the-shiningIn the pantheon of horror movies there are some that remain terrifying no matter how old they get. Generations of people continue to be scared out of their wits by these movies which strike fear into the hearts of generations of people. The Shining is one of those movies. The Shining is a part of popular culture and references to the movie can be found in TV shows and movies of all kinds. The combination of supernatural events and the isolated location of the hotel is enough to make even the bravest people afraid. Even more chilling is that the activity that strikes fear into the hearts of the people who see the film is real. The hotel in The Shining is based on a real hotel, the Stanley Hotel in Colorado that has been proven to have incredible amounts of paranormal activity.

The Shining movie was based on a book by horror master Stephen King. So it can be said that the movie was destined to be terrifying because the book it was based on was written by the acclaimed master of horror himself. The film was directed by legendary director Stanley Kubrick, which also meant it was destined to be a great film. The casting of the film was spot on with Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance and Shelley Duval as his wife Wendy. Even without the special effects that modern horror films use to create fear and suspence The Shining was able to literally scare people out of their seats when the movie was released. Today people find it just as terrifying, even those people who are used to CGI effects and have high expectations when it comes to horror films. Any film that was based on a novel by a genius horror writer and was directed by someone who knew how to get audiences to suspend their disbelief and enter the dark and sinister world he created was destined to become one of the scariest films of all time.

Stephan King stayed at The Stanley Hotel for quite a long time when he was writing a book and needed quiet. During that timethe-shining-poster he experienced so much activity that he was inspired to write The Shining. In an episode of the TV show Ghosthunters members of T.A.P.S investigated The Stanley Hotel and found it to have a lot of activity. The team captured several pieces of evidence documenting paranormal activity like disembodied voices, objects moving, and other phenomena. Subsequent trips to the hotel also resulted in activity. Now The Stanley Hotel conducts regular paranormal tours where you can stay in some of the rooms that have documented paranormal activity and roam the hotel at night collecting your own evidence. For
new horror fans that chance to stay at the hotel that inspired The Shining book and movie is a dream come true. If you want to have a real Halloween adventure visit The Stanley Hotel on Halloween and recreate some of the scenes from The Shining.