Insidious-2Insidious 2, the sequel to one of the scariest movie of 2011, Insidious, was released to great reviews in 2013. Fans and critics embraced the sequel to the original film calling it a creative and terrifying continuation of the original story. Unlike some horror franchises that rely on episodic stories to keep putting out new films Insidious follows one particular family and their battles with evil ghosts and other paranormal activities that throw their lives into chaos and threaten their son.


The paranormal horror genre is a really tough genre for filmmakers to be successful in because there is such a huge number of films in the genre. But really well done and innovative films like Insidious and Insidious 2 stand out as some of the best films in the genre in recent years. The use of clever film edits and a generally dark look to keep viewers off balance throughout the film really helps make the movie scarier and more disturbing for audiences.

It’s really not a surprise that Insidious and Insidious 2 were successful considering the talent that worked on them. Both films were created and produced by the teams that were responsible for record setting horror franchises SAW and Paranormal Activity.  The director of Insidious and Insidious 2, James Wan, also had a smash hit with The Conjuring. The Conjuring is also now a franchise with sequels planned and in production.

The writers, producers and filmmakers know how to take a great original idea within the paranormal horror genre and create a lengthy franchise from it that will stay popular with audiences. Paranormal Activity is regarded as one of the scariest movies in history because of the simple style and lack of gimmicky tricks like unbelievable monsters or entities. The SAW franchise took an over the top idea but gave it enough grit and style that audiences went for it in a big way. Both of those elements can be seen in Insidious 2.

The dark look of the film is lush and highly stylized but parts of the story are not too far from what is featured often on primetime crime dramas. In Insidious 2 audiences see that when main character Josh went into The Further, a type of purgatory for disturbed souls, to save his son Dalton in the first Insidious movie he brought a spirit back with him. The spirit of a deeply disturbed serial killer dubbed The Dark Bride possess Josh. The spirit of his mother, an evil and abusive woman who turned him into a serial killer, also makes several appearances. She attacks several members of the family as they start to uncover the secret of The Dark Bride killer and what made him kill. Through the spirit of the killer the Josh and Renai witness the severe abuse that was inflicted upon the killer as a child which led him to kill women after he grew up. He dress up in his mother’s gown, dyed black, when he killed the women.

Even though the plot does have some familiar elements in it audiences named Insidious 2 one of the most terrifying movies of 2013. The movie cost only $5 million to make and made more than $149 million at the box office. Because of the box office success of the movie it was announced recently that a third installment of the franchise will be hitting theaters in 2015. The Lambert family will once again be the focus of the film and so far all of the original stars seem to be excited to participate in the film.

Movie audiences can’t seem to get enough of paranormal horror films. There is just something about the unknown world of spirits and demonic activity that people will always be terrified of. Perhaps the reason why paranormal horror films like Insidious 2 are so terrifying is that deep down audiences wonder if it might be possible that the demons and spirits do exist, and really are capable of harming people or possessing them. Even the most adamant non-believer in the paranormal will have moments of fright induced by movies like Insidious and The Conjuring.