watch-twdPeriodically AMC likes to run marathons of The Walking Dead so that fans can catch up on past seasons or spend time watching their favorite episodes. Seeing the episodes in order en masse can sometimes reveal things that fans missed the first time or give fans a new perspective on some of the events that occurred within the universe of the show. Here are five things that fans have learned from watching marathons of the Walking Dead:

Shane Was Really Afraid of Everything
Throughout Season 2 Shane challenged Rick constantly about his decisions and told Rick that he didn’t have the guts to make hard decisions to protect the group. But nearly all of Shane’s actions were reckless and done out of fear. In Season 1 Shane seemed like a pretty capable leader but by Season 2 he devolved into a terrified man reacting to everything like an animal in a trap. He wasn’t capable of making any rational decisions and he would have gotten the group killed pretty quickly. Rick may not have always made the right decisions but at least his decisions were made with some thought and not just as a reaction to something that happened to the group.

Dale Never Would Have Made It Off the Farm
Dale started out as the fatherly presence in the group who kept everyone calm and dispensed advice, but Hershel took on that role after Dale died and filled it in a way that Dale never could. Dale’s constant moralizing sounded more preachy than questioning and he didn’t seem able to adapt to the post-apocalypse world very well. Based on his actions at the farm and his relentless campaigning for the life of the prisoner who did threaten their safety it is pretty safe to assume that Dale would never have been able to adjust his moral compass to allow the group to do some of the unsavory things they’ve had to do to survive.

marathonThe Show Really is About the Survivors
The special effects in the show are amazing. Greg Nicotero and his team have taken special effects mastery to a new level with this show and raised the bar for all science fiction and horror TV shows. But where the show really shines is the relationships between the survivors and the development of the characters. When you watch a marathon of the show you can really see the development of each character from show to show and season to season and it’s mesmerizing. Even if you have seen the episodes ten times already some of them are so brilliantly written and produced that you get caught up in the story all over again like you’ve never seen it before. There is a reason why this show has attracted the biggest audience in TV history and it’s because of the writing, acting, and development of the characters.

Some Losses Never Get Easier
One thing that is certain on this show is that all the characters are at risk of being killed off. No one is safe. So it’s inevitable that fan favorites will die. It’s always sad when a member of the group dies and every loss matters. But some deaths, due to the popularity of the character or because of the manner in which they are killed, are harder to take than others and don’t get easier when you watch the episodes over and over. Sophia as a walker stumbling out of the barn on Hershel’s farm, Andrea’s suicide after she is bitten, Hershel’s beheading by The Governor and Beth’s death are some of the hardest for fans to relive.

Fear Makes You Stupid, and Stupid Gets You Killed
If there is a single lesson to take away from the show it’s that when the zombie apocalypse happens fear will kill faster than the walker, because as Michonne knows when you are afraid you will make stupid decisions that will turn you into walker chow. The show is full of characters who got killed off due to their own poor choices. Physical strength is important but not as important as the ability to make rational decisions when it comes to surviving a zombie apocalypse.