twdmsfThe writers and producers of The Walking Dead have always told fans that no one on the show is safe. The Walking Dead mid-season finale episode Too Far Gone made that clear to fans by killing off one of the most beloved characters on the show. Hershel Greene, the father of Maggie and Beth and the character widely regarded as the moral center of the show, died horrifically at the hands of Rick’s nemesis The Governor. Hershel was not the only character to die in the episode but his death was the most traumatic for fans.

The Walking Dead Too Far Gone gave fans the confrontation between Rick and The Governor that fans expected at the end of Season 3. In the Season 3 finale The Governor and a crew from Woodbury attacked the prison. However the Woodbury group broke ranks and retreated when Rick and the prison group fought back with some serious firepower. Infuriated The Governor killed everyone he had brought with him to fight and took off with Shumpert and Martinez. The surviving citizens of Woodbury joined the prison group.

In episodes 6 and 7 this season The Governor reappeared. Martinez and Shumpert left him and after burning Woodbury to the ground he set out on his own. He found a new romance with Lilly and bonded with Lilly’s daughter Meghan. Meghan was about the same age as The Governor’s daughter Penny when she died. Having found…

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truebloodTrue Blood, HBO’s signature series that set the stage for groundbreaking HBO programming, will be ending in summer 2014. The seventh season of the show is in production now. Ten episodes will air this summer and finally bring the story of Sookie Stackhouse and the residents of Bon Temps to a close. Fans are divided on the ending of the popular series. Some fans agree that it’s time for the show to end while others would prefer the show go on for a couple more seasons. Even though fans can’t agree on whether or not the ending of the series is a good thing the producers and writers feel good about the decision. They feel that they are bringing the stories of these unique characters to an end in a natural progression that makes sense for the overall story.

HBO executives have not said that they are unhappy with the ratings of the show but there’s no doubt that ratings have dropped over the last few seasons. The Season 6 finale which aired recently drew only 4.1 million viewers, which is a low for the series. Compared to the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead which drew more than 12.1 million viewers it’s easy to see why some fans feel that the show may have run its course.

Some critics have speculated that the departure of the series developer Alan Ball in the sixth season was a factor in the…

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