twd-returnsEven though the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead was devastating for fans due to the death of Beth Greene most of the fans are already counting down the days until The Walking Dead returns in February. The show is in the middle of its 5th season, and usually by this point there isn’t that much buzz about a show but The Walking Dead fandom continues to get bigger and more devoted all the time. AMC is running a Walking Dead marathon for New Year’s that will run every episode of the show but still fans want more. Already there are signs that the last half of Season 5 are going dramatically change the direction of the show and fans may see more beloved characters die. Here are a few of the things that fans can’t wait to see in the last half of Season 5:

Hershel’s Farm
There is a lot of speculation based on the trailers for mid-season premiere that the group will return to Hershel’s farm to bury Beth with her family and say goodbye to the area before heading off on a new mission. For fans of the show a return to the farm would be a bittersweet remembrance of Hershel along with Sophia and Dale. The farm was the setting for most of Season 2 and where the story really changed direction. It would be a fitting ending to this phase of the show for the group to return to the farm to lay Beth to rest and get ready for a new adventure.

The Whisperers
Even though this season of the show is following the storyline in the comic to a certain extent there is a strong possibility that the next villain the group will meet isn’t going to be Negan. Instead the group will come across The Whisperers. The Whisperers are a group of survivors who actually wear the skin of dead humans as a disguise so they can move among the walkers safely. That includes, in some cases, wearing their faces. They speak only in whispers so that the walkers don’t turn on them. They have turned into a type of cult that hunts the living and moves freely among the dead. While the producers and Scott Gimple have not commented directly on whether or not The Whisperers will be the villains in the last half of Season 5 it seems likely. It is also likely that when Morgan mentioned seeing people wearing dead people’s faces in Season 3 he was talking about The Whisperers, so Morgan may help the group defeat them since he has run into them before.

The Ricktator
The Ricktator is back and fans love him. Farmer Rick may have trying to hang onto some sense of good and evil to help Carl adjust to the new post apocalypse world but Farmer Rick died when Hershel died and the Ricktator is now in control. Fans love finally seeing Rick unleashed and not holding himself back. Together he, Daryl and Carol make a trio capable of keeping the group together and keeping them safe. Which is good, because fans don’t want to see the group splintered again.

The Alexandria Safe-Zone
In the second half of Season 5 the group is finally going to be leaving the small patch of rural Georgia where they have been essentially since the show started. Presumably they are going to try and take Noah home to Richmond, which will put them in the right area to make it to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Scott Gimple and Andrew Lincoln have said in interviews that the last half of the season will introduce fans to what is essentially a whole new show and fans are assuming that means that the group will make it to the Alexandria Safe-Zone by the end of the season. Before the filming of the season finale the actors appeared in interviews and on set with beards shaved and hair cut which indicates that the group reaches some sort of civilization where they have the time and supplies to clean up so it’s a safe bet that at least some of them will make it to the Safe-Zone.