horror-party-ideasHalloween seems to be very far off, but soon enough the summer will end, the pumpkins will begin to appear and everybody will be going crazy once again over the costume choices out there. Halloween parties are a great way of dressing up as a favorite character and of getting together with your other crazy-dressed friends and have fun. Yet, what you may not have thought of is that you don’t necessarily need Halloween to have fun this way and that you can throw your own horror party as well.

Regardless of whether you want to throw a horror party soon or if you want to organize the next Halloween party, you will love a bunch of good horror party ideas. Therefore, we have put together some of the best horror themes out there and you can pick up that which suits you the most.

Haunted House. This is a true classic among those who organize Halloween parties, but the truth is that it will never actually die out. To organize a haunted house-themed party, make sure you get a lot of old-looking objects to place around the house and that you create a special ambiance by lightning candles instead of using your electricity light. Even more, don’t forget about fake spider webs and about all those things that always seem to make a house “haunted”. Do ask your guests to come dressed up as some of the scariest spirits out there (for instance, characters from the movies) and you are guaranteed to have the time of your life.

Scary Clowns and Scary Toys. Most of the people out there associate childhood with innocence and they also associate all things childhood-related with innocence as well. Clowns and toys are not exactly the scariest thing out there, but when given with the right twist, they can become truly horrifying (and the many movies made on these subjects stand as proof for this). If you want to organize a party with this theme, do not forget to decorate the location of the party as a haunted playground, since it can definitely add up to the entire feeling. Old toys, dolls with torn heads and other similar things can be your best friends when it comes to the decoration process. Also, you can ask your guests to come dressed up as famous movie scary clowns or evil toys, since they will have a lot to choose from.

Vampires. If you are a big fan of the True Blood series or of the Vampire Diaries series, then you will love the idea of an all vampire-themed party. Regardless of whether you organize it for Halloween or just for your pure enjoyment, you will want to make sure that it turns out just perfect. Bats, spider webs, coffins, candles and a lot of red should be among your best friends, but if you want to do something really special, you can sprinkle everything with a dash of originality. For instance, you can have your drinks labeled as True Blood and you can even have them labeled with the blood type on them.

Magical Creatures. If you like vampires, but if you would like to have werewolves, fairies and shape-shifters at your party as well, then organize a magical creature-themed party. A nice idea would be to split the location into four different areas and each of them to have items and decorations that are specific to that particular type of creatures. For instance, you can have red and blood for the vampire area, wolf pictures for the werewolf area and light colors for the fair area. This is just one of the many ideas and if you unleash your creativity for a bit, you will definitely find your own very unique ideas as well.

Heroes and Villains. If you don’t necessarily want to go very dark with your party, then you can opt for a heroes and villains-themed party. This can be fairly easy to organize as simply throwing in some comic books and posters from them can set it all up. Also, it can be easier for your guests to find their costumes, since they will have plenty to choose from as well.