**Major spoilers and death ahead. Don’t go any further if you haven’t seen the season finale of Fear The Walking Dead and don’t want to know who dies!**


All the people who have complaining about the lack of action in Fear The Walking Dead finally got the action they have been waiting for. This episode proved for once and for all that Fear The Walking Dead is no cheap knock off of The Walking Dead but can stand on its own against the juggernaut that is The Walking Dead.

Walkers Vs. The Military
When the last episode closed Daniel Salazar had gone to the arena to confirm what the soldier he had tortured had told him about the nearby arena being filled with walkers. He found that it was true. That’s probably when he first formulated his plan.

Madison, Travis, Chris, Alicia and Daniel and Ofelia started packing to leave before the soldiers who stayed could implement their plan to “humanely terminFear The Walking Dead battleate” everyone. Daniel and Madison decided they needed to go to the medical compound to get Grizelda and Nick. Daniel was going to kill the soldier but Travis refused to let Daniel kill him. Instead Daniel put him in the truck and took him with them. After arguing with Travis about it the others gave in because it was really important for them all to get out of the neighborhood and to get Nick, Grizelda and Liza.

Daniel, who has a pretty good grasp of the situation, has arranged for a diversion to keep the soldiers busy while the group sneaks into the medical compound and looks for their loved ones. Daniel unleashes the arena full of walkers. The walkers swarm in a massive horde on the medical compound leaving the soldiers too busy to care who is sneaking in.

The Last Chopper
As the walker horde…

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*Major series spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned!**



Fear The Walking Dead 5Fear The Walking Dead has had kind of a rough start for a new series. A lot of people compared it to The Walking Dead and felt there wasn’t enough action. But most fans knew that the series was building up to the action by laying the groundwork and introducing us to the characters slowly. Turns out we really didn’t know any of them. In this episode major plot points and backstories were revealed that make it clear that we haven’t begun to see the world crumble yet. And as Daniel Salazar said a few episodes ago, when it happens it happens fast.

The Fate of the Sick and Weak

Last week’s episode ended with the weakest and the sick being rounded up to be taken to a hospital to get treatment. At least, that was the official party line although no one really believed it. They were right not to believe it. Nick and Grizelda are taken to a facility that is part internment camp and part triage facility. Those who are not yet obviously sick are put in fenced in holding cells, while those who are sick are given some treatment but it’s pretty clear that most of them are just left to die.

Meanwhile in the Safe Zone

Things are getting very tense in the Safe Zone as people are on edge about those they love being taken away. Ofelia makes a scene, throwing things at the soldiers and trying to incite the rest of the people in the neighborhood to take back their neighborhood from the soldiers or at least start asking questions. One of the soldiers is about to kill Ofelia when the man she is now in a sort of relationship with steps in and says he will handle her. The soldiers exchange some…

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Episode 4 of Fear The Walking Dead picks up with Chris filming a video diary of what is going on in the neighborhood. The military has set up a safe zone in the neighborhood and has gone house to house clearing the homes. Now the residents are stuck behind walls with the military in charge enforcing curfews and trying to keep everyone calm. They repeatedly tell the residents that they are lucky to be living in the safe zone, which is one of 12 safe zones that have been established. The military tells the residents that an area of six miles around the zone has been cleared of contamination. But the residents, especially Madison, are not fully trusting the military.

A Light in the Distance

Chris, while filming his video diary, swings his camera around to get images of the military coming and going. When he is watching the playback of his video he sees a light flash from a window in the distance. It’s not a chance reflection. It is clearly a controlled flash done in a sequence. Chris shows the video to his dad, who dismisses it. Later he shows it to Madison who tells him it’s nothing but she is starting to wonder if there are people alive out there.

A New Routine

Fear The Walking DeadChris says on camera that it has been nine days since the military took over the neighborhood. By this time the residents have established a sort of routine. Travis has become the go between relaying messages between the military and the residents. He is trusted by both groups so he is busy being a peacekeeper while Liza attends to the medical needs of the sick people. Madison is busy looking after the kids and the Salazars but she doesn’t trust the military. She wants information and the military is not telling…

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***Spoilers*****Don’t read further if you haven’t seen this week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead yet!





Fear The Walking Dead was back again this week after taking last week off. Now that the show is three episodes in it’s really starting to develop in some pretty interesting ways. For fans of The Walking Dead the show involves a lot of white knuckling the remote and yelling at the TV because of course they know some of the facts about the undead that the characters in FTWD don’t know.

There was a lot more action in this week’s episode, interspersed with eerie moments of calm which is exactly how disasters unfold in real life. A great deal of the creepiness of the show comes from that little pricking in the back of your neck that reminds you that Travis and Madison could be any of us facing a pandemic situation.

Lights Out L.A.

FTWD 3Madison, Alicia and Nick waited at home while at Daniel Salazar’s shop the riot became pretty intense. Salazar seems a little surly and he and Travis don’t exactly warm up to each other. Travis is anxious to have a backup plan in case they need to flee but there really isn’t one. The rioters set fire to the shop next door and both families need to flee. They open the door to the rioters and run out after the rioters run in. While they are running Griselda Salazar is hurt, and even though Travis and his family are clear of the melee they run back to help. They manage to get back to the truck and get out of the riot zone.

Travis tries to find a hospital because Griselda’s wound needs more medical care than Liza, who is just a nursing student, can provide. The hospital they drive too is in total chaos.…

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If you don’t want to know what happens in Fear The Walking Dead episode 2 close your eyes and click away. Now. **

Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2It didn’t take long for Fear The Walking Dead to get straight into the action this week. Some people thought that the first episode was a little slow, and it may have seemed that way. But it was necessary for the show to establish the characters and lay the groundwork for the story to come. The slower pace didn’t seem to bother fans who made it the highest rated show premiere in the history of cable TV with 10.1 million viewers. That is double the ratings of the premiere episode of The Walking Dead.

In So Close and Yet So Far Madison, Travis and Nick are thoroughly spooked and ready to get out of the city. They try to find Alicia and find her at her boyfriend’s house. She was unnerved because she hadn’t heard from him. When she went to his house she found the front door halfway open and her boyfriend, not dead but burning up. With a fever. And all the fans of The Walking Dead watching home collectively yelled, “He’s a goner!” at their TVs.

Alicia thinks he is just sick and refuses to leave him although Madison and Travis both tell her to get away from him. When Alicia is getting him some water the boyfriend reveals a bite wound to Travis. They manage to get Alicia out of the house and they make it back to their home to pack up some things and head for the desert. Nick knows that means he’s going to have to make it through some serious withdrawal which might make it harder for them to get away.

The First Rule of the Zombie Apocalypse

Apparently Madison and Travis don’t know the first rule of…

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**Spoiler Alert**

You know how this works. Plot details and events that occurred in the pilot are going to be discussed. Do not read any further if you don’t want to know what happens.


After a summer of anticipation Fear The Walking Dead premiered tonight. Fans have been wondering for weeks if the show would be able to live up Fear The Walking Dead Newthe high bar that The Walking Dead has set when it comes to post-apocalypse dramas. Robert Kirkman is an Executive Producer of Fear The Walking Dead, and so is Gale Ann Hurd and both have stressed that the two shows would be very different while taking place in the same universe. Since Fear The Walking Dead is set at the very start of the apocalypse and in LA it makes sense that Fear The Walking Dead would have a very different look and feel than The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Marathon

In the leadup to tonight’s premiere AMC has been showing one full season of The Walking Dead  each Sunday for the last month. Showing 16 episodes of The Walking Dead was a smart way for AMC to get fans excited about the new show. There was a new Talking Dead just before Fear The Walking Dead that gave fans some insider info and sneak peaks at The Walking Dead Season 6 which starts on October 11th. So when Fear The Walking Dead started fans were really excited.

Patient Zero

The first three minutes of Fear The Walking Dead was released recently as a teaser so fans already saw Madison’s drug addict son Nick, who discovers the first walker, stagger around the old church where he had gone to get high with his girlfriend Gloria. As he looks for Gloria he sees some recently killed people with bites and pieces of flesh torn off them.…

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Fear The Walking DeadEver since the premiere dates for The Walking Dead and the highly anticipated companion show Fear The Walking Dead were announced at Comic Con fans have been counting down the days until the two shows start. Fans will have to wait a little longer for Season 6 of The Walking Dead but the wait to see how the apocalypse began is over. Fear The Walking Dead starts this Sunday, August 23rd. It premieres at 9 PM EST on AMC, in the traditional Walking Dead timeslot. New episodes of the show will continue on Sundays until the October 11th premiere of Season 6 of The Walking Dead

Information about Fear The Walking Dead has leaked out slowly since the extended trailer was introduced at Comic Con. The show is centered around couple Madison Clark and Travis Manawa, who work at the same high school and are trying to create a blended family with Madison’s two teenage children and Travis’s teenage son. Travis is an English teacher and Madison is a guidance counselor. They are just a normal couple trying to forge a new life for themselves when the world falls apart.

Patient Zero

One of the tidbits that has leaked out is that the first walker, or Patient Zero, is the girl that Madison’s teenage son, a drug addict, sees eating the flesh of a person right in front of him. She has a large knife stuck through her heart. According to sources from the show it will be revealed eventually that the entire apocalypse begins with that one girl. But, since this is a companion show to The Walking Dead the show will be more focused on the reactions of the living than the source of the outbreak.

When Civilization Ends

Finally the fans who have been living in Robert Kirkman’s post-apocalyptic world for years will get…

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scott wilsonFans of The Walking Dead will be happy to hear that Scott Wilson, who played beloved patriarch Hershel Greene on the AMC series, is joining another horror show. Wilson has been written into the upcoming A&E drama Damien, based on the classic film The Omen. The part was specifically written for Wilson by the Damien showrunner Glen Mazzara, who was the showrunner on The Walking Dead for the first three seasons of the show. The setting of the show moved to the Greene farm in Season 2 and Mazzara worked closely with Scott Wilson during the next two seasons. While right now Wilson’s character isn’t a main character the option is open for his character to join the show as a regular.

A&E Continues to Develop Horror Content

While networks across the cable spectrum are scrambling to find horror and fantasy driven dramas that can compete with The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones A&E is at the head of the pack. Already A&E has the popular Bates Motel in the lineup which has proven to be a sleeper hit for the network. Damien was originally slated to air on the Lifetime network for just a few episodes but Lifetime has been faltering when it comes to horror content and the show was moved to A&E hoping it would catch the attention of fans of Bates Motel.

Lifetime also tried a foray into horror with moves and miniseries based on V.C. Andrews “Flowers in the Attic” series and with a series based on Lizzie Border called The Lizzie Borden Chronicles starring Christina Ricci. While the movie that kicked off the Lizzie Borden Chronicles got very good ratings the show isn’t doing so well and is widely expected to be cancelled. After seeing how badly The Lizzie Borden Chronicles tanked Damien was quickly moved to A&E where it was given a…

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season 6 twdFilming Begins for The Walking Dead Season 6 in Georgia

Walking Dead fans rejoice! Season 6 will begin filming very shortly in Senoia, GA and the surrounding areas. Residents in the area have reported that the locations manager for The Walking Dead attended a recent City Council meeting and that signs indicating potential filming sites have started to pop up in the area. Of course the main set for the show will continue to be the Alexandria Safe –Zone, which is located just off the main business district in Senoia, GA. The Main St. business district is better known to fans as Woodbury since the main street was used as the setting for the fictional town where The Governor ruled in Season 3 of the show. The elaborate property used for shooting the Alexandria Safe-Zone is just down the hill from Woodbury. New houses were built inside the Alexandria walls over the winter and new sections of the wall are going up as the set is expanded. Does this mean that the show will stay centered on Alexandria for a while? Quite possibly, because in the comics Rick and the survivors are living at the Safe-Zone for a long time.

Live in The Alexandria Safe-Zone

The Alexandria Safe-Zone isn’t just an elaborate set created for The Walking Dead. While the wall around the property and some of the buildings were put up just for the show there are people living in some of the beautiful homes that are inside the Safe-Zone and there are properties within the walls that are for sale too. When the cast and crew were filming Season 5 they mentioned in several interviews how surreal it was to have to stop filming to let the mail person go through to deliver mail or to let a resident get through the filming area to get to their…

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** Comic spoilers ahead, if you haven’t read the comics but are planning on it don’t read any further**


This season The Walking Dead has met up with the comic storyline and followed it more closely than it has before. Showrunner Scott Gimple has said repeatedly that while the TV show references the comics as source material the show does not and will not follow the comics 100%.

Different Characters

There are several characters on the TV show, like Daryl Dixon, that don’t exist in the comics. Other characters have been made into composites of several characters in the comics. Still the major characters and the major events in the show have mirrored the comics. With the group arriving at the Alexandria Safe-Zone the show is now lining up more closely than ever with the comics. Will the show continue to follow the storyline that takes place in Alexandria in the comics?

Safe in the Safe-Zone?

For the moment the answer seems to be yes. The Season Five finale of The Walking Dead gave life to several important events that take place in Alexandria in the comics while at the same time setting up one of the more important storylines in The Walking Dead. If the show continues to go along the same path as the comics then in Season Six the survivors should be introduced to the Hilltop settlement and start to find other settlements in the area. Then of course, probably in the mid-season finale, audiences will finally meet Negan. Negan is the worst villain in The Walking Dead comics and is known for killing people with a wire wrapped baseball bat. In the comics he kills Glenn by beating him to death with the bat to make him an example after Rick and the others kill some of his thugs. Many people think that instead of Glenn…

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