twd-gameThe Walking Dead videogame by Telltale Games has been nearly as successful as The Walking Dead TV show has been. In fact many people who are not fans of the TV show love the game. They feel that the game is more authentic to the spirit of the graphic novels that the show and game are based on. Robert Kirkman was heavily involved in the design of the game so it feels very much like a Robert Kirkman graphic novel. The characters in the game are different from the characters in the novels or in the TV show. Only three of the characters who were featured in the graphic novels are in the game: Glen Rhee, Hershel Greene, and a lesser known member of the Greene family.

The Walking Dead game has won dozens of awards and is one of the most popular video games on record.  More than 8.5 million people have played at least one episode of the game. The game also has won more than 90 “Game of the Year” awards from both gaming media and mainstream media like USA Today.

The game is credited with reviving a type of video game that had nearly gone extinct, adventure games. If you were a child in the 80s you probably read “choose your own adventure” books where you would read a book and at a critical point you could choose what the characters did next. If you turned to one particular page the story would pick up based on that choice, and if you chose another route you turned to a different page and the story would pick up there.

Adventure games are like the online versions of choose your own adventure books. People who don’t like traditional video games may find that they really like adventure games. Unlike typical first person shooter games or MMORPG games adventure games let you create your own storylines and shape the character’s journey according to your choices.

In the first season the main character is Lee, but at the end of Season 1 Lee is about to turn into a zombie. Players have the choice to leave Lee behind and let him turn or kill him. In Season 2 Clementine becomes the main character. At first some people are confused by the difference in the characters from the books and the TV show but it doesn’t take much time to get used to the different scenarios since they all fall within the same Walking Dead universe.

The Walking Dead game is a game made of choices. How you, as the main character, choose to interact with the post-zombie apocalypse world sets the story. You can choose what you say in particular situations and how you interact with other survivors. The content for the game is episodic. Season 1 consisted of 5 episodes that were released individually over a period of about 7 months. The Walking Dead game Season 2 is going to be structured the same way. The first episode of Season 2 was released in mid-December 2013 and the future episodes will be released in 2014.

In addition to the Season 1 content there is a supplemental episode called The Walking Dead 400 Days. The 400 Days supplement tells the stories of five survivors who are all linked together. The choices made in the 400 Days supplemental will impact the player’s choices in Season 2 of The Walking Dead Game although players don’t need to play the supplemental content in order to move forward in the game.

The Walking Dead Game Season 2 is poised to be even more successful than the first season. Robert Kirkman has been involved in the development of the second season as well as the first season. With more and more attention falling on The Walking Dead franchise thanks to the immense popularity of the show associated games like The Walking Dead Game are in high demand as fans flock to anything set in The Walking Dead universe.

The Walking Dead Game, like The Walking Dead TV show on AMC is gaining in popularity all over the world. Much like the virus that caused the outbreak which created The Walking Dead world the zombies and characters of The Walking Dead are taking over all different types of media worldwide.