NightMare # Title#1
I had a dream about a year ago that gives me the chills even to this day. I have a thing for vampires, I probably always will...

The dream began with me waking up from a sound sleep. I was very cold. I jumped out of my nice warm bed to slip on a sweatshirt and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I approached the closet. My face was so pale it almost looked translucent. My lips were off-color and beginning to turn blue. My neck and nightshirt were covered in glistening red blood. The blood was thick and sticky. I stood there for a moment in sort of a state of disbelief. I remember thinking, "Am I awake yet?" Then I felt someone embrace me from behind. I could tell it was a man. Their body felt cold and unnatural. The arms that were wrapped about me seemed of normal size, yet I sensed they were also very powerful. For some strange reason I didn't feel afraid at this point. In fact, I felt rather secure. Suddenly, I was forcibly spun around and could now see the face of my uninvited guest! I gazed deep into a pair of squinting dark green eyes. Eyes that appeared to almost leap out at you in contrast to the colorless skin that surrounded them. I was mesmerized. His long silky black hair shrouded a mass of light blue veins pulsating just below the skin of his neck. Fresh blood dripped out of his mouth and down his chin onto his lapel. I'm not sure how I knew it, but I was sure the blood was mine. Although I had an urge to get away, I was aware that the attempt would produce futile results as he continued to hold me with little effort. As I stood helpless, his eyes suddenly rolled upward and into the back of his head. They then reappeared in a new color - a very dark red, almost black hue encircled the iris. They were dead eyes, evil eyes. His tongue then emerged and slowly tickled the surface of his top lip. I was spellbound and couldn't release my focus from his penetrating stare. I knew he was going to kiss me and I felt compelled to welcome his bloodstained lips to mine. I closed my eyes as his icy red lips touch mine. The taste of blood caused me to momentarily retreat (which he allowed me to do) and I felt my body becoming weak from the experience. I waited impatiently for his next move. I was surprised, yet excited, as his face became distorted, changing before me. It was aging, eroding into a mass of mangled grey flesh. His immortal eyes now burned with a combination of hate and passion. His lips purposely curled upward revealing a pair of long sharp fangs. Uncontrollably, my head slowly slumped to one side as I surrendered to his influence.

I woke up in a dark room lighted only by the midnight sky. I was covered by a cool perspiration from head to toe. I contemplated the dream for a moment, then, I don't know why, I got up and casually closed the window, turned on the light, and grabbed a Garfeild comic book and began reading...
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NightMare # Title#2
This really happened to me. It wasn't a dream. I was never one for being afraid of the dark, nor am I a lover of scary movies. I was an average 11 year old kid living in what I thought was an average house with my parents and older sister.

One morning I woke up sick, too sick to go to school. My mom and dad worked full time and my sister was old enough to keep an eye on me, so my mom never had to worry about a sitter. Mom couldn't take off work to watch me, and she didn't want my sister missing school herself, so she decided to let me stay home alone until my sister returned from school in the afternoon. She gave me her direct phone number at work and the drill about the police, fire department, not opening the door to strangers, etc., etc. Since my sister's school was just up the street from our house, my sister decided she would come home for lunch to check up on me. Mom insisted I call her every 2 hours. Overall, I was left feeling pretty secure, our dog by my side and in a well-locked house. I watched as my parents drove off and my sister walked up the hill to school. I proceeded to flop on the couch and turned on the TV. After a few boring hours of cartoons and soaps I decided to play with a small electric organ my sister had received as a Christmas gift a few years back. You know, one of those gifts that are quickly abandoned and stored in some far off corner of a room after their initial allure has diminished? Anyway, the organ came with a music book that had numbered notes corresponding to the organ keys to make it easy to play. I happily banged out "Heart and Soul" and "Chopsticks," but my favorite was "Silent Night." I played and sang along to "Silent Night" over and over again. Enough was enough and I finally turned off the organ in the middle of the first verse and stopped singing. Although the sound of the organ and my singing had ended, the echo of someone else singing continued. It was coming from the second floor of the house where my room was. I froze briefly, then called out my sister's name, thinking she might have slipped into the house unnoticed as I had been playing. As I again yelled her name, the singing upstairs ceased. Now in the eerie silence, I once more hollered for my sister, but there was no answer. I became a bit concerned when I noticed that the chain lock on the front door was still secure and in place. How could my sister have slipped by me if she couldn't even get in the house? Someone was upstairs! With this realization, I panicked and ran into the kitchen to get the biggest knife I could find. I slowly tiptoed around the first floor of the house, checking to see if there were any open windows. Everything seemed secure. I then proceeded to turn on all of the lights and looked in every room and closet, but found nothing. My heart raced and I felt unsure of my next move. I finally decided to go upstairs to see if my sister was really home and maybe just playing a joke on me. I figured I would get back at her somehow for frightening me like that. I sent the dog up ahead of me to cover the sound of my footsteps on the stairs. He didn't seem to indicate anyone elses presence when he reached the top of the stairs. He would have barked out a welcome at seeing my sister, or growled at seeing a stranger in the house. I watched from the steps as the dog casually meandered in and out of the bathroom and both mine and my sister's room. The bathroom and our rooms where the only rooms on the second floor. Although afraid, I managed to muster up enough courage to inspect the rooms myself. I carefully crept into my room where I saw the closet door was opened. I couldn't remember if I had left it open that morning or not. I made a quick inspection of the room and even checked under the bed. I found nothing. I then examined my sister's room and the bathroom. Once again, there was nothing unusual. I stood there in total confusion, searching my mind for logical answers to my ever growing list of questions. Then the hair on my arms and neck raised with the conclusion that, if no one was there, if no one could get in, it could have been, it must have been... I dropped the knife and ran down the stairs screaming! I jumped on the couch, covering my head with a blanket! My mind was filled with a merry-go-round of strange thoughts. I was really scared! "Could it be?" I wondered. I began quivering and sweating. Suddenly, my thought process was thankfully interrupted by the sound of the doorbell ringing. I sat up and, peeking over the back of the couch out the window, I saw my sister standing there, chatting with her friend, waiting for me to open the front door.

To this day, I don't know for certain who or what it was I heard singing with me from the second floor of the house. But I know what I think it was...
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NightMare # Title#3
Most of my dreams are very short with a lot of symbolism in them. I will tell you two of those dreams here.

The first dream occurred on Christmas Eve when I was about thirteen years old. I've had this dream five times, always on Christmas Eve ... I'm sitting in a darkened cell with gray walls and rusted bars. Leaning forward, I sit with my head supported by my chin in my hands. Absolutely no one but me is here. I see it's getting late and decide to lay down and sleep. I grab the sheets, which are black and misty looking, and pull them over me. Suddenly, the wall behind me is completely ripped out, as if by an explosion, but without a sound. A man wearing a burlap hood with no eye holes emerges, grabs me, and rushes me out of the cell. As we are running, I notice that we exited a "store" and not a "cell." It's snowing gray flakes, but the street and sidewalk look as if it were raining. Even the headlights of passing cars reflect off of the wet street as if it were raining, not snowing. I hear a voice inside my head saying, "Hurry up or we'll get caught!" I'm feeling very disoriented and everything is getting darker. We continue on until we get to this huge storefront with silver outlined windows. Other than the storefront, it's completely dark. We open the door and it reveals what looks to be a dentist's office. I sit down in the dentist chair and again hear that voice inside my head stating, "We got away!" The voice seems angry now for some reason. I'm totally confused and begin to feel sleepy. I sit in the chair and observe the many dental devices above and around me. The man with the burlap hood stands over me, pressing down on my shoulder with his hand, securing me in the chair. He reaches up and pulls this spike-like dental tool from above and rams it deep into my chest! I feel no pain, only confusion. He then backs away, removing his hood. I look up at him ...It's me! I am the hooded man! His lips begin to move and I sit up in anticipation of what he might say. But all fades to black. I awake feeling very drained and nervous.

I don't know what to make of this dream. As I said, I had it about five times, and at the same time every year. What bothers me the most about the dream is when I wake up, trying to analyze its meaning. It finally went away after I read a book on controlling your dreams. The book said to think of a list of words that you want to dream about when you go to bed and are falling asleep.

My second dream occurred when I was about 15 years old. It was an awake dream. I had this one only once ... I was walking in a very dark enclosed place. The walls were cold and wet. I was wearing a suit of armor and held a huge broadsword in my hand. I inched along, not knowing where I was going. I finally made it to what seemed to be a very large underground cavern. There was a dim light illuminating the area and I began to feel an intense heat. As I cautiously moved forward, I saw a bridge appear before me. The bridge looked like it was constructed from old cobblestones and was weathered and decayed. As I walked over the bridge, I heard some fierce rumbling sounds like an earthquake, but felt no ground movement. I quickened my pace, casting off the suit of armor to lighten my load. I was about halfway across when an enormous red dragon surfaced from out of the blackness below the bridge! It let out a savage yet silent roar and I felt its warm, foul-smelling breath! I began running as fast as I could! The dragon's head snapped toward me, its jaws wide open! I looked up and saw a spiral of mist in its mouth, like a small whirlwind. I swung my broadsword back at the dragon as I ran, hoping for the best. The sword was sucked into the vastness of the dragon's mouth, which looked as big as the cavern I was in. I was about to give up hope when I noticed the end of the bridge was now within a few steps. It lead into a narrow passage that no dragon of this size could possibly enter. I leapt at the passage opening just as the dragon smashed into the bridge, causing the stones to explode and crumble! I landed in the passage threshold and some bridge debris shot down beside me! I got up, brushed myself off, and looked back toward the bridge. To my surprise and relief, there was nothing there. I continued through the passage on what seemed to be now familiar ground. After a few steps, I tripped over an unseen object, falling to the ground, landing with my face in dirt. When I looked up, I was in my own living room, having just tripped over the coffee table. I was now fully awake from, what I can only describe as sleepwalking.
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NightMare # Title#4
I always had a lot of nightmares when I was a youngster. Probably because there's so much to be scared of when you're a little kid. At the time, i was around 8 years old or so...

When I fell asleep that night I was expecting to have a dream, because I was trying to figure out why people dream at all. I got my wish. In the dream it was just about 10:00 p.m. when my eyes opened. To my surprise, my bedroom door was opened. The upstairs hall light was also on. Being curious as I was, I sat tight in my bed and watched the stairs for movement. A few seconds later, two "monsters" started creeping up the stairs. They were human shaped, but ugly and distorted looking. They also had long fang-like teeth and very dark purple hair growing from every imaginable part of their bodies. One of the monsters whispered something to the other. That's when they noticed me watching them. My eyes were as wide as quarters at this point. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out except hot air and spit! My bed began spinning around, slowly at first, then progressively faster! The monsters followed the rhythm of the bed as it spun around. They were mocking me. They got right in my face and laughed at me as they made threatening faces. Just then, one of the monsters raised its hand and let out a tremendously frightful yell! My bed twirled toward the ceiling at an ever increasing speed, eventually squashing me like a pressed sandwich! I was hurt bad, bleeding and bruised, but still alive. The bed dropped back to the floor and I was momentarily stuck on the ceiling! As gravity did its work, my little body slowly peeled away from its surface hold and I tumbled unceremoniously back onto my bed! I had the wind knocked out of me and before I could take another breath, the two scum-mutants jumped onto my trembling body and held me tightly in place! Their putrid, sweat-drenched purple fur covered my face! I again attempted to scream for help, but to no avail. I then felt a slippery yet raspy tongue run across my bloodied right arm. Suddenly, a twinge of pain coursed through by body! I then heard a series of crude ripping sounds along with hungry growls of delight! I was being eaten alive! The freak-zoid scum-sucking ogres were feasting on me at will! My skin was furiously being ripped and torn from my body, as if each feeder were trying to devour me like a candied snack before dinner! The pain was excruciating! Do you know how many kinds of horrendous thoughts ones mind can deliver when its very survival is threatened and it is helpless to prevent its inevitable death? Then, abruptly, possibly from the shock of it all, my viewpoint in the dream changed. I was now floating above the fiendish scene and I watched, powerless, as the cannibalistic carnage continued! I observed for a few minutes until finally, with barely any meat left on my tiny skeletal remains, I witnessed my head being plucked off and cast aside! With veins and stringy neck muscles flailing in the wind, my head ricochetted out of the bedroom door and rolled down the hallway stairs like a fumbled football bouncing over grass!

When I woke up, I could barely breathe. After experiencing that dream, I can sit through The Exorcist movie without even flinching.
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NightMare # Title#5
This nightmare was really brief in content, but profoundly disturbing in effect...

Some years after the suicide of someone very dear to me, I dreamt we were talking, he and I, and the subject of conversation seemed of no great importance. During the conversation, he suddenly pointed to my abdomen and told me in a quiet but serious voice, "You have no guts." Puzzled, I looked down at my belly, not at all sure what he was eluding too. That's when I felt an empty, nameless dread invade my thoughts. "You're not really alive, you see?" he said. "You're actually a construct, made to imitate life. But if you check, you'll see you have nothing inside. You aren't real." Coming from someone who had, while he was living, made me more aware than ever of how alive I actually was, that statement came as rather a surprise. He then proceeded to touch my stomach. The area around his finger formed a seam, a seam that then opened wide! I froze, fearing my guts would spill out before me, steaming and quivering, leading to a slow and inexorable death. But to my greater horror, I saw the unimaginable... Nothing spilled out, not even a drop of blood. My unprotected tummy was just as he had said. I was empty inside, literally. It was just a grotesque hollow cavity. "But ... But my heartbeat... My heart's beating, isn't it?" I stuttered. "You didn't actually think that you had a heart, did you?" he questioned. "You hear the sound of a beating heart, and even the feel of a healthy pulse, but there actually isn't anything inside you at all. You don't have a pulse or a heartbeat because there's no blood to circulate through your veins. I told you, you aren't really alive." Still bewildered, I felt queasy and repulsed when the realization of what he had said actually struck me as true. I wasn't human! My entire life had been nothing more than a sham! I wasn't really born of my mother, and I had never actually functioned as a living organism! And someday, if I ever tried to find a mate and have a family, my horrible secret would be revealed. My hopes for a happy future fell away in tatters as I pondered this inconceivable predicament. I was beyond devastated. I had a thousand questions racing through my overwhelmed mind, but no answers!

The dream so upset me that I awoke in the middle of the night because of it. Although I realized it was "just a dream," the feeling of apprehension did not leave me. I curled up into a fetal ball, pressing my knees tightly into my belly, perhaps in an attempt to prove that there was something inside me after all. I never felt so alone and cold. I rocked back and forth in my bed, agonizing, trying to rationalize, whispering to myself, "I have guts! I am alive!" over and over again. For the first few minutes after I woke, I had this terrible urge to slice myself open, just to get at the truth. Thankfully, the impulse quickly passed. It took most of the next day to regain my emotional sanity and abandon the need to check my belly for hidden seams...
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