NightMare # Title#1
I've had this dream once every year since I was 10, (I'm now 17). It starts outside an old building. By its condition of disrepair, the building looks like it should be condemned, but it's not. It's the middle of the night and I have no idea where I am, so I start walking towards the main entrance door of the building. But before I go inside, I look above the door and notice a sign stating that it's a hotel. Once inside, I have trouble seeing because it's very dark with the exception of the dim light coming from the cracks underneath the doors of the hotel's guest rooms. I walk down this hallway and turn left at its end. I'm now looking down another hallway, not nearly as dark as before. I hear someone speaking and turn in the direction of the sound, but there's nobody there. As I turn back I am amazed to see a woman giving a tour of the hotel to some of my friends from my fifth grade class. I say hello to my friend Bill and he turns to face me. It's Bill, but he has no eyes - just two black empty cavities! I yell, "What happened to you?!" He doesn't answer, he just slowly turns his head away from me. The tour guide starts walking and my friends follow her. She's still talking, but I can't understand what she's saying. It's like she's talking through her teeth with a pillow in front of her mouth. They turn the corner and I'm alone again. I feel compelled to go upstairs and when I reach the next floor, I see my friends again. They're standing in front of an open door. Then they start walking away. I go down the hall to the open door. I go inside the room. It's a bathroom. I look over to my right and see a shower curtain and pull it open. Lying inside the tub is a blood covered blonde woman, completely nude, completely dead. Her throat is cut from ear to ear. That's when I wake up and my scalp is tingling. I have this dream once a year and it never changes.
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NightMare # Title#2
My worst nightmare was one I used to have repeatedly as a kid and is vividly, hauntingly, implanted within my mind to this very day.

In my dream, I'm home alone and it's the middle of the night. Although confused by the feeling, I sense that something is very, very wrong. I look outside and see that my house is in the middle of a foreboding, barren field. There are no trees, bushes or any other structures even near it. I call out for my brothers and my parents, but there's no answer. I pick up the phone to try and call someone, but realize I have no idea who I might call or what number to use to get help. I then hear something being dragged across the front porch - something heavy. Suddenly, there's a loud THUD noise! I cautiously peek out of the window ... Sitting on the front porch steps I see a large black garbage bag that appears to be puffy and wet. I open the door to investigate and, although I sense it's probably unwise, I can't help but to look inside of it. I slowly open the mysterious bag and am shocked to find the bloody, dismembered remains of my father! I scream and run back into the house, slamming and locking the door behind me! I'm almost paralyzed with fear and can't think straight. From outside the house, I then hear this enraged, evil sounding voice calling my name. It says, "daddy isn't coming home anymore..." I AM PETRIFIED NOW! For some reason, even knowing that I'm on my own, I run for the back door thinking I have to find someone who can help me. As I get outside, my feet become as heavy as lead weights! I sink into the ground as it has become like a thick mass of warm bubbling mud. I can't run - I'm stuck! I feel the keeper of the angry voice is getting closer - coming to get me! I struggle and somehow manage to get back into the house. I rush for the phone and wildly punch at the numbers on the keypad, all the while trying to hide behind a wall in hopes the furious sounding man won't see me. It's at that moment of desperation that I notice my surroundings - the entire house is made of clear glass! There was nowhere I could hide! I couldn't reach anyone on the phone, couldn't hide, couldn't get away...

I had this dream many times and I always awoke at this point, the cliffhanger. My heart would be pounding unforgivingly, and my face was always streaked with tears of terror. Luckily, with adulthood, the dream has not recurred, and I hope it never does.
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NightMare # Title#3
I'm not sure if this was a nightmare or not, you decide... A long time ago there was this lady whose child had died. The lady consequently committed suicide in one of the many rooms within her large house. My grandparents later bought the house where this had all occurred. My mother lived there as a child and she claims this "ghost" used to come back and terrorize her when she slept in that room. She used to describe to me how her fear made it difficult to breathe and nearly impossible to move. Well, one night, while sleeping in my own bedroom, I was awakened abruptly by the sound of muffled voices. The voices then became the laughter of children. I have two younger brothers, so I figured that they had the t.v. on and were in the parlor making noise. I slipped out of my nice warm bed to investigate the goings on, but no one was in the parlor and the t.v. was turned off. Actually, after thinking about it, the noise may have been farther away, so I walked down to the den. I saw nothing and it was as quiet as could be. I then moved back up the stairs and found one of my brothers coming out of his room. He said that my other brother was sick. Next morning, I told my mother about the incident and she seemed surprised. She nervously told me that the same thing happened to her that night. She then proceeded to check all the windows to see if they were locked and, in a sort of defensive manner, would also peek outside, looking for something or someone. When I went to sleep that night, I dreamt that I went downstairs to confront an intruder. The intruder threw me down to the floor and wouldn't let me up. At that point I woke up, or did I? I found myself unable to move! I was frozen or was being forced to remain immobile! I tried screaming but couldn't utter even a tiny chirp! My breathing was labored and becoming weaker and weaker. I could view the entire room around me but saw nothing. My breathing then stopped completely and, in the dream, I blacked out. When I awoke next morning, I was filled with anxiety and fear. I wasn't sure if I had been dreaming or if what I thought I had experienced was real. As I climbed out of bed I discovered something very bizarre - hand and finger prints, although faint, were streaked along the wall from the bedroom door to the top of the bed. We tried washing them off, but never could quite succeed completely. If the light is just right, you can still see them to this very day.
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NightMare # Title#4
The night-terror I'm about to describe has a lot to do with a doll that my great grandmother had given me when I was but a small child. For some reason, I was exceedingly fearful of that doll, and, not wanting to hurt my great grandmother's feelings, when she handed it to me I acted like I was grateful to receive it. Anyway, I took the tattered little doll home and stuffed it in the bottom of my mom's dresser drawer so I could forget about it. I didn't want it anywhere near me. My great grandmother died about 8 years later and, 12 years after that, I came across that doll again.

I had recently gotten engaged and my fiancee was in this horribly terrifying dream with me. In my dream, we were walking through a forest that I had never even heard of, let alone seen. The day was sunny and bright, then, suddenly and for no apparent reason, the skies went dark. The air filled with a vile stench and the darkness brought with it a cold chill of evil. We then squatted down and began burying that old dreadful doll in the moist blackened ground of the forrest. We were laughing hysterically, like we had lost our minds! It was as if we had been possessed by the evil that was housed by the air and darkness. When the doll was buried completely, we looked up at each other and continued to laugh that eerie, suffering laugh we had no control over. Then, in the very spot where we had buried the doll, my deceased great grandmother rose up from the now fogged surrounded dirt of the soft clammy earth! Her face was honeycombed with squirming, nauseating little worm-like creatures and her eyes were this dead, flat white color! She began laughing maniacally and proceeded to move slowly toward us! We just stood there in stark, unrelenting terror! Her steps were very demonstrative and aggressive, but slow! As she was nearing us, she reached out with her maggot infested hands to grab us! ...That's when I woke up. It had to be the most disturbing dream I have ever had in my life, so dark and morbid.

What can I do with this doll? I just don't seem to be able to expel it from my life...
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NightMare # Title#5
Well, first of all, my dreams are almost always viewed from a third person perspective...

Here's one I had a few months ago, my 16th year on this planet. I was watching myself crawl through what looked like a pulsating, infected rectum and human intestinal tract! I apparently knew where I was going, although, after I woke up, I forgot where it was. I then, and I know this sounds repulsive, "slipped through" the festering, exiting orifice of my journey and consequently vomited uncontrollably! By memory, I usually can't taste or smell anything experienced in a nightmare, but this ejection had such a putrid, revolting stench wafting from it, that the whole ordeal left me reliving the loathsome flavor. I then saw a squirming, frothing monster-like mass shoot upwards, close to my face! It was fat, greasy, and had tentacles hanging from its mouth. As I looked up, blood began streaming from my eyes into my mouth! I commenced gagging and hacked it all over the floor! As the monster came closer it revealed this gigantic, grotesque hand that grabbed me by the shirt! In one violent motion, it flung me outward, back toward and into its distorted, sinister, salivating mouth, like I was nothing more than a little fly! For obvious reasons, I came to the conclusion I was in hell - only hell could be this terrifying. Well, to continue, my head entered the creature's anticipating mouth first! I could see the demon-like head wobble each time it chomped down on me! I also heard echoing crunching noises as the scum-monster eventually forced my entire body through its hungry, tentacle laced lips! The tentacles were sort of ripping and flaying the fleshy part of my torso as I was being devoured. I could hear muffled screams and whines, and I could again taste my own dying blood. It was pouring into my own mouth like water out of a tap! I then woke up, "ouch!"
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