norman-aaronEveryone’s favorite zombie slayer Norman Reedus has a new film coming out and it’s going to be very exciting. Triple 9, an action film about a bunch of cops who are blackmailed into performing a high –risk heist was filmed last year in Atlanta while Reedus was on a hiatus from filming The Walking Dead. The film has some serious cult star power in the ensemble cast. Along with Reedus the film stars Casey Affleck, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, Kate Winslet, Woody Harrelson and Michael Pena. Gal Gadot, who is bringing Wonder Woman to the screen in several upcoming movies, also stars in the film. Originally Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy was cast in the film but he had to drop out due to other commitments. Triple 9 premiers in September of 2015.

The title of the film, Triple 9, comes from the code given when an officer is hurt in the line of duty. In the film some rogue cops are blackmailed into performing a heist that is seemingly impossible to do. But they have no choice but to figure out how to pull it off. They plan on dropping a fellow officer in order to give themselves the time they need to do the heist, which is how the title ties into the film. The film should be heavy on action and the unique storyline will keep audiences guessing from the beginning. Norman Reedus, who is the breakout star of The Walking Dead, has made several films in the last year around his filming schedule for The Walking Dead. Another film he made around the same time was Air, written and directed by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

Boondock Saints Reunion
One of the late additions to the casting of the movie is Clifton Collins Jr, who starred with Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery in Boondock Saints II. Reedus, Paul and normanCollins are old friends and so the movie should benefit from the existing friendship and camaraderie among the stars. All of the signs point to Triple 9 being one of the great cult films of 2015 that has the stars that fans love, lots of action and a compelling story. Even though the film isn’t coming out until the fall the filming has wrapped and there shouldn’t be any delays in getting the film out. Another Boondock Saints film should also be coming relatively soon, which fans of the cult film series are already excited for.

Daryl Dixon Death?
A lot of fans were afraid that Norman’s hectic filming schedule outside of The Walking Dead meant that the star’s character would be killed off on the popular show. Fans have threatened to riot if Daryl Dixon is killed off, and Reedus himself jokingly said that he’d probably burn his trailer down or something if he was axed off the show. But never fan Walking Dead fans for the moment Daryl Dixon is safe. Reedus was seen filming the Season 5 finale so it’s a pretty safe bet he makes it through Season 5. As for the seasons that come after that there’s no guaranty. Reedus had plenty of time to film around The Walking Dead because he wasn’t in every episode in Season 5. Also there is usually a hiatus in filming The Walking Dead in August because the Georgia heat gets so intense that it’s dangerous for the cast and crew to be out filming for the 10 or more hours a day it takes to film the show. Triple 9 was filmed during that hiatus last summer. While he has been on The Walking Dead Norman Reedus has filmed several other movies like Hello Herman and Sunlight Jr. with Naomi Watts but Triple 9 will be the largest and most action oriented film he’s done so far. While some of his Walking Dead costars have taken on other small projects during The Walking Dead Reedus has taken on the most new projects. That’s good news for fans who can’t wait to see him on the big screen.