NightMare # Title#1
My nightmare has haunted me for the last 3 years and occurs about every 1-1/2 months. For the longest time, I never knew what the dream was about. My wife told me I woke up screaming (the screaming sound was sort of like that of a tortured elephant). Only recently have I had some insight into what the dream was about. My latest chapter happened last night. When my wife woke me, I had a brief recollection that I was lying on the carpet in our living room and it was very dark and I was scared. So I called for my wife, "Martha" I called. She didn't answer, so I yelled louder, "Martha!" Then I increased the volume of my voice thinking that she would come. Well, that is the moment my wife says I had a nightmare and I found myself still in our bed. I understand that what I have is a "night terror." Well, if there's anyone out there who can interpret this, I am all ears. Also, one night I had a recollection of a word from my dream, "Atheobody!" I looked it up in several dictionaries and have also tried to find it on the Internet, but to no avail. If anyone knows what the word means, please let me know.
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NightMare # Title#2
At the tender age of four, I started having a nightmare that repeated itself many times throughout my childhood. The dream was in three parts: part one began with me casually walking across the street with my mother on our way to the local convenience store. She gave me a quarter that I clumsily dropped on the ground and watched as it rolled into the gutter. I chased after it and bent down to see if I could find the precious coin. Suddenly, a large hand ascended from within the eerie darkness of the gutter in an attempt to grab me! I screamed and then my dream simply cut into its second part: I was at a family gathering and was contently sitting on my grandfather's lap listening to him talk when all of the sudden my relatives started turning into these gross, fiend-like monsters! My mother had turned into this big hairy gorilla and my brother turned into some sort of deformed wolfman. The wolfman began eating my little sister who had turned into what appeared to be a greasy pile of fried chicken! Then my aunt morphed into a lizard-monster and told me she was going to eat me too! As she made her way toward me, my dream abruptly cut into its third and final part: this part of the dream was in black and white - the only time I've ever dreamt in black and white. I was an adult this time, standing in a massive, cold and darkened room with a large group of people I'd never seen before. We were, all of us, collected in a circle surrounding some sort of icon in the middle of the room. Everyone was dressed in Victorian attire, wearing long capes with hoods. The people began chanting, "Do it and you will become one of us." My dream-self seemed to know exactly what they were talking about. To my surprise, a member of the circle then walked slowly toward me carrying this black case, like a long necklace case, and opened it. Inside there was an elongated silver knife with waves and twists in the body, leading to the sharp tip. The chanting then grew louder and faster and I felt compelled to lift the knife out of its case. I held the knife tightly in both hands and extended my arms out in front of me, the knife pointing toward me. I then proceeded to thrust the knife deep into my own throat! Almost immediately, I pulled the instrument out and realized that there was no hole in my throat, nor was there any blood! At that moment I knew... All the members in the circle began cheering and proclaimed that I was now one of them. Again, this part was in black and white.
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NightMare # Title#3
It was Vietnam, June, 1968, about 7 p.m. - I was just leaving the mess hall headed for the main bunker. It was almost pitch dark that night and as I reached the tent, someone (or something) opened the door and slowly brushed past me on the steps. It was a dark shape and said nothing as it passed so I just thought that this person had no manners. As I got inside the bunker and lay on my cot, I asked one of my fellow marines, "Who was the new guy that just left the bunker?" The corporal next to me raised up and asked, "What new guy?" I told him, "The one that just left the tent!" He said, "No one left - but you did enter." I thought he was joking, so I asked several more people and got basically the same answer. After a few arguments, I gave up and didn't think much more about it. Well, about 45 minutes later, three privates and myself went on bunker watch. After watching the perimeter for a few hours, it was now around 10 pm, I was facing the barbed wire of the perimeter and my buddies were facing the camp. Suddenly, one of them yelled out, "Halt! Who goes there?" I quickly turned around and all four of us saw someone walking (or floating) towards one of the bunkers. This time I pointed my rifle at the shape and shouted, "Halt! Who goes there? Stop or I'll shoot!" Well, whoever it was seemed to be the coolest s.o.b. I've ever seen. After my command, he (or it) stopped for only a second and then continued on towards the bunker. I told one of the privates to stay on watch while we grab this person. The shape was actually too close to the bunker for us to fire off any rounds. I just figured, what did he know? In the end it was, what did we know? Just as we got to the bunker the figure disappeared inside. We grabbed our automatics and chambered a round. Using flashlights, we carefully entered the bunker. We could see that everyone was asleep so, to be on the safe side, we awakened the four occupants of the bunker to question them. We asked if anyone went outside for anything. The answer was a definite no! They wanted us to get the hell out of there so they could get some much needed sleep. When we got back outside, I called the sergeant of the guards. He went back into the bunker and brought everyone outside. He then questioned them, but received the same answers. All of us looked around the outside of the bunker for any "rat" holes but found none. We even looked inside the bunker again. Using a more powerful flashlight, the sergeant looked for footprints, but only ours were visible. Eventually, we went back on watch. But for the rest of the night there was this eerie, foreboding feeling in the air. It didn't go away until the sun was coming up the next morning. The four of us were jumpy the rest of the night, not because of something that might be there, but because of something that might not be there.

Whoever or whatever came past me on those steps that night was dressed in black. I just thought he was going out on patrol and didn't think anything of it until my buddies told me that only I had come into or exited the bunker. Whoever went into that bunker was either walking very slowly or floating.

The next morning we did a complete search for tunnels around that area and found none. That incident was the talk of the camp that day and the next four people on bunker watch that night were scared to death during their entire watch. We never did find who, or what, the mysterious shape was. I made it a point to never have a bunker watch in that bunker again.

Thanks for letting me get this out. Every now and then, late at night and in my dreams, I'm still on bunker watch and wake up in a cold sweat...

Sergeant Lee Wright, USMC
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NightMare # Title#4
These dreams occurred a couple of years ago. They were like a book in their vivid detail. Each time I had these dreams, about twice a month, they were a bit different.

The first dream took place at this house on top of a hill. It was really spooky looking and had a height of about four stories. I would always enter the house frantic and running as I was trying to escape from something. The house was always full of people. I recall seeing my grandmother, mother and cousin, plus many others I couldn't name. I would go through each room - running - always running. The last time I had the dream I had climbed into a cabinet, you know, like kitchen cabinets, and was crawling through them. In this house the cabinets were empty, they had no shelves or anything and they were all connected. I just remember crawling and crawling, very quickly. The thing that was chasing me was right behind me. I was trying desperately to get away and as it went to grab my foot, I woke up. I never had that dream again.

When I was younger, I had a terrible summer. It was also the summer I got saved by religion I believe. Either way, I was having a struggle. I would have gone crazy if God hadn't helped me. In this dream, I was at my grandmother's house and I was taking a nap in her bedroom. It was during the day, the afternoon I think. I dreamt there was this girl, and she didn't have a mother. I immediately befriended her and she quickly made a point about meeting my mother. Now, in front of the house, there was an old woman that sat out on these swings and I would frequently engage her in conversation. One day, I went to talk to the old woman and she told me that the girl I had befriended was very odd. The old woman confused me as she spoke of my friend having the ability to turn into a rose and that she wanted to steal my mother from me! She then imparted that the only way I could stop my friend would be if I were to kill her - unless she killed me first! I was told that the next time my friend turned into a rose, I should stomp on her. Well, that same day, my mother, grandmother, grandfather and my friend were just standing around the house. She was being mean to me so I got ready to hit her and, unbelievably, she did indeed turn into a rose. I didn't have it in me to stomp on her, so I just walked away. All I remember after that was standing in the dining room. My friend entered the room and smiled at me, but it was an evil smile. I knew she was up to something so I backed away. She said that she wanted a mother - MY MOTHER - and the only way to get her was to kill me! She then revealed an old rusty dagger and hurled herself in my direction, cutting the air with the dagger as she approached. She somehow wrestled me to the floor and rammed the dagger into my body and face over and over! I was dead... I remember looking down at my dead-self for a short time and then I just suddenly appeared in front of the old woman on the swing. The old woman's last words were, "It is done." Then the murderous girl chopped the old woman's head off and laughed as it rolled across the ground! I woke up in a sweat and jumped out of the bed. The bedroom door was closed so I flung it open, all the while screaming for my grandmother! I found her just outside the house, sitting near the carport whereby she held me and said, "It was only a nightmare..." I have never forgotten it.
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NightMare # Title#5
A very real, very disturbing dream...

My brother and I used to love to stay at my aunt and uncle's house. During the summer, we spent nearly as much time with them as we did at home with our parents. The summer before I turned 8 years old was a particularly odd time. There seemed to be a lot of stress and confusion, and when my brother and I asked our aunt if we could spend a week with them, we were surprised that our two cousins, who always seemed to love for us to visit, said they didn't want us there. However, our aunt agreed anyway, so we were thrilled and immediately left for the week. The first few days were fine, even though my cousins seemed rather distant from us. I remember being very upset one night when I overheard one of them saying something about how someone, "just had a look in his eye now." One of my cousins called it, "a dead look." That night, I laid in the bed for a long time trying to figure out what "a dead look" meant. I finally grew too tired to worry about it and slowly dozed off. When I awoke, I knew it was the middle of the night because it was still dark outside. I had a very strange feeling too. I had been dreaming of flowers and I could remember the fragrance from the dream being almost sickeningly strong. I also recall gasping for air while trying to breathe over the pungent scent. The really strange thing is, I was now awake yet could still smell a powerful scent of flowers, just as strong as in the dream. I looked around the room and noticed my cousins were still sleeping. I woke them up and asked if they could smell anything, but they became angry and went to get my aunt and uncle in an attempt to relocate me for the night. Several minutes later I was startled to hear my cousins' screams. My uncle had died in his sleep just minutes before...
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