Fear The Walking DeadEver since the premiere dates for The Walking Dead and the highly anticipated companion show Fear The Walking Dead were announced at Comic Con fans have been counting down the days until the two shows start. Fans will have to wait a little longer for Season 6 of The Walking Dead but the wait to see how the apocalypse began is over. Fear The Walking Dead starts this Sunday, August 23rd. It premieres at 9 PM EST on AMC, in the traditional Walking Dead timeslot. New episodes of the show will continue on Sundays until the October 11th premiere of Season 6 of The Walking Dead

Information about Fear The Walking Dead has leaked out slowly since the extended trailer was introduced at Comic Con. The show is centered around couple Madison Clark and Travis Manawa, who work at the same high school and are trying to create a blended family with Madison’s two teenage children and Travis’s teenage son. Travis is an English teacher and Madison is a guidance counselor. They are just a normal couple trying to forge a new life for themselves when the world falls apart.

Patient Zero

One of the tidbits that has leaked out is that the first walker, or Patient Zero, is the girl that Madison’s teenage son, a drug addict, sees eating the flesh of a person right in front of him. She has a large knife stuck through her heart. According to sources from the show it will be revealed eventually that the entire apocalypse begins with that one girl. But, since this is a companion show to The Walking Dead the show will be more focused on the reactions of the living than the source of the outbreak.

When Civilization Ends

Finally the fans who have been living in Robert Kirkman’s post-apocalyptic world for years will get to see how it all started and how people learned to Fear The Walking Dead Newsurvive, or didn’t learn to survive, in this strange new world. And it’s going to be terrifying, judging by the clips that have been released so far.

The world of The Walking Dead showed us a post-apocalyptic world where people had already learned at least a few survival tips, like shooting the walkers in the head. The walkers were already starting to decay and become the familiar looking animated corpses that fans are used to. But in Fear The Walking Dead the walkers are different and look much more like real living humans. Seeing these totally normally characters try to adapt as the world falls apart will add another layer of reality and terror to the world Kirkman has created because it will be easier for the fans to see themselves in the places of the characters.

Fear The Walking Dead has the potential to be even more terrifying than The Walking Dead. Fans are already excited about the show but critics are waiting to see what the ratings will be and what the reaction will be to Fear The Walking Dead. It could be that the massive success of The Walking Dead is a one-off situation where the perfect cast and crew came together to tell a compelling story that has attracted tens of millions of fans. But judging by the excitement surrounding the premiere of Fear The Walking Dead it could be the case that fans, like the walkers, can’t get enough of the world of The Walking Dead.

Talking Dead, the Emmy nominated companion talk show to The Walking Dead, will be airing a one hour special preview of The Walking Dead Season 6 at 8PM EST on Sunday on AMC as the lead-in to Fear The Walking Dead. If Fear The Walking Dead proves to be a hit AMC may air Talking Dead after FTWD as well as after TWD.