the walking dead finaleThe Walking Dead has wrapped another season, and fans overall were very happy with the season finale. Unlike the Season Five finale which felt a little rushed to the fans overall this year’s season finale felt just about the right length. It was extended to be 90 minutes instead of just the usual 60 and that is  a trend that hopefully will continue. It would be nice if the premiere also was 90 minutes but so far there’s been no indication that the premiere will be extended. A lot of things happened and didn’t happen in the Season Five finale. So how do fans feel about the episode? Overall many fans agree it was one of the best episodes the show has ever done. But there were some things that fans really wanted to see and didn’t, and other things they were glad they didn’t see.


No Major Cast Deaths

In the runup to the season finale there was massive speculation about which major cast member would die. The rumors of a cast member’s death were fed by comments from the cast in major media interviews and spoiler sites that claimed at least one of the core cast members was to die in the season finale. Fans were fiercely divided about which main character might be considered expendable. Despite the riots that would occur if fan favorite Daryl Dixon was killed off some people felt that Daryl has really reached the end of his character arc and would be one of the most likely ones to get the ax. Daryl fans disagreed, and it seems the writers did too since he lived through the finale. No major cast members were killed in the finale, including one or two that probably should have been.

Father Gabriel Still Causing Trouble

There have been a few characters across the seasons that fans were glad to see go. Andrea, Lori, and The Governor were characters that fans weren’t too upset to see killed off. But one of the characters that gets a lot of hate in Season Five is the cowardly Father Gabriel who refuses to fight and seems to be slipping into a religious mania caused by his guilt at leaving his entire flock locked out of the church to be eaten by walkers. He tried to get Rick and the group kicked out of Alexandrea. He refused to give any hope or comfort to Sasha, telling her she deserved to suffer. He tried to kill himself but couldn’t go through with it. Father Gabriel is clearly not up to the challenges of the post-apocalypse world and yet he didn’t die in the season finale. Fans were disappointed.

Nicholas Didn’t Get What He Deserved

did not dieAnother disappointment in this episode was that Nicholas didn’t die either. He shot Glenn in the shoulder, trying to kill him. He also lied to Dianna about what happened on the run where her son was killed and tried to get the group banished from the Safe-Zone. When his attempt to shoot Glenn didn’t kill him he threw Glenn under a pile of walkers. Thankfully, Glenn survived and after a brutal fight put a gun to Nicholas’ head but ultimately didn’t pull the trigger. While it says a lot about Glenn that he didn’t kill Nicholas fans at home were screaming at their TVs for Glenn to shoot Nicholas when he had the chance. Hopefully now Nicholas understand that messing with Glenn is a very bad idea.


Morgan Returns

One of the best parts of the season finale was the return of Morgan. Morgan seems to have gone through a transformation since Rick, Michonne and Carl saw him in the “Clear” episode in Season 3. Now he seems lucid and a very strong fighter. It was fantastic to see him arrive in time to save Aaron and Daryl but the best Morgan moment in the season finale was at the very end when Rick and Morgan saw each other. That moment was worth waiting two seasons for. Whether or not Morgan will stay with the group remains to be seen but at least he and Rick will be reunited which is something fans have been waiting for during the last two seasons.