Over the course of three and a half seasons The Walking Dead has gathered an immense number of fans. It’s not really a surprise that the first ever zombie con would be started by two die-hard fans of The Walking Dead. James Frazier and Eric Nordhoff are the Walker Stalkers, two fans of the show from Nashville TN. They originally started by hosting a twice weekly podcast to discuss the episodes of The Walking Dead. The pair built a large audience of listeners and fans on Twitter and through their website. But after getting a chance to tour the set and interact with some of the stars of the show they wanted to do something bigger. Something for other mega fans like themselves.


Even though other cons like Comic-Con do embrace some horror genre shows and graphic novels like The Walking Dead that wasn’t enough for the Walker Stalkers. They envisioned a con based just on zombies and The Walking Dead. They turned to Kickstarter to see if they would be able to get the funding and support necessary to create a zombie con. Walker Stalker Con was created by the fans and for the fans of The Walking Dead and other classic zombie films and media.

In honor of The Walking Dead the duo selected Atlanta GA as the place to hold the Walker Stalker Con. The Walker Stalkers used their podcasts and connections to start lining up stars who would appear at the con. Once the stars and producers  of The Walking Dead found out about Walker Stalker Con they were excited to sign on to do personal appearances. Most of the cast appeared at the first Walker Stalker Con. Even Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, attended the con. Andrew does not attend many cons or public appearances. Unlike fan favorite Norman Reedus who appears at dozens of conventions, red carpets, and interviews to promote The Walking Dead Andrew Lincoln prefers to spend his down time with his family who live in Atlanta while Andrew is filming there.

However when he was told about Walker Stalker Con Andrew wanted to attend the convention to give back to the people of Atlanta and to the people of Georgia because of the immense support the locals have given the show and the stars. Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, and many of the other stars of the show signed autographs and posed for photos at the first Walker Stalker Con. Many of them are returning to Atlanta in the fall of 2014 for the second annual Walker Stalker Con, which is already scheduled.

In fact this year the Walker Stalkers are putting on two conventions. Walker Stalker Con Chicago will be held in April 2014 for fans in the Midwest.  Walker Stalker Con Atlanta will be held in October 2014 on the weekend when The Walking Dead traditionally returns from summer hiatus. Attendance at Walker Stalker Con exceeded everyone’s expectations. More than 10,000 fans of The Walking Dead and zombies shuffled into Atlanta for the first Walker Stalker Con. Overall fans were happy with the con and double that number is expected at this year’s Walker Stalker cons. Tickets are on sale now and fans are advised to get their VIP tickets immediately before they sell out.