NightMare # Title#1
This is a very strange dream I had a couple months ago. I almost never remember my dreams, but for some reason this one occupied my thoughts for quite some time after I dreamt it.

I'm at my grandmother's house with my family and we're launching small tactical nuclear rockets out of the windows on the back porch. I don't remember what we were aiming for... Regardless, we kept missing the targets. Eventually, one of the nukes bounced off a big tree in the back yard, hit the ground and exploded! I don't know why, but we were all surprised by this. I then see this mini-mushroom cloud start to rise and my vision blurs. I can feel the radiation starting to affect my body. We're all running frantically around the house, trying to find some room that might help shelter us from the radiation! I begin to get dizzy and extremely nauseous. My skin is starting to do some serious wrenching, churning and sizzling! The thing is, I think by this point I may have been slightly awake and my body was actually feeling many of these symptoms for real. It was scary as hell!

The next part is a little sketchy in my mind... I wake up. My body is in really sad shape, radiation burns all over, hair falling out, the works! I feel really sick and woozy. I can't find any of my relatives, but for some reason the possibility that they might be dead doesn't occur to me. So, I just assume they're elsewhere in the house. We're talking serious nightmare time here! I haven't been that freaked since I was a little kid. If I remember the next part correctly, one of the toy robots my grandmother keeps around for the kids to play with suddenly "rolls" up to me. It says, "It's me." It explains that my body had become uninhabitable due to the radiation and I had to leave my body and enter the robot's body. It indicated that my family had done the same, but I didn't see any other toy robots wandering about.

I'm not sure if that part is really that sketchy due to my usual inability to remember dreams, or if it was the dizziness and incoherence my dream self was experiencing being transferred to my real mind.

Okay folks, put that one in your dream analysis book and smoke it! All I know is, it freaked me out to no end!
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NightMare # Title#2
My worst nightmare is a true story as I remember it from long ago. I was five years old and lived with my mother, sister and baby half brother (3 months old). One night I had a terrible dream that my mother was screaming and the baby was crying, but nobody would do anything! My sister sat there in a dazed-like state and would not move. Suddenly, I saw blood splashed around the room and the screaming and crying starts getting louder and louder. The room begins spinning around and around and blood is strewn all over the living room along with many shards of broken glass. My sister still sits there in the chair - emotionless and stupefied. The baby won't stop crying and my mother is now screaming in indescribable agony! The room finally stops spinning and all appears to be quiet. As I find myself on the floor sweating and breathing quite heavily, I hear foot steps just entering the living room. It's him - my stepfather! He hurt my mother and now he's coming for me and my sister! He looks at my sister and slowly moves toward her. But my sister can't move! She just sits there, dazed, oblivious to the approaching peril! I go to shake her but she falls on the floor while carrying a blank, death-like stare on her face. I scream and scream! ...I then awake in a cold sweat with my grandmother holding me, trying to calm me. After a while I calm down and realize it was all a horrible dream. My sister and brother have been with me at my grandmother's house since the night before, while mom and stepdad stepped out. Just then a firm knock is heard on the front door and my grandmother answers it. It's the police! They tell my grandmother something that makes her cry. As I look out the door, I see my stepfather in a police car. He's glaring at me with these evil eyes. He's all scratched up and covered with some dried, brownish, oh my God - BLOOD! I scream uncontrollably! I now know that your worst nightmare can come true! My stepfather beat my mother to death and would have killed her children too had she not put us with our grandmother overnight.
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NightMare # Title#3
My dream starts in a school. I'm not sure of the significance of this, nor how I know that it's a school, but I do know it's a school. It's dark, and there's an ominous, unmistakable evil presence - existing anywhere and everywhere the dream takes me. The time is midnight, although I don't know exactly how I know this. I walk across the room and look out of a window. In the distance, across a deep-colored blue, almost black river, I see some sort of bonfire. As I gaze upon the beautiful glow reflecting on the water, I realize it's not a small bonfire at all, but a building - perhaps an entire neighborhood that's ablaze. Something deep in my subconscious mind compels me to investigate the now raging inferno even though I know that it will most certainly lead to my death. Quickly, I leave the room and enter a hallway. That omnipresent evil emanates from the hallway even stronger than it did from the room I was just in. I see strange flowing shadows; light falls in peculiar patterns, patterns that should be impossible to reality ...The next thing that I can remember is being at the heart of the intense, hell-like firestorm. The chaos, agony and devastation was literally "hell on earth!" Oddly, there is no death. For death is a result of living and this place held no life - but rather the anguish of lost souls, each as disoriented and mystified about why they were here as the next. The bewilderment then commutes to shear panic among the souls (perhaps they were spirits). I abruptly turn to my left only to see a fearsome skeleton! Its little remaining flesh is still burning and melting away! The skeleton possesses this mad look as determined by its piercing yet empty eye sockets. I twist my body explosively - just before the impassioned skeleton pulls the trigger of a gun it holds in its hand! The gun was inches from my face...
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NightMare # Title#4
I was in a car accident about two years ago. Although it resulted in a big mangled mess, thankfully - no one was killed. I had fallen asleep at the wheel and I awoke suddenly to a blinding white light that had intercepted my path. I attempted to avoid the brilliant light by abruptly turning my car, but I couldn't seem to circumvent its reach. I then crashed into something that shattered the windshield and left me in a momentary daze. I realized I was lieing on the floor of my car amid small piles of debris - not yet sure of what had really happened. My thinking was foggy and I kept slipping and sliding out of self-awareness. My face, neck and head had been injured and blood was freely streaming onto the crumpled floorboard of the car. I dream about the accident now, but in the dream I'm able to get out of the car to inspect the damage. The first thing I notice is that there isn't a scratch on me! However, this time I see the horribly mutilated little bodies of children strewn all over the scene. Some are already dead and others are slowly dying, screaming in pain. I still cant make anything of this dream. No children were involved in the first place! I have this dream often...
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NightMare # Title#5
This isn't a nightmare - it's something that truly happened. I was 18 years old and I had just moved into a new home with my family. From the moment I stepped through the front door I experienced a sensation that I was welcomed there, like I had finally "come home." I rushed to the third-floor attic bedroom I had chosen as my own and proceeded to arrange my possessions throughout its empty but beckoning corners. I was trying to make the room just perfect for my stay there. I remember the room had the most beautiful and spacious closet imaginable - it even had a window in it. As I began to hang up a few of my clothes, I noticed a peculiar rolled-up poster leaning on the otherwise vacant closet wall. I carefully unfurled the mysterious looking piece of paper and was delightfully surprised by what I saw. It was a picture of a young woman, much like myself, sitting rigidly upright inside what looked to be a crudely carved wooden boat floating on a serene country pond. I was so stimulated by its alluring beauty that I abandoned my previous decorating plans and immediately hung the mesmerizing poster next to my bed. That night, as I lay there under my Spanish lace covers just wallowing in pleasure at my newfound residence, I heard a faint, yet distinct whisper coming from somewhere close at hand. I didn't think anything of it at first, but then I heard the vague sound again, a bit closer to me this time. I figured I'd check it out, telling myself that the house was old and it was probably just the outside winds seeping through the aged, patched walls. I turned on the lamp next to my bed and saw nothing. Then I caught sight of the horror that had befallen the lovely, placid picture. The young woman I had thought so beautiful only hours before now stared out of the canvas, not with saddened though contented eyes as before, but with an abject terror! Her once beautiful features were now violently distorted and her childlike smile had become a grotesque frown. But most horrifying of all, her billowy white dress was now stained and dripping with fresh red blood - REAL BLOOD! I stared in utter dismay, momentarily wondering if I was having one of those "awake nightmares" I'd heard about. I could not then believe my eyes as the unexplained flowing blood began oozing right out of the picture onto and down the light yellow walls of my new room. I screamed hysterically and in irresolute horror! But my screams went unheard by all. I managed to scurry over to that part of the room furthest from the picture and curled up on the floor, unable to move. I froze! All I could do was watch as sheet after bloody sheet of the thickening red fluid streamed relentlessly out of the "painting from hell!" This continued all night long. The next morning my sister found me pale and shivering, my hair wild about my shoulders, my eyes occupied by fear. My white nightgown was absolutely soaked in blood and the picture had miraculously reverted to its former splendor. After the picture was removed and burned by my father, there shown a colossal blood stain on the wall that to this day cannot be cleaned or wiped away. My father even tried painting over it, but the bloody stains always managed to find their way to the surface no matter how many layers of paint were applied. That was 57 years ago, and now I'm an old woman still residing in the asylum to which I was eventually sent after the woman in the picture bled on my wall. I've relived the incident every day of my adult life...
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