NightMare # Title#1
This is a dream I had that continues to be very unsettling to this day. I had spent most of my life growing up in foster homes and in group homes. One time, I was sent to this Christian foster home in the mountains and stayed there for about seven months before I left on my own. I began learning about the Christian Bible, doing prayer meetings and other religious stuff. That's when I began having many horrible dreams...

It seems that every night I'd awaken in a cold sweat and sometimes even became nauseous, vomiting for hours. When I dream, I dream in full color: smell, sight, hearing, the works! All of my senses are sharpened. This dream begins on a cold dark night with me, standing on a street corner in a neighborhood where all the houses are the same. The lawns are the same, and everyone has the same kind of dog in their yards too. Even everyone's porch light gives off the same amount of brightness. All of the houses are in tight, neat little rows. Everything is clean and in its place. To the east of me stands this junkyard, full of old cars, and totally out of character considering the rest of the neighborhood. I can smell the rust and metal, and the remnants of recently burned rubber. I hear crickets singing and dogs barking every once in a while. An owl lets out a hoot, then flies away into the ever darkening sky. Strangely, I don't know why I am even here, although I get the feeling that I'm supposed to wait for someone, or something... It seems to get gloomy and more frightening as I attempt to weather the harsh temperature held by the night. I begin to shiver from the cold and become uneasy and anxious. It bothers me that no one is to be seen in this delusively harmonious little community. Suddenly, a grungy yellow school bus comes careening around the corner, right toward me! The bright headlights penetrate my eyes, stunning me like a startled deer crossing a road! As the bus passes, it slows down, not in actual horizontal speed, but rather like it was just set to slow motion. I can see panic-stricken children inside the bus, clawing at the closed windows in a vain attempt to escape their all too apparent captivity! I can hear their shrill, horrifying screams! Their eyes are filled with utter terror and free flowing tears! I focus on one of the children, a light-haired little girl who is staring into my eyes. A look of total defeat inhibits her innocent face. She is bravely hugging a fuzzy brown teddy bear, as if it will protect her somehow. She just sits there, not crying, accepting and waiting for her inalterable destiny. My enraged eyes then move to the front of the bus and the driver's seat. I guess I expected to see a bus driver that had gone mental, berserk, certifiable! But I don't... The 'thing' driving this horror-on-wheels appears to be a peculiar looking skeleton! It sort of looks like one of those 3D, computerized animations created by someone with a bad attitude. When the grotesque figure sees me leering at it, it violently hurls its head to and fro in a visibly contemptuous manner, simultaneously bellowing out a loud, continuous, haunting laugh! By way of an immediate reflex action I emit a deafening scream instructing the creature, "STOP! STOP THE BUS YOU BASTARD!" no avail! The wicked monstrosity just keeps laughing and increases the speed of the bus in the direction of the junkyard. By this time, the slow motion viewing I had been experiencing had returned to normal execution speed. The next thing I know I am in the junkyard, somehow transported there! I am crying like a baby and on my knees! I look up to see the speeding bus jump the curb and become airborne! While in midair, it explodes into flames! As it crashes to the pavement and the flames subside, I see a pair of tiny hands reaching through the broken glass of one of the windows. The trembling little hands are burned all the way to the bone and I can detect the pungent smell burning flesh! I also hear the sounds of incinerating human skin; popping and sizzling as it cooks on the bones of its owners amid the scorched rubble of the doomed bus! All I do is just sit there, watching the remaining flames, crying, feeling so sorry for the children. Suddenly, I see a child leap out of the flames! And just as suddenly, the charred youngster falls to the edge of the bus debris in a smoking ball of waste, dead! It makes me jump with fright! As I sit there motionless, in shock, wondering why it happened, why no one else comes to the scene to help, I feel something touch me on the shoulder. I quickly turn to examine my left shoulder and I see these extremely long boney fingers resting over my arm! I mean, these fingers were long - two feet long! I then look to my right and see the bus driving skeleton, now as large as the bus itself! It smiles at me and bends down to kiss me! Repulsed, I feel compelled to accept its revolting advance! I just can't help it! As our faces approach each other, I look inside its mouth and see the bodies of all those poor children, blackened and destroyed beyond recognition. I could taste them: the bones crunching in my mouth, the skin all but dust, yet still having texture to it!

That's when I woke up! I flung myself out of bed and barely made it to the bathroom in time. I laid on the bathroom floor, crying and puking, reliving the nightmare, over and over and over again, for four and a half hours...
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NightMare # Title#2
This dream occurred last night. I am 14 years old...

It was a bright summer's day in December (I live in New Zealand). I invited my friends, Matthew, Phillip, Cayley and Pippa to the beach. After a brief telephone conversation with all of them, we were, all of us, transported to the beach (we just appeared there somehow). On one area of the beach there was this really cool climbing cliff that the kids always liked to play on. My friends and I decided to race to the top of that cliff. Matthew and Phillip got there first and at the same time, so naturally they fought about who won (boys will be boys). At first, I thought they were just having a friendly competitive disagreement, but after a while the fight became real enough, and even got bloody. To my dismay, Matthew gouged out Phillip's eyes with his bare hands and then held the dislodged human orbs high above his head, making certain that we three girls could see them clearly! Phillip was drenched in blood and howling in pain! Now blind, he stumbled backwards, lost his footing and fell off the cliff. I heard thumps and shrieks for a few seconds, then silence... We all ran over to the cliff's edge and looked down to see the resulting horror of the fall. Phillip lay amid the sharp jagged rocks of the cliff bottom, his body mangled and bloodied! His limbs were bent at odd angles. His decapitated head was rolling down the coast, seemingly propelled by the momentum of the fall. I then noticed Matthew, laughing hysterically, like a lunatic on drugs! It totally creeped us out! Suddenly, Matthew stopped laughing. He turned to Pippa and scowled at her for a moment. Then, without further hesitation, and with an almost unnatural quickness and precision, he proceeded to pull a switchblade knife out of his pocket and began to slash Pippa, cutting her throat to the spine! Cayley and I ran for our lives, not looking back! We skidded down the mud slide and ran toward the main road. Cayley tripped and fell, so I stopped to help her. Matthew was running after us, only about 30 meters behind! I pulled Cayley to her feet and we ran into the bush. We both climbed different trees in an attempt to hide, but Matthew ran right up to our locations like he could smell us! His mouth was foaming and his hands were saturated with the blood of our now murdered friends! Cayley lost her grip on a branch and fell out of the tree directly on top of Matthew! He shoved her aside, stood up, and then went on the attack, again with the switchblade! I couldn't exactly see everything that was happening, but I heard the sounds of what might be reminiscent of a vicious battle! After just a couple of minutes, there was silence. I waited a short time and then climbed down the tree to the ground. Matthew was dead! Cayley had killed him somehow! As I looked upon Cayley, I saw that she was mortally wounded and lay there dying. I knelt by her bleeding body to comfort her and she asked, "Did I get him?" I nodded with a slightly relieved grin, and, although I tried, I couldn't hold back the tears. Cayley looked up at me and said with her last breath of life, "Well, at least you weren't hurt." Cayley was now dead... Hysterical, I managed to glimpse Matthew's knife lying next to Cayley's limp body. I was so distraught I wanted to take my own life, to end the pain of what I had just witnessed. I picked up the bloodstained blade and just as I plunged it deep into the heart cavity of my own chest, I woke up, screaming!

I don't know why I had this nightmare. It doesn't really haunt me either, because I know that Matthew wouldn't even hurt a defenseless snail and I haven't seen Pippa in 2 years now ...But you never know
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NightMare # Title#3
I'll first explain the foundations of this nightmare. I've always been a huge fan of "B" movie horror. Films like: Night of The Living Dead, Braindead, Redneck Zombies and I Walked With A Zombie, to name but a few. My collection spans from Night of The Living Dead, right through to the very last film in that group, Return Of The Living Dead Part 3, plus other separate titles. I have this nasty little habit of sitting up all night and watching every horror film I own. I never thought anything of it. Sure, I've had nightmares, but very rarely. The nightmare I'm about to describe has, since that night, occurred regularly. Although the dream always contains zombies, it nearly always takes place in a different location and with a different plot. Some might tell me to give up my films - naahhh, no way!

Anyway, one night, while practicing my usual routine, I watched all 7 of the 'Living Dead' films consecutively (including the 1990 remake of, Night Of The Living Dead). I eventually ended up going to bed around 8 o'clock that morning. I immediately sank into a peaceful sleep. That was when "THE DREAM" began...

I was in Glasgow City Centre (Scotland), walking around with my friend Andrew. The city seemed strangely quiet considering it was only 9 p.m. and most of the clubs would just now be opening. We began walking to our college. As we approached the college grounds, we saw a group of people wandering about. Thinking nothing of it, we walked up to the main entrance door. One of the roaming people ventured our way, looked at Andrew, then jumped on him, sinking its teeth deep into his Andrew's skull. Aghast, I yelled, turned and ran! The rest of the people there, whose identities could only be described as 'zombies,' hungrily began running after me! I escaped the college grounds and onto the main town thoroughfare, Cathedral Street. I was desperately seeking help from someone, anyone! I saw people casually walking up the street in my direction. I screamed to them for help and they started to run toward me like I had just rung the dinner bell! More zombies! They were everywhere! I would find no help here, so I ran over to the nearby Gallery Of Modern Arts building and jumped over a fence and into a corridor adjacent the gallery. It was a service entrance. Deliveries would be carried by hand down some steps and through this corridor to the main door. I crouched down for a moment, panting and sweating with fear, trying to compose myself. Above me, I could hear the merciless hoards of zombies, moaning and yammering. One of them managed to look over the railings that shielded the entrance to the corridor. When it saw me, it let out a high pitched groan and immediately tried to climb over the fence! More zombies followed suit. Though they weren't able to traverse the fence, a few of the walking dead had stumbled upon the corridor stairs and were slowly making their way down to me! Panicked, I began kicking the locked service door to the gallery, but it was sealed tightly from the inside! Grabbing a push broom I found leaning next to the door, I twisted off the head and wielded the remaining wooden pole as a weapon. The 'children of death' were nearly upon me! Summoning all of my unexhausted strength and courage, I beat and shoved the rotting scumbags away from me with the broom pole! By now however, the stairs were packed with zombies and I could see no way to get past them without seriously jeopardizing my life. So, running to the opposite side of the building, I threw the pole over the corridor fence and scrambled over it successfully. I ran for Queen Street, which was directly opposite the gallery. Quickly searching the area for a place to hide, I saw a black cab parked near the curb. I broke the driver's window, jumped in and, to my horror, found the cabbie lying dead with his partially devoured brain oozing out of his fractured head! Blood was splattered all over the inside of the cab! Taking a deep breath, I pushed the corpse out of the car, closed and locked the doors. Finally, a break - I found that the keys where still in the ignition. I started up the cab and peeled out, making a bee-line for home! Along the way, I saw more and more of the ravenousness, human-hunting zombies crowding the streets. Angry and vengeful, I took great pleasure in running over a few of them with my new found mode of transportation and killing machine, listening with ghoulish satisfaction as their bodies were crushed under the cab's tires and their heads met with the windshield resulting in a delicious sounding thud and splat! At last, I pulled the cab into the farmyard where I lived. Not a zombie in sight! Again hopeful of finding help, I rushed into the house, broom pole in hand and at the ready, but it appeared to be deserted. Still, I fearlessly ran from room to room, but nothing - the house was abandoned... Discouraged, I walked into the iving room and sank to my knees. The first tear trickled from my eye, and another, until it turned into a full scale sob as I contemplated the horror of my situation. Staring helplessly into the flickering fire, I felt all was lost and the world was doomed. I then noticed the t.v. set was dead, as was the radio. The electricity was on, just no signal was being sent. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang behind me and I jumped to my feet! Spinning around in a defensive posture and still wielding my trusty broom pole, I saw my Uncle Graham along with my mother, Karen, burst through the front door and quickly slam it shut. They then put their bodies against the door as it began to thump and shutter ...Something was on the other side! I asked where everyone was and they told me they had gone to a neighbor's house to wait for help. They said they had been loading up the car with provisions when they were spotted and chased here by some of those damned reanimated cadavers! Graham told me to lean against the door as he went over to the fireplace and grabbed the iron fire poker. Brandishing it like a sword, he told us to step back from the door. I stood beside Graham and my mom stood by the window, ready to open it for our escape should we be overwhelmed. Just then, the door smashed open and the sight that greeted my eyes nearly made me vomit! This grotesque man was standing there! His left eye was torn out of its socket and the left side of his face and head had been ripped and ravaged! Blood was just spewing out of his gapping facial wound, covering the beige colored carpet with glistening red pools! Graham let out a heroic holler and ran at the monstrous zombie, plunging the blackened poker right through its vulnerable head! To my surprise, the injured demonic creature lashed out with its right arm and managed to smack my uncle on top of his head, knocking him unconscious! The accepted film mythology of killing zombies by destroying their brain didn't work! More of the relentless savages had gathered behind the leader and were pushing through. My mom opened the window and shouted for me to jump out with her! I didn't argue... Outside, the farm was now a deluge of screaming, rotting corpses looking for a free meal! We couldn't run - we'd never get by all of them. Instead, we jumped into the car they had filled with provisions and started to make our exit. There were zombies everywhere we turned - hundreds of them! They jumped on the car and banged on the windows! One of them picked up a rock and flung it through the driver's side window, smashing into the side of my mom's head! She slumped forward over the steering wheel, blood gushing from the wound! In shock, all I could do was stare at her lifeless body and at the decaying hand reaching through the breach, yanking at my mom's glass littered hair. I then heard the backseat door open behind me! Two putrid, decomposing hands grabbed at my face! Still frozen, I just closed my eyes and screamed!

When I opened my eyes again, I found myself in my own bedroom, sweating and panting, tears streaming from my eyes. Geez! What a dream!
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NightMare # Title#4
This was a dream I had during a very disturbed period in my life, a time when I frequently had very vivid, gory nightmares, which oddly enough were to me, a source of entertainment in my otherwise blank existence.

I am on a narrow bed with a wrought iron frame and a thin, lumpy cotton mattress. I look around the room, which is unremarkable, drab and shabby. The walls are textured plaster, painted over so many times that the bumps and rifts in the plaster are round edged. Simultaneously, I come to a sitting position and hear something - like voices in the distance, coming closer, sounds of people walking up the corridor toward my room. I tense, knowing that I have little time to act. I pull an object from under the bed and hold it in my lap. It is a ball, roughly the size of a volleyball, ostensibly made of metal, but enameled white. With a sense of calm and purpose, I touch it lightly at a point opposite its apex in order to activate it. I hear the people, nearly at my door now. I no longer fear or panic. Swiftly, confidently, like it was a ball for playing with, I toss it up from my lap with one hand, keeping my eyes on it as it rises to head level. Now everything seems to happen in slow motion. As I continue to watch its ascent and my face is tilted up slightly, it DETONATES! The explosion occurs in two parts. First, there is a blinding flash along with a short but deafening crack-boom sound, during which time I realize that I have set into motion something which can never be changed and over which I will have no control and I start to wish I hadn't. Next, after the flash of the blast, the room goes utterly dark and the echoing percussion of the earsplitting boom sweeps through my body like a cosmic thunderclap. This is not something I hear (I am deaf), but rather feel. The entire event disrupts my thinking process, tearing my mind apart. At the same time I feel deep regret, remorse and fear. I don't know what will happen next, but I know it's something I can never undo. Then, suddenly - nothing, blackness, silence...

The next thing I know I am outside of the room, moving down the corridor toward it. I open the door and cautiously enter to see a scene of total devastation. There is blackened cotton fluff and scraps of charred cloth scattered everywhere. Although smoke still floods the area, I can see messes of splattered blood and chunks of scorched flesh distributed erratically, particularly on the walls. The wall nearest the bed looks like a painting of blood that someone tried to make into a wall! I examine in intimate detail how the blood has coagulated slightly, receding from the peaks in the paint to sort of 'puddle up' in the valleys of the textured surface. The off-white nubs of the bubbled paint projecting through the curdled blood look especially grotesque! Tiny clots of gore that weren't heavy enough to slide down the wall still hang here and there. I then change my focus to a mangled human body, or what's left of it, haphazardly propped against that same bloodied wall nearest the bed. The smoldering legs are still attached to the disfigured abdomen, but it's hard to discern where the head and arms might have been connected. What a disgusting muckheap it is! I turn away quickly, involuntarily engaging in a series of dry heaves! As I look up to the ceiling while clearing my throat, I see an immense bloodstain that has penetrated the stucco. Actually, it looks more like two separate bloodstains whose edges overlap, as if someone had shot the life-giving fluid from two high-pressure water guns held side by side... The dream seemed so real and the sensations so vivid, that I could retain every little detail without that post dream fleetingness that occurs more often than not.

When I woke, I still felt intensely affected by the dream and continued to experience its psychological impact for more than a week. In a curious and morbid kind of way, I was glad to have had the chance to undergo the process of suicide through such a realistic medium. It revealed to me that the taking of one's own life wasn't at all what it was cracked up to be. The sense of helplessness once I initiated the deed - knowing that even if I changed my mind I could do nothing to stop it except endure that which resulted from the feat itself, was the most terrifying ordeal I had ever entertained. It was also the most visceral experience I have ever had. To feel the flesh that my mind controls being destroyed by my own hand and having no point of reference thereafter... It was, to say the least, somewhat exhilarating (in a higher level of consciousness sort of way). I never find myself thinking of suicide anymore, not even at my worst moments...
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NightMare # Title#5
This wasn't a dream ...It really happened!

I was staying with a friend one night and we had been telling ghost stories and watching spooky movies on television. She was talking about the night before and how her CD player had been going on and off, pause and unpause. That really freaked me out. Then she told me how she had turned on her touch lamp just after the CD player incident and she saw a solid black figure sitting in a chair in the corner of her room. Well, at first I didn't believe her, but then I started hearing things being dragged across the floor. I thought it was just my imagination because we were telling scary stories, but then my friend blurted out, "Do you hear that?!" The reality struck us both simultaneously and we were really scared! We wanted to ignore it and tried to go to sleep, but just about then there was this eerie black figure walking across the room! You could see its short shadow slowly sweeping across the floor. I broke out in a cold sweat and tried to jump up to flip on the light switch, but I felt as if I were pinned to the bed. I froze! My heart was beating fast! I couldn't speak! My chest started aching! Then I managed to scream out an, "Oh, my God! Did you see that?!" My friend quickly jumped up and turned on the light. I began crying, I was so terrified! We woke up her grandmother, but granny only laughed at us and said it was because we had been watching scary movies. She told us to go back to bed. Well, by this time I was breathing so hard that my friend couldn't go to sleep and I ended up leaving the bedroom to sleep on the couch in the living room. I kept the light on the rest of the night! Whoa, what an experience! Did we see something or not?
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