fear the walking deadIt’s official that the companion series to The Walking Dead will be called Fear The Walking Dead. Even though details about the companion show are being kept secret for now the show has been officially picked up for two seasons of six episodes each by AMC so fans will get the chance to see what happened when the zombie apocalypse started and how another corner of the world dealt with it. Fans are excited to see how it began and how long it took it society to fall. Robert Kirkman has confirmed that Fear The Walking Dead will start out as a prequel but will eventually catch up with the time period of The Walking Dead. The potential for crossover is there but both Kirkman and The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple said it’s too early to talk about crossover between the two shows. Here’s what else we know about Fear The Walking Dead:

The Setting

Fear The Walking Dead is very different from The Walking Dead, which is set in rural Georgia. Fear The Walking Dead will be set in LA and will show what it was like for urban dwellers when the zombie apocalypse started. The show will be shooting in Vancouver, not in LA like most shows that use LA as a backdrop. While The Walking Dead will continue to film in Georgia it is unlikely that any of Fear The Walking Dead will ever be filmed there. Having a more urban setting will give the new writers and showrunner the chance to delve into the kind of unique survival issues that people in an urban environment would face in a catastrophe like the zombie apocalypse.

The Story

While primarily The Walking Dead focuses on rural county sheriff Rick Grimes, his wife and son and his struggle to keep them alive the storyline of Fear The Walking Dead will feature two families, both headed by single parents, who are trying to survive and figure out what happened as society falls apart around them. The two parents will both have teenage children when the apocalypse happens, unlike Rick Grimes whose son was only about 10 when everything happened. Presumably the story is going to follow their attempts to find other survivors and get out of the dangerous confines of the city.

When It’s Going to Air

The exact air date hasn’t been announced yet but AMC has announced that the first season of Fear The Walking Dead, which will be six seasons long, fearwill air towards the end of the summer. It makes sense that the show will air in the runup to the Season Six premiere of The Walking Dead. The next six episodes will probably run after the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead or after the Season Six finale of the show next spring. If Fear The Walking Dead is embraced by audiences the way that The Walking Dead was then it should have no trouble getting picked up for another season at that time.

It Won’t Be “The Walking Dead 2.0”

From the beginning Gale Ann Hurd and Robert Kirkman were concerned about doing a companion show because they didn’t want the quality of either show to suffer. Kirkman has said from the beginning that unless the companion show is good enough to stand on its own he wouldn’t sign off on it. Gale Ann Hurd is going to be Executive Producer on Fear The Walking Dead as well as The Walking Dead so that should help ensure that the spinoff show is the same high quality show that The Walking Dead is. But there will be a lot of industry insiders and fans watching to see if Kirkman can create two zombie shows running opposite of each other that will be good enough not only to please existing fans but to bring in new fans. The Walking Dead is setting new viewer records every season but it remains to be seen if it can continue to do that with the spinoff series tagging along behind it. Fans are very excited about the spinoff so it could be that both shows will enjoy the kind of massive success that The Walking Dead has had.