NightMare # Title#1
I've had way too many nightmares to explain all of them, but this one I'd like to share... It happens in the city of Toronto when I was five years old. Toronto is a very urban city, much like that of New York, Los Angeles or London. A huge metropolis in which anything can happen to a very innocent and naive five year old girl.

My mother comes to pick me up at my babysitter's house when a terrible car accident occurs on the main road leading to the house. The babysitter's name is Jeanette. Her son, Jeremy, is eighteen years old and is the only person at home with me. The phone rings and Jeremy answers it. After a brief conversation he turns to me and says, "Your mother's been in a car accident and I have to take care of you until my mom gets home." Crying silently, I run into the living room. Jeremy goes off into another room. About five minutes later the power in the house goes out! Lighting a candle, Jeremy comes to look for me in the living room, but I'm gone. I'm downstairs, the basement I think, and it's pitch black. The air seems cold and damp. There had been a recent flood in this room and the southern end of it is still wet. Not knowing the possible dangers, I begin to feel my way around the lightless, musky smelling room. I have no idea what is about to happen to me.

My parents had divorced a few weeks earlier and I hadn't seen my father since. A familiar scent suddenly fills the air as I fumble around to find a light switch, not knowing that the power had been cut off in the house. Jeremy is looking for me and I hear him shouting my name from the floor above. I try calling to him, but I guess he can't hear me. I'm getting a bit frightened now. As I try searching for the stairs, I realize that familiar scent seems stronger somehow. It gets even stronger as I slowly and blindly poke my way around the ever-colder basement floor. As the scent grows to an almost offensive pungency, I feel a frigid, clammy hand grasp my tiny shivering arm. A deep, crusty sounding voice then erupts from the dark declaring, "I've been dying to see you, little girl!" Shrieking in sheer terror, I then experience a sharp, piercing pain in my arm as the fearsome stranger tosses me to the ground as if I were but a mere rag doll! I try to get up and run but my escape is held short by the sound of a loud click! Suddenly, the lights in the basement come back on. As I quickly survey the room I'm horrified to see my father in the far corner. He is bound and bleeding! His boss is standing before us holding a shotgun! Dad is still alive, but he has apparently been stabbed numerous times with a knife! He is tied and restrained with piano wire in such a way that, if he moves, the steel weave will slice into his unprotected flesh! Dad's mouth has also been sort of sliced open, creating the image of a grotesque, bloody smile on his face! Somehow I know that dad is close to death. The boss then jumps on me and starts tearing at my shirt! I scream and scream, and this time Jeremy hears me. He runs down the stairs, but loses his footing about halfway down and tumbles to the basement floor! The boss then raises his shotgun and releases three blasts in the direction of Jeremy! The pellets rip into Jeremy's body, splitting open his stomach and chest! I struggle to run to my father hoping I can help him. Blood stains the walls all about the room. As I approach dad, he reaches out for me and the tightly wound piano wire slices deeply into his defenseless skin. The blood squirts out of him like a fountain! "Daddy!" I sniffle. Hurriedly and in a rage, the boss turns to us and snarles, "Such a pretty picture..." He then proceeds to expel three more rounds from the shotgun. Missing me, two of the blasts hit dad in the head, causing it to explode into little gory chunks and pieces! I absolutely freak!!! I run as fast as I can passed the boss and toward Jeremy, who is bleeding profusely from his ruptured midsection. "R-R-UN..." he chokes just as his eyes roll back into his head. The basement goes dark again and I feel my way up the stairs, fleeing for my very life! Slamming the basement door behind me, I hear a muffled shotgun blast from below! I don't know it yet, but Dad's boss has shot himself! I run to the back door. As I reach for the knob, it opens abruptly and in walks Jeanette. She says she has picked up my mother and asks where Jeremy is. I point at the basement door and she opens it and goes downstairs. The power then comes back on and simultaneously my mother enters through the back door. As she gives me a big hug, she spots some blood on my arm which Jeanette hadn't noticed. Startled, mom lets out a momentary scream! Then we hear Jeanette's screams from the basement! My mom runs down the stairs and I follow. There, they find the mutilated dead bodies of Jeremy, my father and his boss! Both my mom and Jeanette turn to me and say, "WHY?! WHY DID YOU DO IT?!"
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NightMare # Title#2
Ever since I was little I have been afraid of clowns. I wouldn't have anything to do with them, not even at birthday parties. Well, three weeks ago I had this scary nightmare.

I was trapped in the dark with clowns chasing me. The smile on their faces were not the pleasant kind, like you might associate with a clown face. They also had mangled, very sharp teeth that totally grossed me out! I was really terrified! I began running, but no matter how far away I thought I was getting, the clowns just got closer and closer to me. The more I ran, the younger in age I was becoming too! They chased me into a cemetery lot and were now almost upon me. The faster I ran, the faster my body regressed to infancy. When I reached an age of about four years old, I tripped over a rock and fell. When I turned to see how close the clowns were, I was amazed! They had disappeared! "Where did they go?" I wondered. Again, I looked all around and they were nowhere to be seen. I was still scared though, being alone in a cemetery lot at night. That's another thing I really hate, being alone in the dark! Anyway, I got back on my feet and started walking, still on the lookout for the vicious clowns. Suddenly, with each step I took, I saw a footprint appear in front of me. But I hadn't walked there yet! When I stopped walking, the footprints would vanish, then reappear when I'd begin walking. I felt as though my own footprints were urging me to stay stationary for some reason. It was very strange! I stood motionless for a moment and then turned around. Lurking over me was a big, ugly, smelly clown with ferocious looking teeth! I screamed but I felt no one could hear me! It was as if this little town the cemetery was in, was itself a cemetery. The clown had a large soda pop straw in one hand and a sharp gleaming knife in the other. That's when I woke up covered in sweat! My father was standing by my bed and asked me what was wrong. I said, "It was just a bad dream." He asked if I was going to be alright and of course I said, "Yes." He kissed me goodnight and left my room. Although shaky, I felt very relieved that it was just a dream. I finally laid my head down to go back to sleep when I noticed that there was something wet on the bed sheet by my hand. I turned on the light and saw a small pool of warm blood splashed next to my pillow! To this day I don't know where the blood came from...
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NightMare # Title#3
My dreams are usually the fun kind, like hanging around with friends. But there is this one dream that really bothered me a lot...

The dream began with a party at my friend, Steph's house. The party was pretty cool, playing all kinds of games and having a blast. Then the dream started turning on me. I was mysteriously transported to my own house along with my friend, Amanda. We were up in my room, door closed and music blaring. Amanda and I were sitting in the middle of the room with the lights off. We were talking about the fun we had at the party. Suddenly, everything got deathly quiet; so quiet I could hear my own heart beating. I was really scared and noticed Amanda looking very frightened as well. I then saw this hand sort of 'materialize' from the floor right below where we were sitting. It wasn't a human hand, but rather a ghostlike hand; you know, translucent with a wavy smokey texture. It also had long pointed fingernails and, when I took a closer look, the fingernails began expanding and stretching. The developing nails eventually encircled and imprisoned us! Amanda looked at me helplessly, but I was too frightened to console her! Then the rest of the diabolical looking apparition took shape from its already emerged hand. It floated before us and, in what seemed like only a moment, the ruthless spectre somehow made Amanda disappear off the face of the Earth! The transcendent intruder then turned to me! It took its fingernail and plunged it into my right cheek, dragging the razor-sharp tip down to my chin! I felt the warm blood pouring out of my cheek and onto my white cotton pajamas! All I could seem to do was scream! I couldn't move a muscle! I felt so powerless! I mean, I couldn't exactly hit the ghost, you know? It was like a shadow, no substance. The cowardly wraith then reared back its hellish fingernails once again, and just as it was about to gouge my eyes out - I woke up!

I had dreams like this one for about a week and it scares me to think about them. What kind of message was it trying to send to me?
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NightMare # Title#4
This nightmare began when I was six years old (I'm now eighteen). When I came home from school, my mom was waiting for me on the porch. I ran all the way down the driveway with a picture I had painted of her that day in hand. As I approached her, I said proudly, "Look mom! Look what I painted today!" She examined the portrait but didn't seem excited or surprised at all. It wasn't my painting! It had turned into a picture of a woman with her head chopped off! The head was laying on the floor next to some stairs! My mom calmly asked me who had really created the painting... Although I knew something was wrong, I still told her that I had made it, but she didn't believe me. She was silent for a while and then quietly told me to go into the house. She didn't speak of the painting the rest of the night. When I came home the next day, I again presented my mom with another painting I had made of her. And again, the painting was different than the one I had actually created. It depicted a woman killing a little kid! It was very similar in style to the first painting. My mom asked me who made this painting, and again I responded that I had. She still didn't believe me. Later that evening I decided to make a picture to prove to her that I was indeed the producer of the amateur watercolors. However, this one was different from the other two. It depicted a woman holding a very large bag, similar to a garbage bag. She was holding the bag in her arms, it was dark and there were trees all around her. Also, it looked to be a different style, as if a small child had painted it, not an adult. After I completed the characterization, I again showed it to my mom. She studied it with sad eyes and asked concernedly, "Why do you draw these sick pictures?" I responded with, "Because it's going to come true..." My mom then looked at me with lowered brow and gazed at the painting again. It had changed! It went from a child's style to an adult style! Athough mom still wasn't impressed, she seemed to be very worried about me. She then took me inside the house and told me to put on my pajamas and go to bed. I complied (remember, I was only six years old), and after I was asleep for a short time I was awakened by a terrible scream! I wasn't sure who had screamed, so I went to investigate. Looking in my mom's room, I discovered she wasn't there. I was then drawn to the stairs as someone had just turned on some ground-floor lights. I descended the stairs for a look around, but I still didn't see my mom. I checked the kitchen and finally the living room. There I heard a noise. The front door was wide open. I walked through the door and onto the porch. There was mom! She wasn't really standing, but rather hulking in the darkness! She was headless! She held a large bloody knife in one hand and in the other grasped her own head by its hair! I was terrified!!! I tried to scream but as is often the case in dreams, nothing came out! Mom then spoke to me, "Come to me, my dear. Give mommy a big hug goodnight."

That's when I woke up (I thought)! Although I knew I had been dreaming, I determined that I was still dreaming in my dream (weird huh?). Anyway, as the 'conscious-dream' continued, I was outside lieing in the yard with a knife in my hand. The knife was covered with fresh red blood. "What have I done?!" I questioned. I then ran inside the house and discovered my best friend lieing on the floor - DEAD! She had been mutilated and was covered with blood! I wasn't sure if I had killed her or not. Well, I called the police and they seemed to arrive instantly. They took my friend's corpse, shoved it in a body bag and threw it outside. One of the policemen asked me what happened. I don't know what compelled me to do so, but I replied, "That's a mystery to solve - and good luck solving it!" The policeman just smiled and walked away. I then realized my mom was still missing. I went back outside and walked to the far back corner of the house to observe her standing there, just staring at me. She told me that she was sorry and that it would never happen again. I asked her what she was talking about and she said, "I killed her! It was an accident though." She then approached me with outstretched arms requesting, "Come and give me a hug goodnight before you're laid to rest." I panicked and ran back to the front of the house! I went up to one of the policemen and said that my mom just told me that she killed my friend! He asked me where my mom was and I told him. He left, and after just moments returned and told me that no one was there. I asked, "Where did she go?" He said he didn't know but that there was a trail of blood leading into the woods. I wondered how my mom could be bleeding...

I never saw my mom again. I was taken to my grandma's house to live. In the context of the dream, I still wonder to where my mom escaped. They put our house up for sale, but no one wanted to buy it, not after what happened that night. I then woke up for real! Whew!
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NightMare # Title#5
This nightmare has caused me stop and look at the field next to my house with terror ever since I first dreamt it. I had the dream when I was about eight years old (I'm seventeen now). Shamefully, I still ask my mother to watch me through the window when I go outside at night to get something I may have forgotten in my car...

As it turns out, this dream may have been more of a prophetic one than simply an arbitrary nightmare... I was only a child when I had it, but in my dream I was about the age I am now if not a year or two older. One night, my friend came over to watch a movie we had rented. But, silly me, I left the tape in the car, so I went back out to get it. My parents were inside eating popcorn and watching television. Our entire house was lit up brightly. Peering out of the windshield at my house, I remember experiencing a sort of secure inner warmth as I searched my car for the movie. Not being able to find the elusive video, I figured it was just lost amid all of the junk in the car. I gazed out of the windshield again and glimpsed at my parents' car. Something wasn't quite right. I noticed the car was dark blue, but for some reason, I recollected the color to be brown. "Hummm..." I momentarily uttered. Anyway, I turned the interior light in my car off and got out. I immediately felt a tender caressing wind flow across my face and thought it especially comforting. I then took notice of the overgrown, weed infested field just adjacent to my house. The lanky weeds were blowing softly in the cozy breeze and somehow, I caught a brief smell of some fragrant jasmine. There was something else there too. I squinted my eyes in an attempt to get a better look. It was some kind of object. Since the community street lights were positioned at the outermost portion of my deadend street, I had to rely on only the light by which the moon could offer. I stared in the direction of the object once again and could see the dim moonlight being reflected off of its ostensibly metallic exterior. It now seemed a bit closer than before! I could see clearly now that the object was some kind of weapon, a knife perhaps. It was held by another object, a shadowy manlike silhouette that appeared to be as tall as the weeds. As it got closer, I observed it squatting and running simultaneously. By now it was almost to the edge of the field where I was standing! I could feel my heart pounding in my chest! Tears began forming in my startled eyes and temporarily blurred my vision. I blinked several times, and very quickly to get them back into focus. When my eyes were clear, I found I had lost sight of him, or it! I tried to turn and run toward the house, but my legs were fixed. I froze! Suddenly, the 'creature' burst out of the weeds and onto the street! I was scared stiff! I couldn't move a muscle! Although these events were developing in rapid succession, my mind's eye played the entire ordeal in slow motion. The aggressor was now moving quickly and perilously close to my rooted position! I couldn't speak! I couldn't scream! I couldn't move! Even though it was now only a mere thirty yards away from me, I was almost captivated by the way in which it so elegantly maneuvered. It was sweeping its way toward me as if it were being carried by the wind along with the bending weeds behind it acting as part of its indistinct fiber. Just when I thought the attack was inevitable, the mysterious predator darted behind a large tree in my front yard! I was so deathly afraid that I began to weep helplessly, although silently. Paralyzed, I then saw my friend standing on the front porch of my house, anxiously awaiting my return with the movie. Her eyes were fastened on my car as if I were still in it, still searching it. I tried to call out, but as before, my mouth would not comply and I could feel my dry throat rupturing as I tried to let loose an unqualified scream! On top of everything else, I was now finding it very difficult to breathe! With all of my strength, I once again called upon my traumatized body to turn and get a reckoning of the horrifying being that was preying on my fear. I was finally, though barely, able to twist 'round when the 'windrider' abruptly shot out from behind the tree! It was just feet away from me now and, perhaps sensing my destiny, I simply fell helpless to the relentless onslaught. Funny, but as it was nearly upon me, I reflected on the warm salty tears still streaming down my face and the way in which the delicate evening breeze seemed to be tickling the tears.

The horror was here! He was just a man, very tall and dressed in black. I could sense his rage! He held in one hand a medium sized knife, resembling a dagger. To fill his other hand, he reached behind his back over his shoulder and removed a huge gleaming blade from an old leather sheathe strapped around his neck and waist. The polished sword had a curved body along with three thin individual spikelets forged within its crest. He drew close to my immobile body and pressed his dark weathered face into mine! With the inside portion of each of his wrists, he grasp my shoulders tightly and whipped me around 180 degrees, my back now towards him! I was powerless! He then proceeded to rest the sharp dagger upon my quivering neck with one hand, and positioned the formidable cutlass in the center of my back with the other! Then, without hesitation, he ruthlessly and concurrently cut my throat from ear to ear with the dagger, and plunged the injurious sword deep within my back, ripping out my spine in the process! I fell to the ground, my eyes still open, looking up at him. I was dead, but my thinking process was still functioning (they say that your brain stays alive for four minutes or so after you're dead). He hovered over my lifeless body while remorselessly holding my wriggling spine high over his head and into the night sky! My sweet red blood had enshrouded his entire body and glistened bewitchingly in the moonlight! My vision then blurred and slowly he was gone ... I fade to black.

The really freaky thing is that a lot of the stuff in the dream was not in existence at the time I dreamt it. For instance, my parents' brown car - now it's dark blue. I hadn't told them the details of the dream, so they didn't know to not paint it dark blue and avoid upsetting me. Remember the tree in my yard? That wasn't there at the time either. My dad found the tree in a ditch and decided to plant it. After I saw where he planted it, I told him about the dream and he told me, "It was just a dream," so the tree remains. And the weeds in the field? Well, they're growing wildly and are almost out of control. I don't think I'll be inviting my friend over to watch movies any time soon ...At least until the field gets mowed!
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