NightMare # Title#1
Well, this isn't really a dream but something that really happened to me a couple of times. I don't think anyone in my family believes me though. One day I missed the bus for school so I called my dad and told him and he said to go ahead and stay home. Since I had the day off, I thought I would wash my hair. I always get this creepy, foreboding feeling when I'm in the house alone that someone is either watching me or hiding somewhere in the house. Anyway, when I bent over the bath tub to pick up the soap, I felt someone or something tap me on the shoulder. No one was there though! I got really scared and went to the living room to lay down on the couch. I decided to wash the dishes first though, so I ended up in the kitchen. As I was just finishing cleaning the last dish, I felt someone run their fingers through my hair. Again, no one was there! By now I was wondering if I was crazy or something... I went on ahead to the livingroom to calm down and maybe take a nap. I wasn't asleep yet when I heard a noise. I looked up and saw a woman standing there! She had long black hair with stunning blue eyes and was very thin and pale. I turned away real quick and then back again (just a reflex action I guess). As I turned back, the woman had vanished. We have an alarm on all our doors and windows so I would have heard the beep if someone had entered the house. I was afraid, but I walked through the house anyway looking for the woman. I didn't find anyone...

Has anything like this ever this happened to you?
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NightMare # Title#2
Okay, a couple of really weird things have happened to me throughout my brief lifetime. Although they seemed so very real, people tell me they were just "awake dreams." I am 18 years old now, but when I was about seven, I was sitting alone in our living room after my mother left for work. It was just a few hours later that I heard a faint noise coming from within the wall beside me. I turned off the t.v. and, of course, thought that this alone was the source of the eerie disturbance. And, as a reflex precaution, I looked around the room but saw nothing. Then, another noise erupted! This time the unidentified sound was more like a savage, deep howl and it came from within the wall just in front of me! I sat nearly frozen in fear as the vicious wail now appeared to move around the room while booming louder and more angry! I started crying and became completely paralyzed by what happened next. The wall in front of me began bulging forward, as if something were trying to push its way through a cellophane panel! My unsolicited quandary was reinforced by a now deafening and terrifying roar! I then heard my name being whispered, quietly at first, then louder and more distinct. The chandelier on the ceiling began swinging in circles like it was possessed by an evil wind. The unknown creature within the wall was still trying to push its way out, but with more and more violent determination! Suddenly, just like that, everything stopped...

Another weird thing happened to me about two years ago. I was reading in my bed and decided to go to sleep. As I reached to turn off the small lamp on my night table, the light bulb went out by itself. I figured it was just a burnt out bulb or an electric problem so I slid back under the warm, silky comforter that covered my bed. A few moments later the night table lamp went on by itself and, as I turned to examine it, I saw a hand slowly scraping down my bedroom window! There was something else odd too - the hand had no body! Then the lamp light began flashing on and off by itself, and of course, I got really scared! I screamed out to my mom, but she didn't react - as if she couldn't hear me. Although terrified, I gathered up enough courage to get up and look out of the window. The lamp light still flashing, I saw just a shadow of something, something definitely not human! It was quite big with enlarged "thingys" extending out of its elongated and arched back. They looked sort of like wings but not exactly that. It had no real body and was situated in the middle of a vacant field behind my house. With the exception of the fearsome shadow, the field was devoid of any trees or other distinguishable solid forms! Then, not unlike the last incident, the light suddenly stopped flashing and remained off, and the shadow slowly faded away into the darkness...

And finally, the last episode with a living nightmare was only about three months ago. I was again lying in my bed as I heard my name being whispered right into my ear, even though there was no one there! At first, the unknown voice sounded human, whispering my name repeatedly. It then turned into a bloodcurdling growl and demanded that I come with it. I was absolutely terrified until a symmetrical, blinding white light appeared in front of me! I then heard an agonizing scream come from the undiscovered "whisperer." I rubbed my eyes and blinked several times and my sight slowly adjusted to the now pleasant light. The whispering growl had disappeared and I could see the illuminated outline of beautiful white wings and a benevolent, human-like person holding their hand out to me. The light suddenly vanished and everything returned to normal. I can only hope that this was my guardian angel...
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NightMare # Title#3
My dream began when I was 16. One day, while in school, I was aimlessly wandering the halls, looking for something to do. Well, I come across this funny looking doll just lying on the polished floor. It looked sort of like a little girl, but was so old I couldn't really be certain. I figured it might be worth something just by its antique appearance, so I carefully picked it up and secured it in my backpack. I then hurried home to beat an approaching storm so common at that time of the year. That night, the wind was blowing ferociously and it was unusually cloudy and dark. The storm eventually released its thunder and lighting which never really tended to bother me unlike many people. Getting ready for bed, I changed into my nightshirt, brushed my teeth and brushed my hair. I was having difficulty sleeping so I opened up a good book and began to read. Suddenly, the lights went out - electrical outage I guess. I sat up, picked up a flash light went to see if everyone in the house was okay. I had first gone to my little brothers' room, but I couldn't see if he was alright from standing in the doorway, so I went over to his bed. I froze half way there! My brother had been murdered, his throat cut! My eyes wide, my mouth opened, I tried to scream but couldn't! I finally forced it out - a scream so exceedingly loud that my parents should have heard me. Panicked, I ran out of the room and into my parents' bedroom. I couldn't believe my eyes! They had been murdered too - sliced into several pieces! My entire family was DEAD, MURDERED! I screamed uncontrollably! I was in shock! Hysterical, I began crying and rushed out of the room. I was running toward the stairs when I noticed there were flickering lights coming from the living room below. I tried to compose myself and slowly crept down the stairs, still whimpering slightly. My heart was pounding and I could feel myself becoming flush. I was really scared! I didn't want to know what was down there, but I felt compelled to continue. Now at the bottom of the stairs, I looked into the living room - nothing there but the fireplace burning, nearly out of wood. I walked toward the wavering flames and there she was - the doll I had found at school! She was sitting there, giggling - laughing! With a smile on her face, she looked up at me stating, "I killed them for you, and now I'm going to do something for me - YOU'RE NEXT !!" I was terrified! That's when I woke up screaming at my grandma's house, grandma by my side holding me. She was trying to calm me down when my big brother arrived. It was a surprise to see him because he was serving in the army at a post many miles away. I was happy he had come, but he had a sad look on his face. I was a bit more relaxed by that time and asked my brother what the matter was. I felt I shouldn't have asked that, but did anyway. He said, "I just came back from our parents' house. Mom and dad were found dead, murdered, ruthlessly cut into pieces while they slept! Our little brother was also found in their room, weeping and in shock. He was rushed to the hospital. The police told me that they found some old doll on the floor. It was holding a knife. There was a note stuck to its hand saying - the daughter is next." This was absolutely unimaginable! I was horrified to think that my nightmare had actually happened! Was that doll really alive? Then my big brother said that the police also found finger prints on the note.

Well, about a week later they found the person who did it. He was shot to death by the police while attempting to flee. That's one night that I'll never forget for as long as I live. I guess that old doll was really "just a doll" after all ...I hope
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NightMare # Title#4
This is the SCARIEST dream I ever had, even though it isn't all that freaky. I went to bed early one night and, as usual, dreamed another nightmare. It takes place in my living room. Some friends and I were playing with the family stereo. One of my friends pressed a small button on the stereo and a little door opened on the control panel. Out of this opening came a cute little sattelite-like object. It was just sort of sticking out of the opening and it looked so harmless. We started to examine it and, after a few minutes, the tiny satellite shot out of the stereo like a bullet and there were these big electric sparks that accompanied it. Suddenly, the mini-satellite grew a stand, like a tripod (weird, huh). It then began streaking through the room, out of control! It fired laser beams all about the room and seriously damaged our roof! All of my friends were frantic and ran out of the front door. Now less wildly, the feisty satellite shot laser beam after laser beam! I started to run and my metallic friend "hopped" after me. It was trying to get me for some reason! Anyway, I finally got to my bedroom where I closed and locked the door. I then began breathing very heavily while I still slept. Finally, I guess I woke up because I was so scared. It was about midnight and, although I wasn't hot at all, my entire body was sweating profusely. That's when I saw a shadow on my wall - a shadow in the shape of a satellite! But it disappeared pretty fast - why? Because it was just a car's headlights passing by. I've had that memory for years. I wish it would go away!
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NightMare # Title#5
My dream occurred when I was about 5 years old. My parents were fighting, so me, my mom and my big brother spent the night at my grandma's house. That night I slept alone in my cousin's room. Before my aunt, uncle, grandma and grandpa bought that house, the previous owners had committed suicide. One person shot himself in the head, and the other hung himself within the old barn way back in the woods. The room I was sleeping in was the room where the guy who shot himself slept. Little did I know, but that night I was to have the most horrifying dream of my life. I dreamt that I was in the room watching the man about to shoot himself in the head. He saw me looking at him and took a shot at me! The bullet skimmed my hand and it felt real - you know, pain and burning - real! Then he put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. Blood splattered all over the walls and all over me! When I woke up, the wall had a red splattered tint to it and my hand was bleeding from a small cut where the bullet had grazed me in the dream. I have never forgotten that dream and I still have the scar on my hand where I dreamt I was grazed by a bullet.
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