2014 is shaping up to be a stellar year for horror fans. Judging by the wealth of horror movies and TV shows that have cropped up society is realizing that horror can be big business. The more that movie studios and TV creators realize that the dedicated fans of horror will support these shows and movies and spend money to keep them around the more quality horror content will start to the flood market.

If you look at the top TV shows over the last few years you will see that horror shows are dominating TV. Even though broadcast TV still has the old tired stalwart shows like Monday Night Football and Survivor cable channels have fully embraced horror. And audiences are embracing those shows as well. The Walking Dead has been breaking viewer records left and right and is only getting more popular. The stars of The Walking Dead have yet to be nominated for any serious awards but the fans are devoted to them. At cons fans will spend thousands of dollars and wait in lines for six hours or more to meet the stars of the show like Norman Reedus, who is the most popular member of the cast.

Ratings for The Walking Dead have even beaten the ratings for football once or twice. When the executives at AMC gave the go ahead for The Walking Dead they could never have foreseen the ratings juggernaut that the show would become. A spin off series of The Walking Dead is in production and will debut in late 2014. The second half of Season 4 of The Walking Dead will air in 2014 and promises to keep delivering huge ratings as fans tune in to learn the fate of the characters they love after the showdown at the prison.2014-horror

Horror fans and zombie fans now have their own cons as well. The first zombie and horror themed convention, Walker Stalker Con, was crowdfunded and more than 10,000 fans showed up to meet the stars and have a good time. Because the first one was such a success there will be two Walker Stalker Cons in 2014. One will be held in Chicago and one will be held in Atlanta, the home of all things Walking Dead.

True Blood is ending, and Dexter is over, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be great horror shows on TV besides The Walking Dead. Horror shows have proven they can deliver the kind of ratings that make TV stations take notice. American Horror Story is a close second to The Walking Dead in the ratings. Fans love the miniseries feel to each season and the innovative and terrifying storylines that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk generate. Even broadcast channels are racing to up the horror content of their lineups. Shows like Grimm, Sleepy Hollow and even The Blacklist are taking elements of horror shows and stories and incorporating them into a format that is allowed on broadcast TV. The TV executives have seen how popular and profitable horror TV is and they don’t want their networks to get left behind. The Walking Dead was originally shopped around to broadcast channels who turned it down saying that no one would watch a gory show about zombies. Now those same executives are watching that show trounce their shows in the ratings and regretting their decisions to pass on the show.

Fans of horror movies also have a fantastic year coming up. There will be two new Paranormal Activity films released in 2014. A new darker and scarier Godzilla is coming. There will be a new Resident Evil film coming out. The Purge 2 will be out in early summer 2014. A sequel to the smash hit The Conjuring is on the way and so is a spin-off movie that will tell the story of Annabel the demonic doll that inspired the Conjuring films. Sam Raimi is rebooting the Poltergeist franchise with a modern twist. The new Poltergeist will feature a single mother trying to protect her kids from paranormal forces in the home they run to when they flee her abusive husband.

2014 is going to see horror movies and TV shows push even further into mainstream media and continue to take over.