twd-spinoffFans of The Walking Dead have been anxiously awaiting any news about the anticipated spinoff series that will explore new corners of The Walking Dead world. The universe that Robert Kirkman and the writers of The Walking Dead TV show have created is vast and there remains many stories to tell within that universe. Robert Kirkman will be writing the pilot for the new series so it should fit seamlessly into the world of The Walking Dead.

Fans are especially anxious to see if the new series will address how the apocalypse happened as well as whether or not there is any hope for a cure. But the spinoff series was announced some time ago and there hasn’t been much said about it until now. The male lead of the series has been cast finally and some of the other roles have been cast as well, meaning that the production on the show can finally start.

The Main Characters
It’s been announced that the new show will focus on a group of six main characters who band together within the post-zombie apocalypse world. Some sources close to the project have said that the spinoff will act as a prequel to the events in The Walking Dead and may show fans what happened at the outbreak and how it got to the point where the government was dropping napalm on the streets in Atlanta to try and contain it. There will be two families featured, both with teenage children, and there will be another Andrea who is an older hippie that may not be able to adjust well to the demands of life after the apocalypse.

Sean Cabrera
But one thing that is known for certain is that the lead male character will be Sean Cabrera, a 40-something father who assumes the leadership of the group and tries to take care of everyone else, especially his son Cody Cabrera. There may be some similarities to Rick Grimes and his desire to protect his son Carl but Sean doesn’t have the same kind of training or background that Rick has so surviving the apocalypse may be more challenging for him.  The role of Sean Cabrera has been cast. Cliff Curtis, an actor from New Zealand who has been in many TV shows and movies, will play Sean Cabrera. He has been featured in movies like Once Were Warriors and Blow and in TV shows like Missing, Body of Proof, and Trauma.

The Teens
While Sean Cabrera’s son Cody has not yet been cast some of the other teens in the group have been cast. Brother and sister Nick and Ashley Tompkins who are the children of Nancy Tompkins are going to be played by Nick Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey. These two siblings are opposites, with the Ashley being an ambitious and smart overachiever and Nick being a former drug addict and screwup. Nick Dillane will be familiar to Harry Potter fans because he played Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Production of the New Series
Even though the spinoff was originally said to be getting ready for a 2015 premier it doesn’t look likely that the show will be ready to air until 2016 since so many of the leads haven’t even been cast yet. Kirkman certainly has enough on his plate right now with season 6 of The Walking Dead getting ready to start production in just a few months, his movie Air getting ready to debut, and his new comic Outcast debuting along with a TV show based on the comic that is being developed by Cinemax. So fans may have to wait a little longer to find out more about what triggered the zombie apocalypse unless the issue is addressed in season 6 of The Walking Dead. Now that the group knows that Eugene doesn’t have the cure if they still head to Washington they may be able to find out more about what happened. A massive set that is rumored to be the Alexandria Safe Zone has been built by Raleigh Studios in Senoia where The Walking Dead films so fans may get some information about what started this whole mess before the spinoff premieres.