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Halloween Graphics for your blog and web site.

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Caverns Courtesy Logo
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ANIMATED GIFS: Caverns Courtesy Logo
(these images were formatted for use on darker backgrounds and high color viewing)
In Red = Set In Pages:
Aliens & UFO's (5 ea.)
Arrows (5 ea.)
Bats Page (7 ea.)
Blood Page (8 ea.)
Body Parts (9 ea.)
Brains Page (3 ea.)
Button Pages (93 ea.)
Candles - Spooky (3 ea.)
Christmas Creeps (6 ea.)
Clowns & Jesters (5 ea.)
Coffins For Sale (3 ea.)
Creepy Critters (10 ea.)
Devils Page (9 ea.)
E-Mail Page (9 ea.)
Enter Page (6 ea.)
Fangs Page (5 ea.)
Flags Page (4 ea.)
Freaks/Ghouls - 1 (6 ea.)
Freaks/Ghouls - 2 (6 ea.)
Freaks/Ghouls - 3 (5 ea.)
Freaks/Ghouls - 4 (6 ea.)
Freaks/Ghouls - 5 (6 ea.)
Gargoyles Page (4 ea.)
Ghost Page 1 (5 ea.)
Ghost Page 2 (6 ea.)
Halloween Tree 3D (3 ea.)
Horiz. Rules Page (10 ea.)
Pumpkins Page (11 ea.)
Skulls Page 1 (9 ea.)
Skulls Page 2 (8 ea.)
Skulls Page 3 (6 ea.)
In Red = Set In Pages:
Tombstones (4 ea.)
Welcome Page (4 ea.)
Witches Page (7 ea.)
B25 Bomber #1 (14k)
B25 Bomber #2 (23k)
Ball-Claw 3D (23k)
Bull Head 3D (19k)
Caveman (8k)
Ceiling Fan (9k)
Cell Phone 3D (25k)
Cigarette (6k)
Cross 3D (10k)
Crystal Ball (18k)
Dancing Couple (7k)
Dart Board 3D (17k)
Dead Book 1 (17k)
Dead Book 2 (43k)
Dead Book 3 (35k)
Eye, Evil (12k)
Exorcist Icon (11k)
Face (5k)
Fireball (25k)
Fireball Explode (24k)
Fireball Hot Explode (16k)
Frankenstein Toon (10k)
Godzilla Title (26k)
Haunted House (29k)
Homer (5k)
Horse (8k)
House-Rising Sun (39k)
Jack-In-The-Box (20k)
Single Images:
Lamppost (6k)
Lantern 3D (16k)
Lightning (6k)
Lion Clan Medal (58k)
Mail Box 3D (15k)
Moon & Clouds (15k)
Mortal Kombat 3D (24k)
Mummy Dancing (8k)
Mummy Dance 3D (19k)
Necromancer (9k)
New Icon (12k)
Pentagram (19k)
Ping Pong Table (24k)
Rose Red 3D (16k)
Scarab Gold 3D (19k)
Sceptre 3D (15k)
Shark 3D (12k)
Sparrow Dance 3D (14k)
Sun (8k)
Superman Logo 3D (23k)
T-Rex 3D (17k)
Toy Soldier 1 (10k)
Toy Soldier 2 (4k)
Train Signal (7k)
Treasure Chest (23k)
Treasure Chest 2 (39k)
Troglodyte (8k)
Turtle 3D (39k)
Vampire-Bat Toon (32k)
WebMaster Logo (5k)
Wolf Hand 3D (41k)

EERIE IMAGES: Caverns Courtesy Logo
(these images were formatted for use on darker backgrounds and high color viewing)
In Red = Set In Pages:
Backgrounds Page (20 ea.)
Gravestones Page 1 (18 ea.)
Gravestones Page 2 (20 ea.)
Halloween Tree 3D (3 ea.)
Titles Page 1 (14 ea.)
Titles Page 2 (11 ea.)
Alien (4k)
Alien 3D (4k)
Alien 3D With Hat (6k)
Arm (eaten) (3k)
Bat 1 (12k)
Bat 2 (4k)
Bat (batman) (3k)
Blood Drop (3k)
Brain & Torso (7k)
Castle Of Blood (25k)
Cat, Evil 1 (5k)
Cat, Evil 2 (4k)
Cat 3D - Dark BG (3k)
Cat 3D - Light BG (3k)
Claw, Ghoul's (3k)
Single Images:
Coffin 3D Arm (5k)
Coffin 3D Gold (6k)
Dead Book 3D (5k)
Devil (3k)
Door 1 (4k)
Door 2 (7k)
Eyes - Spooky (18k)
Fangs (6k)
Friday The 13th (24k)
Frankenstein Fantasy (13k)
Ghost & Chain (6k)
Grave R.I.P. (5k)
Graveyard (19k)
Graveyard Scene (23k)
Gremlin (8k)
Grim Reaper (4k)
Guillotine 3D (4k)
Haunted Barn 3D (12k)
Haunted House (18k)
Haunted House 2 (29k)
Headless Horseman (10k)
Single Images:
Headstone 3D (10k)
Mummy 3D (9k)
Pumpkin (8k)
Pumpkin/Cat (9k)
Rat 3D (6k)
Roses 3D (4k)
Skeleton Blood-Cry (8k)
Skeleton Gallows 3D (6k)
Skull & Swords (7k)
Skull Graduation (7k)
Skull Green Crystal (14k)
Stonehenge Scene 3D (24k)
T-Rex 3D (5k)
Trick or Treat (9k)
Vampire 1 (14k)
Vampire 2 (11k)
Web Dew (10k)
Welcome w/Cross (15k)
Welcome Graveyard (10k)
Witch/Broom (11k)
Witch Cauldron (7k)
Witches/Pumpkins (17k)

(most of these were converted to 8,000 hz/8 bit to reduce file size)
AK47 (14k)
Belch (9k)
Bing (8k)
Boogie Man (26k)
Cat Shock (22k)
Cat Yelp (6k)
Clock Toll (45k)
Crow (12k)
Destroy You! (17k)
Dog Bark (6k)
Dog Whine (16k)
Froggy (13k)
Ghost (70k)
Ghost Boy (26k)
Ghost (REAL) (33k)
Gong (30k)
Gremlin (9k)
Gunshot (12k)
Hooves (9k)
Howl - Coyote (23k)
Howl - Wolf (29k)
Howl - Wolf/Cat (48k)
Howl - Wolf/Laugh (48k)
Howl - Werewolf (37k)
Kiss (7k)
Laugh Boo-Witch (38k)
Laugh Kev's (52k)
Laugh - Wicked (29k)
Monster 1 (43k)
Monster 2 (66k)
Monster 3 (56k)
Nah-Nah-Nah (13k)
Ogre Growl (44k)
Ogre Laugh (20k)
Owl (spooky) (33k)
Ouwwww! (13k)
Rack (torture) (32k)
Sci-Fi Oscillation (17k)
Scream Female 1 (9k)
Scream Female 2 (21k)
Scream Male 1 (8k)
Scream Male 2 (9k)
Shiver Male (7k)
Special Message (24k)
Star Trek (68k)
Sword Fight (8k)
Thunder (15k)
Vortex (21k)
Welcome (wicked) (33k)
Welcome (w/spook) (45k)
Wind (eerie) (30k)
Witches Cauldron (15k)
Yes, Master (12k)

(some of the following have been copyrighted by their creators)
Albinoni Adagio (16k)
Alien (59k)
Benidictus (11k)
Black Hole (12k)
Candyman Theme (33k)
Casper (10k)
Cemetery Gates (71k)
Chamber (15k)
Children...Grave (32k)
Congo (42k)
Contrived (10k)
Creep (11k)
Creeping Death (83k)
Dark Shads (28k)
Darth Vader (4k)
Das Boot Epitaph (9k)
Deep Red (38k)
Descent 1 (18k)
Descent 2 (23k)
Destiny (17k)
Dismal (8k)
Dismay (15k)
Dune (16k)
Disney Haunt (1k)
Ed ScissorHands (20k)
Enter Sandman (47k)
Entity, The (20k)
Escape (5k)
Escape From NY (22k)
Exorcist-Short (15k)
Figment (18k)
Fangs, The (18k)
Ghost Busters (27k)
Graveyard (13k)
Halloween s-theme (52k)
Heretic, The (18k)
Horror, The (3k)
Hungry (10k)
Independence Day (12k)
Irreverence (21k)
Jacklight (23k)
Jester's Walk (6k)
Kidnap (20k)
Leviathan Works (11k)
Lurker, The (11k)
Menaced (18k)
Moody (5k)
More Madness (14k)
Outer Limits (12k)
Midnight Express (55k)
Monsters (6k)
Mortal Kombat (36k)
Parlor (4k)
Phantasm (15k)
Pinleg (1k)
Possessed (5k)
Puppetmaster (71k)
Pure Dark (26k)
Psycho (10k)
Redoubtable (21k)
ScareMare (12k)
Shady (8k)
Spawn (7k)
Spooky Tinkle (2k)
Spooky (4k)
Terminator (14k)
Traffic (18k)
Twilight Zone (7k)
Warm Place NIN (11k)

(all are in zip format - the Karloff font uses upper case letters only)

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