horrorgamesaVideo games now dominate the entertainment world in a way that was unthinkable just a decade ago. More than 50% of American homes own at least one game device such as a console gaming system. The average US household contains at least 2 people who identify themselves as gamers. Video games brought in more than 16 billion dollars in 2012. Every Christmas the must have gifts include the newest gaming console systems and smart phones that can play video games. Some TV stations, like Syfy, are starting to do crossover events with video games that tie into TV shows. On the Syfy show Defiance what happens in the game of the same name can affect what happens in the show. Video games are everywhere.


Most people tend to think that military style games are being the most popular type of video games, but that isn’t always the case. Horror theme video games are quickly becoming some of the most popular video games on the market. The horror genre is taking center stage in popular culture in a way that it never has before. TV shows like American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, True Blood and Dexter are bringing horror into the mainstream. And audiences are embracing the genre in record numbers. Horror TV shows, movies, conventions, and now video games are all in extremely high demand.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular Horror video games:

The Walking Dead Game – The Walking Dead Game, just like The Walking Dead TV show, is an industry leader. The Walking Dead game, also called The Walking Dead Season 1, has won more than 90 awards from prestigious outlets like Spike and GamesRadar. The game was developed with the help of Robert Kirkman, who wrote the original Walking Dead graphic novels. The game has a stark, gritty look similar to the look of the graphic novels and has the same tone and even some of the same characters. The game is episodic, and more than 8 million episodes have been purchases by more than 1.5 million users. The Walking Dead Season 2 is schedule to release episodes in 2014 and the anticipation is high for the new content.

One of the reasons why the game is so successful is that it is an adventure game and not a first person shooter game. The setup of the game is similar to the “choose your own adventure” books that were popular in the 80s. The choices that you make in the game and the way you interact with people in the game will affect what happens to you in the game. Fans love the interactive nature of the game and the chance to impact their own storylines. The game can also be played on multiple platforms like consoles, PCs, and smart phones which attracts a wide range of players.

The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning – Another Walking Dead video game, Dead Reckoning is an adventure game that is played online. It can also be downloaded onto Android phones and tablets. It features Shane from The Walking Dead as the main character. Players see the world through Shane’s eyes and try to survive the zombie apocalypse using Shane’s unique skill set.

State of Decay – State of Decay is another zombie apocalypse game that is gaining a huge fan following. Unlike The Walking Dead video games State of Decay is a 3rd person perspective game that emphasizes not only survival but the rebuilding of society after a zombie apocalypse. Players need to establish a base for themselves and other survivors, secure the base, and then carry out raids and plan other events to gather supplies like food and medicine. In the game Universe the characters are all in the same location, a valley that is in the process of being sealed off by the military to prevent the spread of a zombie threat. So there is tension with the local military and the threat of the zombies that survivors have to face. The game was originally released for the Xbox console system. A Windows version of the game was released in November 2013. More than a million copies of State of Decay have been sold and the game is considered to be one of the best horror video games by fans.

The Secret World – The Secret World is a ground breaking MMORPG. Like many MMORPG’s The Secret World has adapted a free to play strategy so that monthly subscriptions aren’t required. The Secret World is the only MMO that is set in the modern day present world. While the locations are modern and recognizable the story has a twist.

In The Secret World there exists three separate groups who are all battling for control of the world. The Secret World is built on the premise that the conspiracy theories and legends that haunt the edges of modern culture are all true. There is a secret group called The Illuminati that goes back for thousands of years and has been manipulating people for power the entire time. There are other secret groups too that are fighting to gain control of the world by gaining control of countries like Korea and the US. Players in The Secret World have access to a wide range of weapons that they can buy or build themselves in game.

Players choose a faction to belong to when they create a character. Each faction has a different starting city so players start out in modern day Seoul, New York City, or London. Players go on secret missions for their faction that take place in real landmarks and locations.

World of Darkness – World of Darkness has not been released yet, but fans have been anxiously awaiting the game for a long time. Developed by CCP games after they merged with White Wolf the game will be the first vampire MMORPG. Like The Secret World it will have a modern day setting but with a twist. World of Darkness will take place in the world created in the Live Action Role Playing world of Vampire: The Masquerade.