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Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2It didn’t take long for Fear The Walking Dead to get straight into the action this week. Some people thought that the first episode was a little slow, and it may have seemed that way. But it was necessary for the show to establish the characters and lay the groundwork for the story to come. The slower pace didn’t seem to bother fans who made it the highest rated show premiere in the history of cable TV with 10.1 million viewers. That is double the ratings of the premiere episode of The Walking Dead.

In So Close and Yet So Far Madison, Travis and Nick are thoroughly spooked and ready to get out of the city. They try to find Alicia and find her at her boyfriend’s house. She was unnerved because she hadn’t heard from him. When she went to his house she found the front door halfway open and her boyfriend, not dead but burning up. With a fever. And all the fans of The Walking Dead watching home collectively yelled, “He’s a goner!” at their TVs.

Alicia thinks he is just sick and refuses to leave him although Madison and Travis both tell her to get away from him. When Alicia is getting him some water the boyfriend reveals a bite wound to Travis. They manage to get Alicia out of the house and they make it back to their home to pack up some things and head for the desert. Nick knows that means he’s going to have to make it through some serious withdrawal which might make it harder for them to get away.

The First Rule of the Zombie Apocalypse

Apparently Madison and Travis don’t know the first rule of the zombie apocalypse. Well, cardio is the first rule. But a close second is that you never What is thatseparate during the apocalypse. They unwisely decide to split up. Travis goes after his son and Liza, his ex-wife, so that they can all escape to the desert before the outbreak takes the city down. Madison, trying to help Nick, decides to head to the school and raid the school infirmary for drugs that can help Nick through withdrawal since she is unable to reach a doctor to get him a prescription. The phone lines are already spotty and overloaded and there is a palpable sense of impending disaster.

It All Starts To Fall Apart

Travis tries to call his son, who ignores all his calls. He makes it to Liza’s house although she told him not to come and uses her phone to call Chris, their son. Chris stumbled onto what seemed like a police shooting of a homeless person and a crowd was gathering. He started filming the event as a riot started to break out over the shooting of an innocent person by police, something that is not uncommon these days. However, the person the cops shot wasn’t a homeless person it was a walker. Liza and Travis race to the site of the riot and manage to find Chris. They grab him and run just as a line of police in riot gear arrive starting to throw tear gas and advancing on the crowd with riot shields.

They realized they aren’t going to get out of the area before the riot really breaks out and they ask a barber who is closing up shop seeing the chaos starting around him if they can wait out the riot with him and his family in the shop.
Hesitantly the barber agrees and Travis, Liza and Chris hunker down with Daniel Salazar, his wife Griselda and their daughter Ofelia. They wait on edge as the front door and windows of the shop, which are gated and barred, are repeatedly hit. The sounds of rioting and looting get stronger and more intense and Travis starts to make a backup plan in case they have to get out of the shop. He frantically tries to reach Madison but the phone lines are still spotty.

No One Can Stay In The House

Nick is starting to go through withdrawal and he’s a mess. Sweating, shivering, puking, and all the other terrible things that addicts go through during a detox. Madison is afraid that if they don’t get him stabilized he won’t be able to make it to the desert and none of them will get away. When she can’t reach the doctor to get Nick some drugs to keep him stable while they get out of town she decides the best thing to do is to leave Alicia with Nick and go to the school, which is closed, to get drugs from the infirmary. It’s a smart though, and Madison clearly has a better grasp on the situation than Travis or the kids.
She gets to the school, finds the keys to the infirmary, and breaks into the drug cabinet. While she is there she finds Tobias, who came looking for his knife and to raid the cafeteria. She gives Tobias back his knife, which she had confiscated in the first episode. Tobias knows what’s going on and he’s ready to hole up with some supplies and ride out the apocalypse.

Madison gets the drugs for Nick and helps Tobias load food onto a card from the cafeteria. As they are leaving the school they hear a noise on the Are those zombiesintercom. It’s the moaning and hissing of a walker. Tobias knows instantly what it is. They go looking to see what the noise is and it’s the principal, who is now a walker. Madison approaches him because she is still trying to figure out if walkers are still sentient beings and the former principal attacks her.

Tobias jumps in, bravely, and known enough to go for the walker’s head with his knife but the knife is too small and he is not strong enough to stab it through the principal’s skull. Together they fall down a flight of stairs and it looks like Tobias is a goner until Madison bashes the principal in the head with a fire extinguisher until Tobias can get away.
While Madison and Tobias are fighting walkers Alicia tries to leave the house to go check on her boyfriend. Nick begs her not to go, but she leaves the house anyway. She doesn’t get far before she hears Nick start to have a seizure and races back. Nick is seizing and vomiting and almost chokes to death on his own vomit. Alicia gets him through it and stays with him until Madison gets back.

Madison and Tobias got away from the school and Madison tells Tobias he can stay with them until it ends. Tobias thinks about it a moment and tells her that it won’t end. Tobias is a wise beyond his years and has a good grasp of what’s going on.

When Civilization Ends It Ends Fast

That’s what Tobias told Madison and he’s absolutely right. By the time Madison makes it back home and gives Nick some of the drugs to help him stabilize the power is cutting out and communication is almost non-existent. Alicia still doesn’t understand what is happening but she’s starting to understand that it’s a lot more serious than she thought.

Travis manages to call in and he tells Madison to take the kids and go to the desert but she of course refuses. After they get cut off they hear a scream outside. The neighbors across the street run out of their house and the little girl is attacked by a walker. Alicia tries to run out the door to help her but Madison stops her and locks the door. Survival just become more important than helping others.

The Chaos Continues

run zombiesThere’s a two week gap until the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead airs but fans don’t need to see anymore to form an opinion. Overwhelmingly they are hooked. The increased intensity of the show is heightened by the knowledge that fans have about the apocalypse world that Robert Kirkman created.

These characters don’t know anything about walkers or how to survive in this world even though the fans watching at home do. The excellent development and the similarity to current events like police shootings keep fans on the edge of their seats with tension and apprehension. It’s not often that a companion series, especially a prequel, becomes a hit but Fear The Walking Dead is already a bona fide hit that fans can’t get enough of.