zombie-bowlThe day that fans of The Walking Dead have been waiting for is almost here. The Walking Dead returns on February 9th with new episodes. But before that AMC is hosting The Zombie Bowl on February 2nd. While football teams are symbolically slaughtering each other on the football field during The Super Bowl the survivors of the zombie apocalypse will be slaughtering walkers in The Zombie Bowl on AMC. The Zombie Bowl is a marathon of every zombie kill during the first two seasons of The Walking Dead. The Zombie Bowl is a great way for fans of the show to prepare for new episodes of the show that will start the following week.

Season 4 of The Walking Dead has been the most intense season of the show so far, and the intensity is only going to increase in the second half of Season 4. Cast members Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln have said in interviews that the second half of the season will be shocking and will feature the death of a major cast member. After the terrible death of Hershel in the mid-season finale fans are still mourning, and many are dreading to see which beloved character will be lost in the last part of Season 4.

As it stands after the mid-season finale the character that gets killed off could be any of the main characters. When the episode ended the group from the prison was splintered and on the run in small groups. Carl and Rick left together, but no one seems to know what happened to Judith. Rick has severe physical injuries to contend with as well as the shock and horror of losing Hershel, possibly losing his daughter, and losing the group that has become extended family. Michonne is seen on her own, probably tracking Rick and Carl trying to catch up with them. Daryl and Beth have fled the prison yard, and Beth is distraught over watching Hershel die and being separated from Maggie. The other members of the original prison group are also separated and scattered.

In the second half of the season fans will see the return of Carol, which is one bright spot in the season. Fans will also get to see episodes that show each character’s life before the zombie apocalypse. Fans are excited to learn more about the characters and how they lived before the world fell apart. Since fans have been warned that another major character will die this season there is a lot of speculation about which character will die. It’s very possible that the departing character will be one featured in a flashback episode, since characters are often given a chance to be the focus of an episode before their character is killed off.

Much of the speculation online is that either Glenn or Maggie will be the character killed off. It seems inconceivable that Rick, Carl, or fan favorite Daryl Dixon will be killed off. Fans have repeatedly said that if Daryl dies they will riot. Robert Kirkman warned the fans that talk like that will certainly get Daryl killed but most fans agree that Daryl is probably safe for now. Rick is also probably safe. Rumor is that Carl has been confirmed as a character for Season 5 so it probably is not Carl who dies. Will The Walking Dead kill Rick and have a new leader be the focus of the show at the end of Season 4? Only time will tell.

Fans will see new survivors in the second half of Season 4 as well. Several new main characters will be introduced. Near the end of the season a new threat will appear in the form of The Hunters, a cannibalistic group of survivors that will threaten the survival of all the remaining members of the prison group.

The Zombie Bowl is a great way for fans to gear up for the exciting second half of Season 4. The Walking Dead is already the most popular drama in cable TV history and the second half of Season 4 should be game changing for the group of survivors who have so far managed to stick together through everything that the post-zombie apocalypse world has thrown at them. Only time will tell which characters will survive the challenges and threats awaiting them in the second half of Season 4.