NightMare # Title#1
The dream begins...

The air felt chilly and strange as I walked to school one winter's morning. The fog surrounding the area gave me a feeling of apprehension. As I approached the school, I suddenly became aware that it didn't look like my school at all. Instead, it appeared to reassemble a haunted mansion from one of those 1960's television sitcoms (Munsters, Addams Family). Perplexed, I simply shrugged and walked up the entry steps, adjusting my bookbag on my shoulder every so often. The weight of the books on my back was getting heavier and made me feel uncomfortable. After a long while, I began to wonder why the staircase was so long. It seemed like it was taking forever to reach the top. I was still pondering when my homeroom teacher, who was standing on the stairs, smiled at me and told me that I was to go to the guidance office. When I asked why, he picked me up by my bookbag and started to escort me up to the entryway door. I then noticed my feet leaving the ground and we sort of 'floated' right through the wall of the school! Strangely enough, I didn't think anything of it, like it was an everyday occurrence. When we got to the guidance office, the guidance counselor was sitting at her desk, typing away. When she felt my presence, she turned around and smiled at me. "That's funny," I thought as I looked over the black robes she was wearing. "She never used to wear black," I recalled. She then spoke in a cold, matter of fact tone, "I have noticed something unusual happening that I don't want to see take hold of you, Renee." She seemed to be gazing deep into my eyes, searching for something. "And what would that be?" I asked, shakily. As I finished my question, a small swirl of wind blew my hair gently across my face, like a hand, softly caressing my skin. The counselor responded, "I don't want to do this, but it looks like I'll have to." She slowly turned to face her computer and typed in a long sequence of numbers. I watched, mesmerized as the images on the screen began to spin in place. A few seconds later I started to feel numb and dizzy. I closed my eyes and fell to the floor - fade to black - I fainted. When I awoke, I was unsure how much time had elapsed. I was still lying on the floor, but something had changed. Its surface was slimy and pink and contained numerous tiny creases within its layout. I rose to my feet and walked around its boundary, actually enjoying the feeling as it sloshed about, moving with the rhythm of my pace. I further examined my surroundings and caught site of a hill up just ahead of me. I decided that the hill would be an excellent place from which to observe the area and possibly recognize my location. I moved toward the hill, slowly trudging and squishing my way over the peculiar pink landscape. I reached the top of the hill and began surveying the area. It was all pink! Everywhere I looked, in every direction, pink! In a weird sort of way though, it seemed peaceful and beautiful as well. Suddenly, an immense pain shot through my body, pulling at at my skin! I couldn't help but scream! Blood poured out of every pore in my body, enveloping me in a the thick, crimson red liquid! I couldn't see - I couldn't hear - I couldn't breathe! Thousands of thoughts raced through my mind! "Is this how it ends?" I asked myself. However, just as quickly as it started, the torture I was suffering simply vanished... I was pleased and confused at the same time. Still trying to catch my breath, I gathered back something of my senses and again found myself lying helplessly on the pink surface of this vast nightmarish domain. I turned onto my back, still moaning from the aftermath of my unseen wounds. As I opened my eyes, I screamed in terror! A dead body was hanging above me, suspended in the air! Its eyes were open and blood was dripping profusely from every extremity and orifice. "Is this the same fate that awaits me? What happened here? WHAT'S GOING ON?" I questioned myself. The lifeless, mutilated body then fell to the ground before me, blood gushing over, and merging with, the pink goo of the landscape. I bent down to have a closer look at this poor soul. Staring at its disquieting face, I was startled when the eyes suddenly rolled into focus and looked right back at me! I just remained in a kneeling position, unable to move, to speak; locked in time with the dead stare of dead eyes. It seemed as though I was there for hours, but really only several seconds has passed. The corpse then went into motion, grabbing me by the throat, grinning like it had just won the Nobel Peace Prize or something. I couldn't scream! Its long nails pressed deep though the soft skin of my quivering neck and I found myself gasping for air! By instinct, I quickly searched the area for some kind of weapon to counter this horrifying attack. I saw a human arm lying next to my leg on the ground. It was my arm! I don't know how, but my arm had fallen off my body and I hadn't noticed it at all! I picked up the limb with my remaining arm, still gasping for air and becoming nauseous at the same time. I slammed it hard into the smirking face of the reanimated corpse. Again! And again! It finally let go and I felt warm blood trickle out of the wounds in my neck. The corpse was now twitching and heaving. I stepped on its stomach and it stopped, took a deep breath, then smiled at me. It then proceeded to grab my foot and swing me around like a rag doll, hurling me punishingly into the ground! From out of nowhere, prickly red vines appeared from the pink earth, coiling around me like a thousand snakes! When I was completely under their control, they began pulling me down into the sloshy soil! Also, objects were being thrown at me from every direction, bashing me and severely bruising my weakened body! I was crying hysterically, but tried to remain brave. I then felt the relentless grip of the monstrous vines loosen and they just seemed to disappear. I was now in the center of ... I don't know where. I then noticed a large gilded chair about 10 yards away from me. It looked like it could be a queen's throne. And someone was sitting in this throne with its back to me. "Nice to see you here, Renee," It said in a deep, confident, but feminine tone. She then stepped off of the throne and turned around to face me. The first thing I noticed was her blood streaked face. She had on a pair of broken glasses and her light brown hair was mussed and patchy, some areas stiffened with dried blood like hair mousse. Her clothes were torn and tattered and I remember thinking she looked rather pathetic. "You know who I am, don't you?" She smiled. "Who? I have never seen you before!" I screamed back at her. She continued, "I am the future you. See what you have done to yourself? See what your anger has done to yourself? If you can't tell, you're inside your own mind; your brain..." I cried out, "NO! THIS CAN'T BE MY FUTURE!" I twirled and sunk my fist into her face as hard as I could! It simply bounced off her skin like a rubber ball. "Enough," she said calmly. "Yes, it is you. Now come here, Renee..." I quickly turned around and ran as fast as my weakened legs could take me. But no matter which direction I went, or how far I ran, she appeared in my path until she eventually encircled me entirely. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled. She replied softly and distinctly, "Don't fear me, for I am you..." The circle then closed in on me and everything went black.

That's when I woke up. I don't know if anything like that can really happen, but it's one heck of a story, huh?!
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NightMare # Title#2
Here is my dream...

Concealed within the obscurity of the shadow, I can hear crying. For some reason, I am hiding from someone or something in this place. It's an old, creepy shack. The ragged carpet is soft beneath my feet. Blood lightly trickles down my arm. It looks as though I have several bite marks just above my elbow. Outside, I can make out the disquieting howl of what may be an animal. I feel compelled to discover its origin. I also sense someone's injured out there, somewhere... I open the creaky shack door and cautiously step into the darkness. The night air is soothing and inviting. I slowly move further into the shadow, following the sound of the crying. Dwarfing the faint volume of the human cry, the horrible animal-like yowl echoes through my frightened ears like a stereo from hell. I stop cold in my tracks. I have to force myself to continue, to perhaps offer my assistance to someone that could be injured. It's so dark at this point, about the only thing I can see clearly is the misty ground beneath my feet. As I approach the location of the cries, I see what looks like a human silhouette sprawled over the a patch of wet leaves. I move closer and focus in on the image of a young girl. She is facing away from me. Her hair is long and wavy, the color of moonbeams. But the hair is streaked with tracks of bright red blood. I reach out my hand and say, "Everything is alright. Come with me and we'll get you inside." She rises to her feet, still facing away from me. She looks beautiful from the back, but that's all I can see. When she finally turns around, she begins vibrating, like she's having some kind of seizure! Blood cascades out of her nose and eyes, splashing all over her body! I instinctively turn and run back to the shack, tripping several times along the way. When I reach the door, I see this pair of glowing silver eyes peeking out of the shadow adjacent to the shack. I reach for the doorknob and turn it. It's locked! I possess a 9mm handgun and pull it out of my belt. I remember thinking, "There's only one clip, so make it last..." I can sense that, whatever it is lurking in the protective blackness, is about to make its move. I can't see the girl. She seems to have disappeared. There are no more cries and no more howls. It is far too quiet. I put both hands on my trusty pistol and step guardedly away from the shack. I contemplate changing gears to a full run, but I don't want to make any noise. The silence then breaks. I am overwhelmed by a loud, menacing scream! I let loose a spontaneous shriek of terror in kind and bolt away from the shack like a hunted rabbit! I know immediately I am being followed. I can hear huffing and snarling close behind me! Whatever is chasing me, is gaining fast! I cock my head in full stride to gage how much distance is between it and me. I see those spooky piercing eyes again, targeting my position, anticipating my next move! Maybe it's a dog of some sort - perhaps a wolf. I fully concentrate on escape, drawing on every ounce of strength left in my body to increase my speed. I reach a river in the woods. Without hesitation, I close my eyes and cast myself into its icy waters, hoping my assailant won't follow. I sink slightly and paddle up to the surface, dropping my gun in the process. As soon my head breaks out of the water, I gasp for air. I feel a great weight pressing on my back! Then comes an intense, indescribable pain...

I awake.
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NightMare # Title#3
As far back as I can remember, I have been haunted by terrifying nightmares. No horror movie could ever come close to being as horrifying as the nightmare I am about to describe...

I am alone in an old, broken-down house with boarded doors and windows. The room I stand in contains a cobweb covered ceiling fan with a flickering light, which reveals the bloody flesh of humans and animals sprawled all over the room. The flesh is smothered with swarms of small carnivorous insects. The stench of rotting organic tissue is overwhelming. Gagging uncontrollably, I move quickly to the next room. I'm in the kitchen now. It is hot and humid. Streaks and patches of dried blood cover every wall. On one of the walls is scrawled a message written in blood reading, "nO wAy oUt." It is then that I begin to hear the faint and unmistakable sound of a chain saw. Frightened, I run through the closest open door to get as far away from the menacing sound as possible. I sense that my time is limited and I must get the hell out of this place. As I explore the room for an exit, I realize I am in a bedroom. It is somewhat dark, so I turn on a light. To my disgust and horror, I discover two severely deformed inbred's mating in a bed made of human skin and bones. They don't see me, given their preoccupation. On the uncarpeted, brittle floor, lies a cage containing some unrecognizable creature whose scream is such, that I can only relate it to an unholy demon from the depths of hell! I snap backwards, gasping for breath! Suddenly, I fall through a hole and into the basement of the house, landing on my back. The wind is knocked out of me and I pause a moment to pull myself together. I can smell something cooking. This surprises me. But even that which I had just seen could not prepare me for the true horror that I was about to experience. The basement has four doors, one attached to each wall. It is ice cold, yet the walls appear to be melting from some sort of intense heat. In the center of the room, I discover an antique mirror. The figure of an young girl in a white dress slowly takes form in the mirror's reflection. She smiles a reassuring smile and offers her hand to me, gesturing me to take it. Just then, her smile turns into a devilish grin and she abruptly withdraws her hand! The entire room is now growing very hot like the walls surrounding me. The mirror spontaneously shatters, splattering glass chards all around the area! In a reflex action, I protect my face and head with my arms. The action results in many small, painful cuts, entirely on the exposed portion of my arms. I am bleeding tenuously from the cuts. Blood drips gently onto my shoes and clothing. The noise of the exploding glass disturbs the occupants of the house, alerting them to my presence. I hear footsteps coming from the other side of each of the four doors. I frantically jump from door to door, locking them as I go. There is no way out! I then become aware of a heavy pounding on two of the doors. I hear the chopping of an ax on the third door, and the terrible sound of a chain saw roaring up outside of the fourth door! I grab a large piece of broken glass and move the mirror frame to the corner of the room. I hide behind the broken mirror. I feel it is my only hope. I close my eyes as the horror becomes too much to bear! Suddenly, one of the doors brakes open and a ferocious looking, blood covered, burly man with razor-sharp teeth rushes over to the mirror and removes it from the corner! I notice immediately that the man carries no weapon, so I quickly stab him in the eye with my glass knife! He screams in agony while clasping his face with both of his hands! I then jump up and run through the opened door. There is long dark hallway that leads to a narrow entryway at its end. As I move into the opening, I observe a long flight of stairs leading upward. With no other choice, I ascend the creaky stairs in short order, navigating my way through a thick assortment of cobwebs at the same time. There is a flickering candle at the top of the stairs. I am now in the attic of this house of horrors. I hear faint whispers coming from somewhere in the room. I cautiously peek around the corner of the staircase, but see nothing. There is a white canopy bed against the wall. The canopy is softly blowing in an unknown wind. This might mean there is an opening to the outside which I search for straightaway. I see windows in the front and back portions of the dusty old attic. I look through the front window and see nothing but the beach and ocean. I look out of the other window and see exactly the same thing. I seem to be on an island and I recall the message from the kitchen that was written in blood, "nO wAy oUt!" I come to the realization that I am probably going to die a painful and horrible death if I don't jump out of one of these windows, right now! I justify the move by thinking, "At least it will be quick and relatively painless as compared to what awaits me otherwise." I wait for the murdering occupants of the house to approach me before jumping. I spend my last moments looking around the attic. There is a dead body lying on the bed. I decide to take a look. The dead body is me! It's clothed in a blue evening gown with white gloves, pearls and make-up. It's also grasping onto a red rose. A single drop of blood drips from the mouth of the corpse. I then feel something warm tickling down my own mouth. I swipe at the side of my mouth like I would to eliminate a bothersome mosquito. It's blood! My blood! The corpse opens its eyes, staring deeply into mine! I scream in abject horror!

...I wake up in a cold sweat. It's 6 a.m. I have drool running down the side of my mouth. I am so frightened by my nightmare that I do not go back to sleep. I turn on all of the lights and watch cartoons on television to help relieve my emotional turmoil. To this day, I still shutter at the thought of this nightmare.
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NightMare # Title#4
When I was about 8 years old, I had a horrifying dream that occurred twice. Each dream featured the same evil creature as its villain.

I awoke from a sound sleep and, for some reason, I yelled for my father. There was no answer. Groggy, I climbed out of bed and slowly made my way to the bathroom. As I entered, I noticed a previously unseen door had appeared next to the sink. It was weird looking, like no other door I had ever seen. It was a sickly pinkish color with green trim. There was also a small half circle in its center with a counter (like a web site's number of visitors counter) embedded in the middle. The counter read, "000." I looked at the doorknob and couldn't quite get it in focus. It was blurry, like it was incased in thick glass. When I attempted to turn the knob, it wouldn't budge. However, the counter changed to "534." I stepped back mumbling, "Who cares!" I began to exit the bathroom, but decided to pause for a moment. As I contemplated the situation, a persistent pounding erupted from the other side of the door. With each heavy beat on the door came a loud, horrifying roar! Also, the counter would incrementally increase by 1 between roars. "ROAR! POUND! ROAR! POUND! ROAR!" It continued relentlessly! Once again, I foolishly struggled to turn the doorknob. At the same moment my hand touched the knob, the entire door burst open, exploding into thousands of splinters and chunks of wood! I was then attacked by a humongous, yellowish, 9 foot tall monster that shot out of the opening, leaping on top of me, pinning me to the ground! The monstrous creature was roaring incessantly as its head swung from side to side! It excreted a revolting green drool that haphazardly splashed all over my face! I choked and gagged until I was in tears. I tried to yell for my parents to help me, but I could only emit a small yelp. I then found myself awake - in my own bed - sweating - screaming for my mother!

Two years later I again experienced the creature's fury in another dream ...I was walking down a road to a small convenience store. I had no idea how I had gotten there. As I entered the store, I noticed a lot people walking up and down the isles. They were picking up items off of the shelves, and, not paying for them, the people simply walked outside of the store. My attention was then drawn to the storeroom door in the back of the store. It was the same door as in my first dream: counter, doorknob, the works. I approached the door, thought for a minute, and decided to try the doorknob (some people never learn). To my surprise, this time the door opened easily when I turned the knob. Once again, the same grotesque monster sprang out of the opening! But, as I raised my arms to defend myself, I was astonished to realize that the beast simply pushed me out of its way and began attacking the other customers in the store. For some reason, I wasn't afraid and chose to go ahead and shop while I had the opportunity. I could hear the screams of people being torn apart by the door-monster. And although there were a lot of cries for help, I ignored them so I could concentrate on shopping. When I had finished, I stepped up to the counter to pay my bill. The creature had just finished ripping a young man's arm off and accidentally ran into me. I wasn't afraid at all. In fact, I felt safe and secure by its mere presence! I faced the ruthless predator and offered it some beef jerky that I was going to purchase (I don't know why in the world I would do this in the dream). It quickly took the jerky, gobbled it down, and immediately ran back toward the storeroom, running though the opening and slamming the door shut behind it! When I woke up, I remembered the dream in vivid detail and began to chuckle...

How's that for strange?
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NightMare # Title#5
The location of this dream was in ancient Japan...

I was walking through the countryside and had a very long, curved sword in my hand for some odd reason. Maybe I was a samurai warrior or something. While exploring the area, I saw a nearby cave and decided to have a look at it. As I peeked inside, it was very dark and I had to squint to see anything clearly. About the only thing I could make out were some small puddles of blood scattered across the ground, just inside the entrance. Shrugging it off, I turned to leave, but realized that my sword had disappeared. As I began to look for it, I saw a thinly etched marking on the path leading to the cave. It looked like a pentagram. Not finding the sword, I wandered inside the cave, thinking it may have slipped in there somehow. As I entered, something grabbed me by the throat and threw me against the wall! There was a loud thud as I sunk, semiconscious, from the wall to the ground. I quickly regained my senses and frantically searched with clouded eyes for my assailant! I didn't like what I found! It was a creature similar to the common perception of what Satan looks like: rough red skin, long black horns, eyes darker than anything imaginable, a very muscular physique, and displaying an ear-to-ear evil grin on its face. I also discovered where my sword had gone ... It was in the creature's gnarly right hand! I started to crawl out of the cave, but, without hesitation, the savage fiend blocked my way and suddenly swung the sword to and fro a few times, rounding off the final swipe with a lunge forward! With a sure and steady hand, the beast then plunged the blade deep into my chest, twisting the shaft violently as it was being removed! Taking one step back, the merciless demon then raised the weapon high into the sky, let loose a hair-raising yowl, and viciously swung it down toward my helpless neck - cleanly lopping my head right off! Strangely, as my head came to a rolling stop, I could still see what was happening. My body was convulsing wildly! Blood was profusely spewing out of my neck socket, painting the walls red! The demented murderer then knelt down beside my head. It looked into my eyes with a penetrating stare and began to laugh like a spotted hyena on steroids...

I woke up and, to my great relief, realized that my head and body were still intact. I was drenched in sweat and noticed a stinging sensation on my arm. It was a cut, but it wasn't there when I went to bed. I was really scared about the cut because I couldn't find what I cut myself on. I still wonder about it. I've not had a nightmare since.
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