NightMare # Title#1
This is a nightmare that bothered me for a very long time...

I was walking across the cool damp sand of a vast, windswept beach. I wasn't sure of its exact location, but I seemed to recognize it somehow. The sky was overcast and dark, and I remember thinking that I would never be able to get a good solid tan in this type of weather. As I examined my surroundings further, I noticed two people in the distance, slowly appearing from the soft mist enveloping the beach. They were walking right toward me. I just stood still and watched them. Mesmerized, I seemed to be drawn to them somehow. When they were close enough, I was somewhat astonished by what I saw. One person was a man dressed like he came right out of a 1940's black and white Hollywood movie. He wore a grey suit, grey hat and grey overcoat. Holding the man's hand, and trying desperately to keep pace, was a little boy of approximately two years of age. They approached my location and, for a moment, it looked as though they were going to stop and say something to me. Instead, they simply moved right past me, hardly noticing my existence. That's when I got a good look at their faces. The man looked like my father when he was in his mid-twenties! And the boy, the boy looked exactly like my own son! I was confused though, because my son at that time was already seven years old. I was paralyzed with indecision. I wanted to call out to them, but what if I was wrong? It was all so strange. The pair continued to walk toward the water through the moist sand. I then took notice of a large black tire suspended by a knotted rope close to the water. The boy immediately broke the grasp of the man's hand and climbed inside the tire. He began to play, swinging back and forth, giggling. The man turned and watched the activity without emotion. Suddenly, a huge rippling snake whipped out of a shoreline wave as it surged near the tire! The snake must have been over 50 feet long! It looked like something I had seen in a movie once, called an Anaconda. The monstrous serpent curled around the rope and yanked the tire holding the boy from its foundation, slithering back into the murky blue sea! The boy screamed and cried for the man! The man instantly followed the terrified boy into the water! But, each time he managed to swim close to them, the snake would pull the boy further and further out to sea. Exhausted, the man finally stopped swimming and became still. All he could do was watch as the slimy abductor reached around and yanked the boy from the tire, flung him high in the air and waited with mouth opened wide as the boy fell back to earth! I could still hear the terrible muffled screams of the boy as he was consumed. The screams subsided when the boy was about 5 feet deep into the digestive track of the ruthless Anaconda.

Even after I woke up, I could still hear the boy whimpering and crying out. I almost cried myself. I have no idea what the dream meant, but it scares me to think about it to this day.
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NightMare # Title#2
Although I tend to have the most horrifying and bloody dreams imaginable, I usually blank out on them within minutes after waking up. But this one, this one was quite different. I will never forget it.

It was late on a Friday night when I finally turned off the t.v. and drifted off into the most gruesome experience I have ever encountered... I was awakened in the dream by a man standing over my bed. He looked like he may have been Chinese, but with a very pale complexion. I looked into his eyes and noticed they were all black, nothing else. He smiled at me and at the same time blood dripped down the side of his mouth. I sat up in my bed, scared out of my wits, but couldn't scream! The man turned around, pulled something from the doorway and turned back toward me. He had my mother, tightly grasping her throat with his hand! He then moved a step closer and, without hesitation, removed a long sawtoothed knife from his pocket and began stabbing my mother in her side! I was in shock! I couldn't move! My mother was screaming in pain! He must have stabbed her over a dozen times! That's when I noticed that the fluid gushing out of her gapping wounds was not blood. It was green and streamy, like antifreeze from a car radiator. My mother's eyes then closed and she was silent, dead I thought. Moments later her eyes reopened and they were completely white, nothing else. As she looked at me, she smiled, and that green fluid poured out of her mouth, covering her clothes. She then looked around the room in terror, turned, and ran out the door screaming! The man faced me and again smiled. He then reached out and grabbed me by the throat. While nearly strangling me, he started to whistle. As he did, a grotesque snarling wolf appeared by my bedside! Its back was hunched and it was foaming at the mouth. Its teeth were stained red with blood from small slits in its gums, probably the result of a recent fight. The man then pushed me back onto the bed so I was lying flat. He took his shirt off and laid on the floor next to the bed, still clutching my throat. He then let out another sharp-toned whistle, and, almost instantly, the wolf jumped off the floor like a shot! It pounced onto the bed and moved right toward my face! But, just as it reached me, it turned and sprang on top of the man instead! It began to rip open the man's stomach with its sharp claws, chewing on the torn flesh at the same time! It dug deep into the recesses of the bloody opening, tearing out the man's intestines, greedily gnawing on them as if it hadn't eaten in days! As the carnage continued, the man calmly looked up at me and smiled. Blood squirted out of his mouth, nose and ears! The wolf tore into him as easily as a wet paper bag. Suddenly, realizing he could do no more damage to the man, the wolf again jumped on my bed! It slowly approached me, salivating and growling, licking the fresh blood from around its stained mouth.

Ring! My alarm clock went off and I awoke in a cold sweat. As I walked home from school that day, I made eye contact with a passerby. I swear, he looked just like the man in my dream! As we passed eachother, he look at me and smiled! Is that weird or what?
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NightMare # Title#3
The following is a true account...

When I was ten years old, my mother, brother and myself decided we needed a new family car. We lived in the middle of nowhere, so a good car was a necessity. We went to a used car dealership that was owned by my cousin. As my mother looked around, my brother and I began exploring a nearby car junkyard where we stumbled upon a group of cars that were severely damaged and were supposed to be used for parts only. I saw a grey 1987 Chevy Nova stacked on top of another car. The front passenger door was all caved in from an apparent accident. At that time, I wasn't tall enough to actually see into the car, but I did notice a paint mark on the door that really stood out from its grey surroundings. The mark was that puke green color they used to paint on cars in the seventies. I think they used to call it lime green. I didn't think much more about it and went on prospecting for other cars. Not 20 yards away from the Nova, I saw a lime green car and examined it more closely. It had a long silver-grey scratch on the front outside panel. It didn't take me long to conclude that these two cars may have been put out of commission by the same accident. Now I was really curious and felt compelled to investigate further to see if I could find out what happened between the two disabled autos. My brother and I opened the door to the green car, which was a struggle in itself because the door was badly smashed up. When we finally got it open, we snooped around the interior of the car and found a pair of sunglasses. The glasses were those cheap plastic ones, nothing fancy. My brother looked at them, shook them in the air and stuck them in his pocket. As we continued our search, I noticed a doll lying in the back seat. It was a baby's doll, you know, something a very small girl might enjoy playing with. It had no clothes on and its hair seemed charred, like it had been in a fire. Anyway, I tossed the doll back on the seat and we abandoned the green car as there was nothing else we could find. We then went back over to the Nova to see if we could find anything of value in it. This time the door was much more difficult to open because of the extensive damage. It seemed like it was welded shut, and after a few minutes of trying, we just about gave up. That's when I noticed that the window on the opposite side door was open. We ran around the car and I climbed through the window. As I got inside, I fell into some kind of sticky substance on the passenger seat. I looked at my brother, who had a look of astonishment on his face, and saw him pointing at my hands. They were covered with a thick, sticky, redish-brown colored substance that smelled of rotting flesh. It was blood! Dried blood that had been partially liquified by the hot summer sun. Although I admit I was a bit startled, I didn't want my brother to see me scared so I simply laughed it off and wiped my hands on my pink corduroy pants. Inspecting the rest of the car, I discovered that the dashboard was also covered in the thick, baked on blood. The windshield was broken into a million tiny pieces, and the driver's side seat was set permanently in the 'back' position. The putrid stench of the cooked blood reminded me of death. Then, as I leaned further toward dashboard, I picked up what I thought was a large ball of plastic. That's when it hit me! I was holding a human skull! I held it in my hand for several moments until I started to shake. I set it back where I found it and began to cry. The vivid reality of death suddenly stuck me. I knew that one or more human beings had recently lost their lives in that car accident, and I was in their tomb!

It humbled me, even at the tender age of ten. My life was changed forever...
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NightMare # Title#4
This is a dream I have experienced many times. It began when I was twelve years old...

I was standing in the middle of a somewhat empty shopping center in a town I've no memory of ever visiting. My mom had gone off to the hairdresser and left me some change to get myself an ice cream while I was waiting for her. I remembered an old snack bar that served ice cream somewhere in the center of town, which is weird because, as I said, I don't remember ever visiting this place. I knew it was a long walk and, since my mom would be quite a while, I decided to give it a go. I entered the busy street in front of the center, struggling to walk against the mass of people going in the opposite direction. I saw an ice cream parlor just a bit further up the road to the left and, since it was closer, decided to go there instead of the one in town. As I approached the parlor, I was distracted by a sidewalk entertainer who had dropped his guitar, fell onto the cold concrete, then began screaming! The scream was loud, high pitched and continuous. The sound scared me so much I almost ran away. Suddenly, the other people on the street started shouting at him and throwing rocks! I wanted to get away as fast as I could and ran up to the door of the ice cream parlor. When I went through the door, I was abruptly thrown into some deserted street elsewhere in the town. I could still hear the entertainer's screams however, which seemed to be coming from just around the corner. Very puzzled, I crept cautiously toward the origin of the screaming, but the closer I got to the terrifying shrieks, the less intense they became. Just as I rounded the corner, something made me jump and I spun around on my heels! Again, the scene had changed! In front of me was an old woman, bent over and writhing in pain. I guardedly approached her to see if there was anything I could do to help. I asked her what was the matter and touched her lightly on her shoulder. At first she didn't respond at all, then, as I crouched down beside her, she twisted her head and pressed her face into mine! She began to laugh, giggling at first, then cackling and howling like a demonically possessed hyena! I tried to stand and pull away but she grabbed me and I couldn't break free! She just kept staring at me with her wicked eyes and resumed that god awful laughter! The yowls became so unbearably loud and annoying, they actually woke me up from the dream, sweat just pouring off my neck and back!

To this day, when I go to bed at night, I fear I will have the dream again. I don't know what it means, and for some reason, that particular nightmare really terrifies me. I guess that's why it's a nightmare...
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NightMare # Title#5
From the day I was born I've had an extreme fear of spiders. It doesn't matter if they're smaller than a dime or larger than a fist, they scare me just the same. I frequently have nightmares about these horrid little arachnids, but the dream I'm about to describe really stands out above the rest...

It begins one day, a few minutes before 5:00 a.m., the time when I usually awake to begin my morning ritual before going to school. I am lying in my soft warm bed with the security of my covers surrounding me when my alarm clock begins to beep. I awake instantly (since I get up everyday at this time anyway, my internal clock usually wakes me up before the alarm does). The first thing I do, as every morning, is reach over to my nightstand and fumble around for my glasses. With glasses in hand, I stand up (my eyes still partially closed) and turn on the overhead light. After a few attempts, I finally get my eyes adjusted to the light and am able to open them fully. The next thing I do is go to my closet and gather my outfit for school. Today I decide to wear a pair of bell-bottomed blue jeans and a pale blue t-shirt. I look through my drawers to get my underwear and socks, then head to the bathroom. Now here's the weird part... Normally, I turn on the lights in the kitchen and wake my parents and younger brother, but in this dream, I just go straight to the bathroom and get ready to take my shower. That is the only thing that distinguishes the dream from reality, even though I don't notice it until I wake up. Anyway, I turn on the bath water and let it heat up while I undress. I then feel the water to make sure it's nice and warm before I step in the shower. I wet my hair and begin shampooing it, humming a little song all the while. Then I notice something odd, I can no longer hear the water hitting the bottom of the tub and going down the drain, but I can still feel it hitting my head and back. Shrugging it off, I continue humming a happy little tune as if nothing were wrong. The next thing I know, I feel a tickle, like something crawling down my arm. At first, I dismiss this as a water stream, and, as I raise my arm up to look at it, I don't expect it to look back! On my arm are crawling thousands of tiny black spiders! In disbelief, I wipe my eyes and open them fully, taking a concentrated second look, not really accepting what I just saw. There they are! An army of icky, creeping, invading little aggressors now covers my entire body! I begin screaming hysterically, jumping up and down while frantically waving my arms and shaking, brushing the hoards of disgusting little creatures from my hair and neck! I move quickly under the showerhead, thinking I can simply wash the multitudes of vermin down the drain! To my horror, that's when I discover where they're coming from! Each drop of water flowing from the chrome-plated shower nozzle is somehow morphing into one of those nauseating micro-beasts! Millions upon millions of the little brutes shoot relentlessly out of the accommodating water spout! I can't stop them! My body becomes weighted down by the deluge and I drop to my knees. The last thing I see is a monstrous salivating tarantula crawl over my face and creep into my quivering open mouth!

I then awake to the beeping of my "real" alarm clock. My hands seem to involuntarily explore my face and hair, wildly struggling to expel the spiders I assume are still there. I jump up and turn on the light to make sure they are not in my bed! A few moments later, I regain my composure and realize it was a dream.

This may not sound scary to some people, but it sure was to me! I had this dream when I was thirteen years old and I am now fifteen. Even though it has been two years, I still can't take a shower without thinking about spiders...
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