He did agree to serve as a producer if the film does move forward. Bill Murray’s involvement is also in question. He seems to change his mind often about whether or not he wants to be involved. So at this point the only original member of the cast who hasn’t changed his mind about Ghostbusters 3 is Dan Ackroyd.


If Paul Feig takes the series forward as a reboot with a female cast it’s possible that any members of the original film who want to be involved could make cameo appearances in the film. Bridesmaids became an instant classic when it was released so if anyone has the directorial chops to take on a reboot of a comedy classic like Ghostbusters it’s Feig. There is no word on who he would cast in the film but fans would love to see Melissa McCarthy and Kristin Wiig work together in another film.


Would fans accept a radically different take on the Ghostbusters story? It’s hard to say. Ghostbusters is such an iconic film that true fans of the original film and the sequel may not be willing to accept a new Ghostbusters film that doesn’t include the cast from the first two films. The future of Ghostbusters 3 seems a bit bleak despite Dan Akroyd’s confirmation that the film is moving forward. Fans will just have to continue to wait and see if the film actually does go into production. Until there is a solid release date or at least more confirmation that the film is going forward fans are going to be a little wary. Hopefully this time the reports will be true and the production on Ghostbusters 3 will finally begin.