**Major spoilers and death ahead. Don’t go any further if you haven’t seen the season finale of Fear The Walking Dead and don’t want to know who dies!**


All the people who have complaining about the lack of action in Fear The Walking Dead finally got the action they have been waiting for. This episode proved for once and for all that Fear The Walking Dead is no cheap knock off of The Walking Dead but can stand on its own against the juggernaut that is The Walking Dead.

Walkers Vs. The Military
When the last episode closed Daniel Salazar had gone to the arena to confirm what the soldier he had tortured had told him about the nearby arena being filled with walkers. He found that it was true. That’s probably when he first formulated his plan.

Madison, Travis, Chris, Alicia and Daniel and Ofelia started packing to leave before the soldiers who stayed could implement their plan to “humanely terminFear The Walking Dead battleate” everyone. Daniel and Madison decided they needed to go to the medical compound to get Grizelda and Nick. Daniel was going to kill the soldier but Travis refused to let Daniel kill him. Instead Daniel put him in the truck and took him with them. After arguing with Travis about it the others gave in because it was really important for them all to get out of the neighborhood and to get Nick, Grizelda and Liza.

Daniel, who has a pretty good grasp of the situation, has arranged for a diversion to keep the soldiers busy while the group sneaks into the medical compound and looks for their loved ones. Daniel unleashes the arena full of walkers. The walkers swarm in a massive horde on the medical compound leaving the soldiers too busy to care who is sneaking in.

The Last Chopper
As the walker horde is descending on the compound and starting to break through the fences the medical facility was being evacuated. But as the walkers broke down the fences the helicopters that had been getting ready to land to take on critically ill patients and staff decides to leave them there instead. The doctor told Liza to go and try to run and get away. As Liza gets out to the yard she sees the walkers breaking through a fence. A soldier is bitten and he takes himself out by running face first into the blades of helicopter that is taking off. As that last helicopter flies away Liza realizes she’s got to find Nick and try to get out.

Saved by Strand

Fear The Walking Dead savedNick and Strand are an odd but good combination. Strand shows Nick that he has stolen the key to their cell from the soldier that he gave the cuff links to. Later on he goes to find the key and Nick has stolen it from him. On an innate level these two seem to understand each other pretty well. Strand tells Nick he has a place on the water and that he needs to get to Abigail. They don’t get into who Abigail is because the whole compound is in chaos and they know they need to get out.

Close Calls
As Strand and Nick try to fight their way out of the compound while trying to find their way out of the compound Madison, Travis and Daniel take Ofelia but leave Alicia and Chris in the parking garage with the loaded vehicles and instructions to leave if they don’t come back in half an hour. Chris and Alicia, scared, hear people coming and hide in the SUV. It turns out to be three soldiers who are deserting the sinking ship of the medical compound. They threaten the kids but eventually leave in the SUV.

Inside the compound Strand and Nick have finally found a way out but it might be too late. As they retreat down a long corridor with walkers following close they find the door at the end of the corridor is locked and they have no way to break it open. Strand has a gun but there are way too many walkers and they will be quickly overrun. Suddenly Nick sees Madison and the group on the other side. They are frantically trying to get the door open. Nick tells his mother to leave him and save herself but she won’t go. At the last possible second they wrench open the doors and Strand and Nick make it through.

Fear The Walking DeadAs they are trying to navigate through the abandoned kitchen they are attacked by walkers. Madison and Liza have incredibly close calls but don’t seem to be bitten. Ofelia bashes one walker’s head in with bolt cutters. As they are running out they find the doctor in the critical care ward. She has used the bolt gun on all the patients and after telling the group that they won’t get out she uses it on herself.

When they are close to making out Daniel asks Liza where Grizelda is. Liza tells Daniel and Ofelia that she didn’t make it. Ofelia has trouble accepting it but Daniel is stoic. As they are running out they come across two massive burning piles of ash and skeletons where the infected have been burned. It’s too much for Ofelia to take and she starts crying but Daniel hurries her along.

Travis Mans Up

But the group does eventually get to the parking structure. The SUV is gone and they can’t find Alicia or Chris, who are hiding. Just as Chris and Alicia reappear and the group is uniting the soldier, who has been in the truck all this time, jumps out with a gun threatening to kill Daniel. As Travis is trying to convince him not to shoot Daniel he turns and shoots Ofelia. She falls and the others run to her. Travis beats the soldier to death with his bare hands.

They make it out of the compound finally and head outside the city. Strand tells them he has a place on the water and convinces Madison to take the group there. When they get there they find that it’s a very expensive ocean front house stocked with supplies. The mystery of Strand’s backstory will have to wait for next season but clearly he’s very wealthy and is prepared for a disaster like this.

Nick asks him again who Abigail is when Strand tells him that they can’t stay at the house and they all need to go. Strand takes him outside and in a telescope shows him a massive yacht floating in the ocean just off the coast and tells him that is Abigail.

The First Major Character Death

Fear The Walking Dead deathOfelia’s bullet wound is not serious and she will recover. Liza dresses the wound and show Daniel how to change the dressing. She hugs Chris tight and tells him that she loves him. Then she walks down a path through the hills to the beach and the ocean. Madison follows her to ask her something, but stops talking when Liza gets to the beach. Liza lifts up her shirt to show Madison a bite on her abdomen. She’s infected.

Liza tells Madison she needs to put her down because she can’t do it herself and it would break Travis to do it. At first Madison refuses but she remembers their conversation in the kitchen of the house when she asked Liza to do it for her if something happened to her. She regretfully takes the gun Liza gives her.

Travis has shown up at this point and he is devastated. He tries to tell Liza that they will get her treated and they will find medication for her but she tells him that she has seen what happens and there is no cure. She tells him what she has learned at the medical compound that no matter how a person dies if the brain isn’t destroyed they will come back. So now the group knows that everyone is infected and kill shots have to be brain shots.

Madison kills Liza, and Travis breaks down. Chris and Alicia hear the shot from the balcony of the house and run down to the beach to see Madison holding a gun and Liza dead in the sand. Chris breaks down. Liza is the first major character death for the series.

Season 2

Fear The Walking Dead has already been given a second season. Season 2 will be a full 13 episodes and will pick up as the survivors try to make it out to Strand’s boat. In the meantime The Walking Dead is finally back for Season 6 starting next Sunday, October 11th on AMC.