horrorcostumesThroughout the years some of the most iconic horror film villains have become the most popular Halloween costumes. It makes sense that these figures, who have defined the horror genre for decades, are still some of the most popular Halloween costumes chosen by Halloween fans every year. Some of the characters who are considered be horror icons have been around for over a hundred years and some are relatively new in the horror genre. But all of them have terrified and thrilled audiences and inspired thousands of people to dress up for Halloween. Check out these horror film icons whose costumes are still in high demand today:

Dracula – The image of Bela Lugosi’s Dracula is indelibly printed in the cultural consciousness. The handsome but fierce looking man wearing a tuxedo and a long flowing black cape is an inescapable figure on Halloween. Every Halloween people still enjoy dressing up in formal wear and wearing the long black cape of Dracula. Dracula’s makeup is always a dead white face with deep gray and black eye makeup and bright red lips. Fangs are a must have for this costume. Costume fangs have come a long way since Bela Lugosi put on his to play Dracula. Now fans of the original Hollywood vampire can wear costume fangs that are so realistic you could really bite and injure someone with them.

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duskThe original From Dusk Til Dawn film that came out in 1996 was an instant cult classic. Now Robert Rodriguez, who directed the original film, is bringing the From Dusk Til Dawn universe to TV on his own brand new El Rey network. The original film spawned two additional films. One was set just after the events that took place in the first film and one was a prequel that briefly looked at some of the Aztec mythology and culture that was referenced in the first film.

Rodriguez has said that he wants to incorporate even more of the mythology and ritual practices of the ancient Aztecs into the new TV show. Given the bloodthirsty nature of some of the ancient cultures in South America it’s entirely possible that a blood drinking cult could have been part of the fabric of the ancient world. From Dusk Til Dawn the TV show will bring back the leader of the ancient sect of vampires Santanico Pandemonium, who was played by Salma Hayek in the film version. In the TV show Santanico will be played by Eiza Gonzalez.

The TV show will also bring back the Gecko brothers Seth and Richie who will be played by D.J. Cotrona and Seth Holz. Both actors bear a little resemblance to the actors who played the original roles. George Clooney played Seth Gecko and Quentin Tarantino, who also wrote the film, played Richie. The Fullers, the…

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evil-deadThere are lots of cult hits in the horror genre but the film that reigns supreme over all cult classics is The Evil Dead. Every real horror fan has seen the film at least twice and many can quote entire scenes. From the inception of the film to the last edit it is the kind of film that the term “cult classic” was coined for. The Evil Dead was the brainchild of Same Raimi and his friend Bruce Campbell, one of the greatest horror cult actors of all time. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell had been friends for many years when Raimi came up with the idea for The Evil Dead and enlisted Campbell’s help. Campbell helped write and produce the film as well as starring in it. His character in The Evil Dead, Ash Williams, goes on to appear in several sequels including Army of Darkness. Several other notable filmmakers were involved in the film in various roles including Joel Coen. Joel Coen is most famous for his work with his brother Ethan and the creation of films like Blood Simple, Fargo, and The Big Lebowski. Joel Coen helped Sam Raimi with the editing of The Evil Dead.

The Evil Dead was shot on a shoestring budget like other great low budget horror films. The actors who were brought into the production to star with Bruce Campbell were found by placing newspaper ads. The entire cast shot on location…

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the-shiningIn the pantheon of horror movies there are some that remain terrifying no matter how old they get. Generations of people continue to be scared out of their wits by these movies which strike fear into the hearts of generations of people. The Shining is one of those movies. The Shining is a part of popular culture and references to the movie can be found in TV shows and movies of all kinds. The combination of supernatural events and the isolated location of the hotel is enough to make even the bravest people afraid. Even more chilling is that the activity that strikes fear into the hearts of the people who see the film is real. The hotel in The Shining is based on a real hotel, the Stanley Hotel in Colorado that has been proven to have incredible amounts of paranormal activity.

The Shining movie was based on a book by horror master Stephen King. So it can be said that the movie was destined to be terrifying because the book it was based on was written by the acclaimed master of horror himself. The film was directed by legendary director Stanley Kubrick, which also meant it was destined to be a great film. The casting of the film was spot on with Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance and Shelley Duval as his wife Wendy. Even without the special effects that modern horror films use to create fear and…

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rotld1The 80s gave us slasher horror movies that fans still love today. But the 80s also produced another horror subgenre of film- the black comedy horror film. No film is a better representative of this genre then Return of the Living Dead.  Return of the Living Dead was a film that poked fun at itself and others like it throughout the film. It had a soundtrack that was modern at the time and featured Goth and Punk bands like The Cramps, The Damned, and 45 Grave. The film was released in 1985 and quickly nabbed a spot in horror movie history for changing the perception of zombies in the horror realm. Before Return of the Living Dead the public perception of zombies stemmed almost entirely from George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, which characterized zombies as eating the flesh of living humans. Return of the Living Dead was the first film to portray zombies as eating brains specifically and not just flesh. It was also the first movie to specify that the only way to kill a zombie was by a blow directly to the brain.

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hellraiser-horrorOne of the most iconic horror characters was spawned from the 80s horror classic Hellraiser. Pinhead, an imposing Cenobite dressed in black vinyl with pins impaled in his face and body, is one of the most horrifying and recognizable horror villains. Pinhead is a Cenobite, a race of formerly human beings who inhabit Hell torturing the souls of humans in S&M rituals. Pinhead, unlike many of the horror villains that populated horror movies in the 80s, is quick witted and clever which only makes him more terrifying. The same actor has consistently played Pinhead which has made the Cenobite a terrifying presence in all of the Hellraiser films.

The Cenobites are summoned through the use of an ornate puzzle box. They are able to lure victims to themselves using the puzzle box and it opens a portal to the dimension that they inhabit, as well as other dimensions. In the original Hellraiser film a man named Frank buys the puzzle box in a market in a Morocco. When he gets home he solves the puzzle box and is immediately assaulted and killed by the Cenobites who come to take his soul. A black robed priest appears after Frank is taken and resets the puzzle box, which causes the room that Frank was killed in to look normal again and not filled with blood and viscera. Frank’s brother Larry moves into the home where Frank lived because he is having family…

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night-of-the-living-dead-posterZombies have come a long way since the premiere of Night of the Living Dead. In recent years new adaptations of the classic zombie first seen in Night of the Living Dead have given audiences zombies that are fast, zombies that are gory, and zombies that are almost unstoppable when they are in packs. But as much as fans have embraced new interpretations of the classic zombie they still love the film that started it all. George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is one of the most iconic films in the entire horror genre. Fans continue to pay homage to the 1968 film that brought zombies into the popular consciousness and into pop culture permanently. Thanks to the massive popularity of zombies in popular culture today in shows like The Walking Dead an entirely new audience is discovering the brilliance of the original zombie film.

Night of the Living Dead was originally made on a shoestring budget of around $100,000. It made more than 20 million dollars after it was released. The film was controversial and very radical when it was released. At the time racial issues in the US were a very sensitive cultural topic and by having a central character that was African-American George Romero was making a big statement.

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godzillaThe great Godzilla is getting a new look in a new film that will be released in May 16, 2014. Legendary Films, who brought back the Batman franchise with a dark and edgy twist that audiences went crazy for, are doing the same with Godzilla. The giant green sea creature famous for battling monsters in B movies and trying to destroy NYC is back for the first time since the 50th anniversary of the creation of Godzilla. This time the campy green giant gone. Godzilla is totally computer generated in the new film. Models used to create the new Godzilla are more refined and a lot more detailed than any past Godzilla. The advances in technology are making it possible for the producers and writes to take Godzilla to a much darker place than ever before and they are happily taking the look and feel of the film as dark as possible.

The latest trailer for the 2014 Godzilla film is very visually exciting. The dark, sleek and sophisticated feel of the film is something that movie-goers will really love. The people responsible for the film promise that Godzilla will be fighting some monsters in this film as well as the military as he lays waste to the modern landscape. There has been talk of a crossover between Godzilla and Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim franchise that fans are clamoring for. Once producers see how well audiences respond to the…

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