godzillaThe great Godzilla is getting a new look in a new film that will be released in May 16, 2014. Legendary Films, who brought back the Batman franchise with a dark and edgy twist that audiences went crazy for, are doing the same with Godzilla. The giant green sea creature famous for battling monsters in B movies and trying to destroy NYC is back for the first time since the 50th anniversary of the creation of Godzilla. This time the campy green giant gone. Godzilla is totally computer generated in the new film. Models used to create the new Godzilla are more refined and a lot more detailed than any past Godzilla. The advances in technology are making it possible for the producers and writes to take Godzilla to a much darker place than ever before and they are happily taking the look and feel of the film as dark as possible.

The latest trailer for the 2014 Godzilla film is very visually exciting. The dark, sleek and sophisticated feel of the film is something that movie-goers will really love. The people responsible for the film promise that Godzilla will be fighting some monsters in this film as well as the military as he lays waste to the modern landscape. There has been talk of a crossover between Godzilla and Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim franchise that fans are clamoring for. Once producers see how well audiences respond to the new Godzilla they will be in a better position to decide if a crossover will ever happen.

Advances in technology have made it possible to take a beloved movie icon like Godzilla and give him a completely new look without having to physically create a monster. Small professionally done models that have been carefully rendered to give Godzilla a scarier, darker and edgier look were the basis for elaborate computer graphics which made it easy to create a movie monster that has the size and scale that a monster like Godzilla would have. Despite the fact that the main villain is entirely computer graphics there has been a lot of on location filing going on in Canada for the film. Film insiders say that very few green screens have been used and that the cast is largely working on location at real places instead of just acting in front of a green screen.

The new Godzilla 2014 film has some star power in the cast like Bryan Crantson, Juliette Binoche, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe, and David Strathairn. Godzilla isn’t the first beloved franchise to get a new look for more modern audiences but the fans of the original are going to be quick to criticize any flaws in the new film. The producers, writers, and stars know that if they don’t deliver for the fans the film could flop. But so far all indications are that they have put a lot of effort into getting all the details right and taking the new storyline, new look, and even the new Godzilla in a direction that will make fans very happy.

Only time will tell if the fans will embrace the new modern Godzilla or pan it. Internet critiques can make or break a movie so the producers and writers are worried about whether or not people will get the new feel of the film or not. Judging by how much success Legendary Films has had with previous projects like the Batman franchise they probably have nothing to worry about. If they continue to show their commitment to the people and their commitment to the integrity of the original story the fans will love the new film.

Even though it was inevitable that a classic like Godzilla would get rebooted for the modern world fans should still remember the history of Godzilla. No other horror movie villain has been able to star in so many films and still be so popular around the world. Godzilla will always be part of film history. The new look and storylines just make him part of the modern world as well as a part of history. Fans are anxiously awaiting the release of Godzilla 2014 to usher in a new chapter in the history of the giant green monster.