NightMare # Title#1
Here is a gory, sadistic dream I had recently...

It starts off innocently enough with me visiting a local hospital, although for no reason that is apparent at the time. I eventually remember that I am waiting for someone. After a while I become apprehensive and walk over to get a can of soda from a nearby vending machine to calm my nerves. That's when I realize I'm wearing one of those white lab coats the doctors always wear. The next thing I know, a nurse grabs me and tells me I've got a patient waiting in the operating theater and I have to hurry over there. Not one to argue, I decide to go along with the nurse, thinking it's some kind of a prank. When I enter the OR, several people escort me to the preparation or 'scrub room.' They quickly surround me and begin preparing me for surgery. I am dressed in a light blue medical gown along with a sterile white nose mask. One of the nurses scrubs my hands and brushes my fingernails before slipping a pair of tight elastic surgical gloves over my hands. Thinking this joke has gone on long enough, I desperately try to tell them I am not a doctor, but the words won't come of my mouth! I am then led toward the operating theater door by two large men. I try to resist, but they force me through the door, leaving me on my own with a patient who is lying on one of those shiny stainless steel tables in the center of the room. The patient is tied to the table with several thick black straps and his mouth is covered with duck tape, presumably so his screams can't be heard. He is obviously struggling to free himself, but the straps hold him in place like hardened glue. Strangely enough, I find myself actually beginning to enjoy the power of this 'life-giver' experience and decide to go with it. I look around for an anesthesia machine, but there is none to be found. I shrug, tighten my gloves a bit, and approach a table of surgical tools to examine them closely and speculate as to their medical purpose. I notice my mask is becoming uncomfortable and is making me feel somewhat stuffy, so I loosen it and let it hang over the surgical gown, just below my chin. I am amazed (and also captivated) by the variety of tools available. There is a buzz saw, axes and knives in varying sizes, scalpels, a chainsaw, corkscrews, and many other uncommon instruments one would not normally associate with a complex medical procedure. I pick up one of the scalpels and grasp it tightly. It feels good in my hand and I sense a feeling of know-how and power. I am then overcome with an extreme urge to cut into the patient. Pausing, I ask myself, "What the hell are you doing?" I can't help it ... I don't know why, but I feel compelled to operate on this patient and act out this fantasy to its full conclusion. I subsequently point the scalpel toward the center of the man's bare chest and begin slicing through his skin, over and over again! Blood commences to pour out of the razor-thin slashes like melting ice cream on a hot summer's day! I find myself smiling and, although I know it's wrong, I am enjoying the operation immensely so far. I now notice the patient is wrenching in pain and is becoming rather unruly, so I decide to numb his senses. "I must complete the procedure. The procedure is all that matters," I say out loud as I grab a drill off of the table and tighten a polished 1/4 inch fishtail bit in its tiny chuck-jaws. I aim the drill bit directly above the man's nose and ram it through his sweaty forehead! Again and again! Hole after hole! Blood is everywhere! Even the recently disinfected white walls of the OR look like they have been freshly painted - exhibiting bright red splats and streaks over their angled surface areas! The patient now lies motionless, but appears to still be breathing lightly. "Ahhh, that's better," I declare. I continue the operation with a hacksaw, a tool I am quite familiar with in real life. I slowly saw into the patient's pulsating lungs through his now wide-open chest cavity. Consequently, his lungs deflate with a quiet hiss and crinkle up like used tin foil. Forcibly opening the chest cavity even further, I grasp the man's still-beating heart by its outer edge and begin to incessantly stab at its center with a paring knife. It stops beating shortly thereafter and I feel I have succeeded in some way. "One more thing to do and the operation is complete," I quietly remark. Taking hold of the germfree chainsaw, I proceed to separate the patient's slumped head from his quivering body in short order. The head falls hard to the floor, bounces a few times, and rolls awkwardly across the ground until it slams into one of the OR walls! After watching this, I begin to laugh very loudly, hysterically! I can't seem to stop!

Suddenly, I am quiet. At first I think I have awakened from the dream, but instead, I find myself strapped to the same cold stainless steel table I had just performed my first operation on. I hear two doctors talking about how I had died. I try to scream, "I'm still alive! I'm not dead yet!" But no words come out of my mouth. One of the doctors then says in a matter of fact manner, "Well, let's get this autopsy over with. I have to take the kids to the movies tonight." He then grabs a scalpel and cuts into my chest! And I SWEAR, I can feel the pain of each and every process associated with the autopsy!

Finally, I wake up sweating and shaking. I get up and pour myself a glass of cold chocolate milk. That always seems to soothe me after I've had a bad dream.
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NightMare # Title#2
Have you ever had a dream that you were absolutely sure was real? This is mine...

I am walking down the street, alone and tired. The air is very cold and easily cuts through my warm clothing. It is Halloween night, and the quaint little apartment district of New York City in which I live, is a welcome sight indeed. I begin to cross a small bridge that I come upon when I hear someone whisper, "Look to the stars, Child. I am THE ONE who will guide you." I hurriedly inspect the area for the source of the statement, but see nothing, no one. I suddenly feel very strange and, quickly grabbing the small mirror kept in my purse pocket, I nervously examine my face. I can't believe my eyes! I study my face over and over, from a variety of angles - I am a man! Shocked, I drop the mirror to the ground and it shatters into hundreds of pieces. Almost immediately, I observe the tiny fragments of broken glass reassemble themselves! It's like I'm watching a video that is being run backwards. Just as the mirror returns to its pre-shattered form, I notice I am no longer in New York. Looking around, I instantly ascertain I am now standing in the grandeur of a vast desert. High above me hangs a silvery white moon next to a smaller blood-red moon. Ostensibly beautiful, I stare at the two eerie balls in the sky and try to calm myself. Not able to prevent it, I impulsively shout out, "What's happening?!" I really don't expect a reply, but it somehow puts this surreal dilemma in some sort of hopeful perspective. As I lower my eyes back to the sand, I hear a tremendous roar echoing from the distance. Almost simultaneously, a strong blast of frigid air slaps me punishingly to the ground. Stunned, my first instinct is to reach for my pepper spray. But, as I remove it from my purse, I see instead that I have unsheathed a large glistening sword and bewilderedly raise it high to the heavens. I also notice I am now dressed nearly entirely in black - black gloves, coat, pants, shoes - the only garment that is different is the sheer white shirt clinging to my trembling body. Once again I hear an unseen voice from above. I look up. Flying toward me is a gigantic, ominous entity of some kind! Seconds later it lands nearby with an earthshaking thud. "A dragon? It's a dragon?" I ask myself in disbelief! It stands five stories tall with distinguished white angel-feather wings. It sizes me up with its deliberate lavender eyes. Its long white fangs gleam in the radiant moonlight. "Are you the one?" it asks. Pausing before responding (I really wasn't expecting it to talk), I angrily reply, "THE ONE WHAT?!" With a muffled growl and a tranquilizing smile, the dragon explains, "The one who will liberate this land and free my people?" I shake my head and lower the sword while declaring, "I'm no hero. Why do you want me? I can barely lift this weapon." It then reveals to me, "My name is Ammuleann. I am the king of this land. It is called Pyrio. Awaken and you shall meet your fate." Moving closer, it gradually wraps its impressive wings around me in an attempt to warm my chilled and battered body when, abruptly...

I then wake up at my desk. In the middle of a mass of papers sits a ceramic, amethyst colored dragon with four angel-feather wings and a pair of embedded lavender eyes, seemingly laughing at me. I move it to a back shelf in my room so it can't frighten me.

I have had this dream nearly every night for a year now. However, lately it's been getting more detailed and more violent. Why?
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NightMare # Title#3
About four months ago, right after going through a drug detoxification program, my doctor prescribed a drug for me called "trazodone." I later came to find out this medicine was known to cause nightmares, and, to my misfortune, I can now personally confirm that assertion as true. Following is only one of the many nightmares that haunted me nightly before finally discontinuing the drug's use.

Late one night, my close friend Mike and I were driving down a dark back road not a mile from my home. We were just cruising around in Mike's old, beat up, faded gold car when I noticed headlights coming up behind us. I looked back and saw that it was a police car. Since we were going way under the speed limit, I was worried we might be pulled over. But just in the nick of time, someone tore out of the factory parking lot in front of us, screeching his tires. The cop passed us up immediately and went after the perpetrator. At that point, I thought we were in the clear. However, this was hardly the case. We pulled off the road and turned off the lights so we would not be seen if the cop decided to return for us later. After a while, we exited the car to stretch our legs and have a look around. A short distance away, we noticed an old dilapidated red barn with a large R.V. parked along its side. There was a big white farmhouse adjacent the barn. Suddenly, as if on cue, we heard a woman scream from inside the house! I looked at Mike and saw right away that we were on the same wavelength. "Let's get the hell out of here!" I shouted. This being a dream, neither one of us thought it odd that our transportation was now a small motorized scooter. Problem was, when we tried to start it up, the gas tank blew off! It didn't hurt us, but it did leave us stranded. Dawn was now upon us and the cab of the R.V. became visible. There were two people inside - a man in the driver's seat, and a woman on the passenger side. Something was wrong though. Their eyes were rolled back into their heads and they seemed to be convulsing uncontrollably. Needless to say, this was further motivation for us to leave as quickly as possible! We ran inside the barn to try and find something that might replace the gas tank on the scooter (why we thought the barn might contain a gas tank for a motorized scooter is anyone's guess). Once inside, we bumped into an old man who was restoring an old railroad train car. Straightaway, he suggested we join the party going on in the backyard. I really wanted to leave, but Mike was a party animal and begged me to at least check it out. I agreed and we entered the backyard. There was some kind of a celebration going on, but I wasn't sure what the occasion was. We observed the activity for a few minutes before becoming bored. Mike looked at me and said, "This is lame. Want to go into the house?" I said yes and, as we proceeded to make our way toward the house, I happened to glance up at the sky. It was cloudy and lightning flashed overhead, revealing a foreboding transparent face hovering within the curves of the clouds. I turned to ask Mike if he had seen the face, but he was walking ahead of me and had just entered the house through a side door. I followed, but when I got inside, he was gone. I instantly determined there was something wrong. I also experienced deja vu. I seemed to recall that the last time I was here, it was a place of goodness. This time however, the goodness was shrouded with an aura of evil. I walked from room to room, searching for Mike and an alternative way out of the house. Strangely, each room I visited was eerily similar to the one before it. The rooms all contained a different beautiful woman - each woman imprisoned in her respective area by a distinct method of confinement - rope, chains, handcuffs, etc. And each would say the same thing, over and over, as if in a trance, when I entered - "What would you do with this?" I think they were trying to entice me, but it turned me off as I found their words incredibly disturbing. Continuing my search for Mike, I entered the next room, expecting another stunning beauty. But to my surprise, this room held a terribly disfigured woman. Her waist was only about two inches wide and her face looked like it was covered by some kind of green goo. Her eyes were significantly distorted in size, and, as I stared at her in disgust, she stated sarcastically (in an artificial sounding man's voice), "What would you do with THIS?" Not answering, I exited without hesitation and moved down the hallway. I began to walk faster and faster, as if this would in some way help to hide the fear I now felt. When I got to the next room, I saw a gigantic wooden marionette dressed like a farmer. The unusually large puppet stood up and approached me. At the same time, the deformed woman, along with all of the other women I had just seen, appeared in the room. I ran like hell and the deformed woman silently gestured to one of the beautiful women to follow me. I leaped over couches and dashed down halls! I was proud of my performance under pressure. It seemed I had lost the wooden farmer, but the good-looking chick was on my ass like white on rice! As I ran even faster, I noticed some large gold coins strewn about the floors throughout the house. I don't know why, but I felt I just had to have some of these coins and picked up as many as I could without slowing down. When I finally made it to the door leading outside on the far side of the house, I discovered a very large coin just waiting to be possessed. Trying to stop, I found myself sliding passed the soon-to-be-mine treasure by about three feet. Although the pursuing beauty was coming up fast, I figured I could grab the coin and still get out of the door to freedom cleanly. I turned around to grab the 'brass ring,' and, just as I plucked it up off of the floor, I was overcome by the gorgeous marauder following me! She grabbed me by my arms and I tried unsuccessfully to wrestle free of her remarkably strong grip. She then pulled me toward her face and, in a forceful tone of voice, demanded that I kiss her! I realized that my energy levels were exhausted from all of the running and was too weak to break free of her clutches. So, as a last resort, I decided to try and trick her into letting me go by pretending to submit to her demand. I thought, "What's the worst that could happen? I make out with a beautiful girl?" Anyway, I moved closer, like I was preparing to kiss her, and just as I did, her arms slipped around me, squeezing me in a vice-like embrace. With all of my remaining strength, I made my move and tried to jerk myself free of her - but she held me as tightly as if I were encased in a cast of concrete! There was absolutely no movement! It was like putting your back to a brick wall and pushing another brick wall in the other direction. She didn't budge an inch! I was hopelessly trapped!

I woke up at 03:30 a.m. and was not able to go back to sleep. I never took "trazodone" again...
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NightMare # Title#4
When the horror movie, "HalloweenH20" came to my town, we were all thrilled. However, after seeing the movie, we were more afraid than anything else. When I went to bed that night, I heard noises coming from my closet - but when I jumped up to look inside, nothing was there. I finally went to sleep and had this dream...

In my dream, I just awoke from a deep sleep somewhere in a park and noticed how dark it was. I thought I was still dreaming at first, then I realized it must be the middle of the night. I could barely see a thing and was struggling to determine my location when I heard a sound echoing from my right. Startled, I stood frozen, wondering what could have caused it. The same sound then rang out from my left! My eyes were darting back and forth, looking for its source! Suddenly, there was movement in some nearby bushes and I could scarcely make out a pair of eyes peeping through the bristles. I approached to have a closer look, but there was nothing that I could see. A bit concerned now, I turned and quickly walked down the prevailing park path. From what I could make out, there were many old, leafless and gnarled trees on either side of the trail. The angles of the shadows that they cast made them look even more spooky in the dim light. Faintly at first, I could hear the voices of children just ahead of me. It sounded like they were crying. As I hurried toward the source of the gloomy weeping, a bolt of lightening flashed overhead in the night's sky and momentarily revealed a small child. He was standing, but in a slightly bent over position. I slowly edged over to him and asked, "What's the matter, little boy?" He stood erect, looked at me, and began talking. But before he could finish his first sentence, WHOOSH! His head flew right off of his body! Blood squirted out of his neck hole in every direction, covering me with the gooey red liquid! His body was jerking up and down and arms flailing! I let loose an earsplitting scream and ran like hell! "Oh my God!" I yelled. "Oh, Jesus, someone help me!" As I ran down the pathway, I gradually realized I was absolutely drenched in the boy's blood. It streamed into my mouth and covered my panting tongue. I abruptly came to a complete stop, bent down, and puked all over my shoes! That's when I began to cry. I cried and screamed and begged for help almost simultaneously. My tears flowed like a prolific waterfall - and as I wiped my eyes with my hands, I discovered they were tears of BLOOD! I was crying blood! In a reflex action, I jumped off of the path and shot into the grotesque realm of thick woods. It seemed a perfect, horrific, twisted place to be considering my situation. I navigated through the maze of deformed trees with little concern for my safety as evidenced by the number of scratches I was beginning to accumulate over my body from the dead, prickly branches of the convoluted timberland. Suddenly, I tripped over an exposed taproot and tumbled down a grass-covered hill. By the time I reached its bottom, I was dizzy and temporarily disoriented. I shook it off within seconds and looked up. "NOOOOOO!" I yelled. Lurking right over me was a big black figure of some kind! I couldn't tell if it was animal or human, but I could sense it was pure evil! It looked something like the grim reaper, only scarier. It was just glaring at me through the darkness with its angry red eyes. Not waiting for IT to make the first move, I sprang to my feet and ran faster than I thought humanly possible! Just as I was putting some distance between the monstrous form and myself, I inadvertently stepped between two earthbound roots and was now hopelessly entangled in their grasp. I twisted my leg and foot vigorously, but could not seem to break free of the stonelike stalks. Just then, I heard someone scream from right behind me! There was some guy crawling up to me. He seemed to be hurt really badly and had blood gushing freely out of his mouth. He looked at me with sad eyes and said, "Help me, won't you? *gurgle*gurgle*gurgle*" Even though I was in shock by everything that had just happened to me, I was very moved by his request. There was just something in the tone of his voice that inspired me to assist him. With one final burst of energy, I forced my foot free with the intent of helping the injured man. I took one step toward him when the dark fiend once again appeared. It was nearly on top of the poor man! I slowly backed away shouting, "Watch out! Look out behind you!" The diabolic bastard then lifted him up by his hair, removed a serrated knife from its sleeve, and proceeded to disembowel him before my pleading eyes! The poor man's stomach was sliced open and his intestines were being removed, examined, and dumped about the area! Blood was spewing everywhere! The guy was still alive and screaming in progressive agony! It was horrible! I felt so helpless! All I could seem to do was scream myself! I covered my ears, dropped to my knees and just watched as the unfortunate soul slowly died. I could smell the putrid carnage that lay strewn around me. I wanted to smash that murdering scum bag's face in, but it was too late. WHACK! Right in my neck! I felt a tingling and a sharp pain - sort of like I had been stung by a bee. THUMP! I fell on my backside and moaned in pain. I felt my own warm blood cascading down my face. Then the ripping began ...My stomach was being torn open and my guts pulled out! The last thing I remember was noticing the steam emanating from my heart as it was tossed unceremoniously on top of my face after it was yanked from my chest...

I think I died in this dream.
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NightMare # Title#5
This is a nightmare I've had a lot lately...

One night I was sitting at home doing nothing and became very bored, so I decided to go for a walk. When I stepped outside, a boy I had previously only seen at my school was standing there. Although we had never spoken to eachother before, he seemed friendly and asked me where I was going. I said I was just taking a walk through the neighborhood and he asked if he could come along. Thinking I could use the company, I said, "Sure!" We began walking and talking, free of concerns and inhibitions. It was great! As we entered the alleyway behind a row of houses, a large slobbering dog with long sharp teeth burst onto the scene and started barking at us! The boy scared the dog away by waving his arms and asked me if I was okay. I said, "Actually, I'm a bit shaken. I'm kind of scared too." He laughed and said that there was no need to be afraid now. He also said that if the dog came back he would protect me. I felt better but asked if he'd walk me home and he agreed. As we exited the alley, he suddenly fell to his knees and started to scream! "What's happening?!" I cried out. He responded in utter torment, ''The pain! Let the pain stop! Please!'' He then ripped off his t-shirt and these big black thorns began poking through his skin all over his body! I shrieked in disbelief and yelled for someone to come and help him! That's when, from out of nowhere, a deep and powerful sounding voice announced, ''There is no one who can help you, GIRL...'' I looked around, but there was nothing. I was very confused now! "What the hell?" I questioned. The boy then rose to his feet. His entire body was now covered with hundreds of sharp shiny thorns! He began to examine himself, gazing at his arms and hands as if he were on some sort of psychedelic drug. "Oh my God! No!" he wailed. "Am I imaging this?! Please, tell me this isn't real!" I moved over to him and slowly reached out my hand to his. I touched the tip of one of the peculiar burrs and I immediately felt pain in my finger! I cut myself - just like that! "Yes," I cried, "This is very real!" Once again, the words of the ominous voice banged through my ears... "You will be punished too, GIRL!" I instinctively asked, "What did we do?!" Then, right before our eyes - a monstrous, foul smelling, musclebound demon slowly materialized nearby and scowled at the boy! "You let my hell-dog get away," it declared. The boy stood in front of the demon and stated, "I won't allow you to punish the girl. She is innocent!" The demon began laughing and pointing at the boy as it asked, "You would fight for her safety then?" The boy replied, "Of course, fiend! I'll kick your ass!" I intervened and told the boy that he would surely die if he fought. But he simply said that he would rather die than live his life with thorns protruding from every part of his body. The demon let loose a bloodcurdling cackle and at once placed a rather long, curved sword in the boy's hand. It then revealed, "This will make it more sporting, BOY!" The sword looked very sharp and had small serrated spikes on the tip of the cutting edge. The boy instantly twirled round and took a fast hard swipe at the demon's head! The demon flinched back, just avoiding the path of the blade. He then grabbed the boy around the neck, lifted him off of the ground and threw him into a brick wall! I called out to the boy, "Are you alright?!" The boy yelled back, "Run away! Save yourself!" But the demon wouldn't allow that to happen. The brick wall suddenly became distorted and drew me toward it like some kind of powerful magnet! My hands sank into the wall (or I should say - through the wall) and I couldn't get them out! The harder I pulled, the further inside they seemed to submerge! My situation appeared to incite the boy's anger and he rose up and stormed the demon. But this time the polished steel weapon hit its mark! It cut deep into the demon's arm, rendering the brawny limb lifeless. The demon doubled up its fist and smashed it into the boy's face, sending him crashing into the wall again! I still struggled to get my hands free, but they were firmly locked into place. As the demon tended to its wound, the boy snuck up behind it and cracked its skull with the butt of the sword! The demon was hurt badly and calmly expressed its congratulations to the boy, "You have defeated me, but I'm still going to punish the girl! Bah-hah-hah-hah-hah!" With that, my new white blouse morphed into a deep red color and my back began to itch. It was just a tickle at first, but then it became too much to bare! It was absolute torture! I tried to scratch it, but the harder I scratched - the more it itched! The boy swung his sword around one last time, slicing though the demon's dense neck tissue and cutting off its head! As the horrible head rolled across the blood-soaked ground, the demon uttered its last words, "The itch shall never subside, GIRL!"

At that point, I always wake up. The first time I had the dream, my back really did itch for some time after I awoke. It's just old hat now though...
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