strainThe first season finale of The Strain on FX didn’t deliver as much as fans hoped it would but it did a good job setting the stage for Season 2. Despite the attack on his hideout the Master escaped and will presumably play a large role in second season. The season finale grabbed just over 2 million viewers, which is about average for the season. The season started off with nearly 3 million viewers and has hovered around the 2 million mark for most of the season. Ratings for hits like The Walking Dead were also sluggish in the first season so the average ratings for the show may improve in Season 2. Many shows that are niche shows like The Strain take a season or two in order to really hit their stride.

If any show has a pedigree for success it’s The Strain. The story of a vampire plague in a modern setting is compelling and it’s based on novels written by science fiction master Guillermo del Toro. Guillero del Toro also writes the show and directs. Because of the consistency of the writing the show has the same feel as the novels and puts more modern forensic style on the mythos of a vampire in modern society which has been done in many different ways. The genre has shifted away from focusing on vampires as romantic figures to focusing on a more traditional monster style vampire that…

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twd-5-posterThe Walking Dead returns October 12th for Season 5 and the fans of the zombie apocalypse drama can’t wait. They have been waiting anxiously since the end of Season 4 for the return of the characters that they love but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy. While they have been waiting for the stars to finish filming Season 5 they have been active on social media, creating fan art, and connecting with other members of The Walking Dead Family.

Many popular shows have legions of fans, but it’s fitting that the most popular show in cable TV history has one of the largest fanbases of any show. On social media they call themselves TWD Family and anyone who loves The Walking Dead and the stars of the show are immediately welcomed. What started as a loose collaboration of fans on social media has become a bona fide part of the mythos of the show. Producer Gale Ann Hurd and other members of the creative team behind the show as well as the stars have mentioned The Walking Dead Family of fans and how dedicated they are to the show and the stars. Members of The Walking Dead Family come from all over the world to visit The Woodbury Shoppe, which is the official store where fans can buy Walking Dead merchandise and see props from the show, which is located in Senoia, GA where the show production is…

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znationThe SyFy channel is known for producing some really great TV series and some really campy B movie quality movies. This type of split personality programming is odd to see on the TV network but has worked extremely well for the channel. Now they have combined the two type of shows that they do really well into a new series called Z Nation. Z Nation is SyFy’s attempt to break into the super popular post-zombie apocalypse genre that is currently dominated by The Walking Dead. But SyFy’s Z Nation is smart enough to set itself apart from shows like The Walking Dead by going straight for the camp instead of going for the drama.

Z Nation is made by the same production company that created the massive schlock SyFy hit Sharknado, and it shows from the moment that you start watching. If you like B movie style entertainment then Z Nation is a fun way to kill an hour, but don’t be expecting any high drama, crossbow slinging rednecks, or sheriffs trying to hang onto their humanity. Although the Z Nation premiere did include a perfectly timed reference to The Walking Dead when the main character mentioned an ex-cop and a bunch of other survivors holed up in a prison.

But the show isn’t all camp either. The executive producer and showrunner Karl Schaefer has worked on some beloved science fiction shows like Eerie, Indiana and The Dead Zone. When…

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freakshowAmerican Horror Story kicks off its fourth season October 8th with the latest, and some say the most terrifying, incarnation of the ongoing anthology show. Considering that the previous seasons of the show have been set in an asylum, in a haunted house, and among a coven of witches to call the upcoming season the scariest one is not a small thing. But, from what has been released so far it looks like Ryan Murphy has taken American Horror Story to a place even scarier than the other locations by setting it in 1952 in one of the last remaining freakshow carnivals. The action this time takes place in 1952 at a small freakshow run by a German expatriate played by Jessica Lange. Lange has said in interviews that this will be her last season on American Horror Story and she is definitely going out on a terrifying note.

Freakshows have a long history of providing entertainment in Europe and in the US. For almost 100 years freakshows and carnivals were the most popular entertainments for people. Sideshows would travel around the country in the US stopping in towns along the way to perform. Sideshow performers were a mix of legitimate people with biological deformities and conditions that made them rarities and hoaxes put together by the owners of the sideshows to bring in more money. One of the most famous sideshow hoaxes was P.T. Barnum’s “FeeJee Mermaid” which…

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twd-companionWith the Season 5 premier of The Walking Dead just a little over a month away AMC gave fans of the show a reason to celebrate early. AMC finally announced that it has officially ordered the pilot for the companion series, ending months of speculation about when the series would begin production and if it would ever really happen. The pilot of the companion series is set to begin filming in December and will probably air either at the end of the fifth season of The Walking Dead or during the hit show’s summer hiatus.

Fans are wildly excited about the companion series, which will be set in the same world as The Walking Dead but not in the same area. There is no word yet on what setting the new series will have but there is speculation that new show will explore the zombie apocalypse occurring in a major urban center or in another country. There is also no word on what time period the new series will take place in. The origins of the apocalypse that created the world of The Walking Dead have never been explored in the current show, so fans would love to see a series that is set in the direct aftermath of the event that causes the apocalypse in order to have a better understanding of the world that the survivors inhabit. Writer Robert Kirkman has said that the new series will definitely…

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comic-conDressing up as heroes, villains and other movie/cartoon characters will seem to be like a childish idea for some of the people out there, but the truth is that it is indeed one of the best ways in which you can escape your mundane life every once in a while and a great way in which you can actually bring to life your favorite movies.

Comic-Cons are one of the best ways in which you can allow yourself to be a kid and to play around a bit. If you have a favorite TV show or if you have a favorite comic book, you will definitely love the idea of gathering together with other people who like it as well and to dress up as your favorite characters. You may not be able to fly (or save the world, for that matter), but you can always be a comic book hero if you really want it.

The History of Comic-Con International: San Diego

Comic-Cons are like a drug: once you attend one, you will always want to search for more of them and to come back as often as you have the chance. The San Diego Comic-Con (also known as SDCC) is one of the largest ones in the world (in fact, Forbes has actually named it as the largest ones in the world) and it is also one of the oldest ones as well.

The history of the Comic-Con…

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ghostbusters-3Ghostbusters 3 Moves Forward According to Dan Ackroyd.  Is Ghostbusters 3 ever going to happen? Fans have been asking that question since the sequel to the original Ghostbusters hit theaters way back in the 80s. For decades fans have waited hoping to hear news that another Ghostbusters film was on the way.


Ghostbusters was one of the films that defines the 80s and fans of all ages can recite some of the famous one liners from memory. The Stay Puft Marshmellow Man is permanently embedded in pop culture because of the movie Ghostbusters. It was one of the most popular films of the 80s. Now, having held the status as a classic comedy since it was released, it’s a time capsule of 80s fashion, humor, culture and language. And that just makes fans even more anxious to see Ghostbusters 3 happen.

In 2010 it seemed that the film might actually happen. Notorious hold out Bill Murray seemed willing to enter talks about a possible third installment of the classic hit film. Ivan Reitman was set to direct and the other stars of the show seemed like they were on board. The hilarious writers of TV cult classic The Office signed on to write the script. Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis seemed to have already thought about the progression of their characters and where they would be in life 20 years after the original film setting. They joked in…

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sharknThere are movies out there that are bound to be appreciated from the very first moment they are announced. In a lot of these cases, it is sequels and prequels to already existent movies that attract everyone’s attention and score really high in the box office. The number of movies out there that are famous due to their prequels and sequels is amazingly high but, in truth, not all of them actually manage to reach to the expectations viewers have.


In 2010, the TV channel SyFy released a movie called Sharktopus. The movie may not have scored high from the point of view of the general audience, but the truth is that horror movie lovers out there appreciated it quite a lot.

Sharktopus is a movie about a genetics experiment gone very wrong. When the U.S. Navy commissions a team of people to create a monster they can use in combat, a terrible thing happen. A creature that is half shark and half octopus is released and it makes victims as soon as it encounters other humans – some drug traffickers in Santa Monica. While the experiment with the drug traffickers was completely controlled by the creators of the monster, the sharktopus soon gets completely out of their control and starts attacking innocent people who are tourists in Puerto Vallarta.

The Blue Water team who created the monster tries to catch it and, together with a television crew, they…

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Even after twenty years Christine remains a timeless horror classic that is just as scary today as it was when it was filmed. The combination of horror legend Stephen King and renowned horror director John Carpenter couldn’t help but create a masterpiece. Christine is a 1983 horror film based on the novel Christine by Stephen King. Even though the book and the movie came out in the early 80s the film is set in 1978. A lonely and picked on nerdy high school boy is led through circumstances of fate to be in the position to buy a 1958 Fury classic car that will later cause his death and the deaths of many other people.

Even though the car is practically wrecked and in terrible shape when he first sees it the poor condition leads to the affordable asking price of $250. But the owner also tells him that the car has a very dark history. His brother committed suicide in the car, after finding his wife and children dead inside the car.  He buys the car, Christine, despite her tragic history and starts restoring her to her former beauty. While he is working on the restoration he starts to undergo some personality changes. He becomes moodier and has a dark edge. He notices that the car continually plays 1950s love songs and he starts to fall in love with the car. When the car is restored he takes…

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horror-party-ideasHalloween seems to be very far off, but soon enough the summer will end, the pumpkins will begin to appear and everybody will be going crazy once again over the costume choices out there. Halloween parties are a great way of dressing up as a favorite character and of getting together with your other crazy-dressed friends and have fun. Yet, what you may not have thought of is that you don’t necessarily need Halloween to have fun this way and that you can throw your own horror party as well.

Regardless of whether you want to throw a horror party soon or if you want to organize the next Halloween party, you will love a bunch of good horror party ideas. Therefore, we have put together some of the best horror themes out there and you can pick up that which suits you the most.

Haunted House. This is a true classic among those who organize Halloween parties, but the truth is that it will never actually die out. To organize a haunted house-themed party, make sure you get a lot of old-looking objects to place around the house and that you create a special ambiance by lightning candles instead of using your electricity light. Even more, don’t forget about fake spider webs and about all those things that always seem to make a house “haunted”. Do ask your guests to come dressed up as some of the scariest spirits…

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