"Touch my
scar to hear
a message."

(move your mouse pointer over the image)
"Sometimes Kin and I like to play what we call, Klingon Warrior. They're just so scary looking with all those bumps and scars and stuff. Kin thinks he's the captain of our ship, but I think he's an arrogant, traitorous, sexist skirt-chaser in need of a thorough attitude adjustment along with a severe beating ... hee

I've been where no doll has gone before. Do you like our new Federation member? He thinks I'd make a good model. He's going to take some pictures of me later to post on the Internet.

I like outer space a lot, but it's sort of stuffy inside the ship. I wonder why they won't let me open a window ... hmmm ... Oh well! I'll survive ... hee hee hee"

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