fear the walking deadIt’s official that the companion series to The Walking Dead will be called Fear The Walking Dead. Even though details about the companion show are being kept secret for now the show has been officially picked up for two seasons of six episodes each by AMC so fans will get the chance to see what happened when the zombie apocalypse started and how another corner of the world dealt with it. Fans are excited to see how it began and how long it took it society to fall. Robert Kirkman has confirmed that Fear The Walking Dead will start out as a prequel but will eventually catch up with the time period of The Walking Dead. The potential for crossover is there but both Kirkman and The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple said it’s too early to talk about crossover between the two shows. Here’s what else we know about Fear The Walking Dead:

The Setting

Fear The Walking Dead is very different from The Walking Dead, which is set in rural Georgia. Fear The Walking Dead will be set in LA and will show what it was like for urban dwellers when the zombie apocalypse started. The show will be shooting in Vancouver, not in LA like most shows that use LA as a backdrop. While The Walking Dead will continue to film in Georgia it is unlikely that any of Fear The Walking Dead will ever be filmed there. Having a more urban setting will give the new writers and showrunner the chance to delve into the kind of unique survival issues that people in an urban environment would face in a catastrophe like the zombie apocalypse.

The Story

While primarily The Walking Dead focuses on rural county sheriff Rick Grimes, his wife and son and his struggle to keep them alive the storyline of Fear The Walking…

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the walking dead finaleThe Walking Dead has wrapped another season, and fans overall were very happy with the season finale. Unlike the Season Five finale which felt a little rushed to the fans overall this year’s season finale felt just about the right length. It was extended to be 90 minutes instead of just the usual 60 and that is  a trend that hopefully will continue. It would be nice if the premiere also was 90 minutes but so far there’s been no indication that the premiere will be extended. A lot of things happened and didn’t happen in the Season Five finale. So how do fans feel about the episode? Overall many fans agree it was one of the best episodes the show has ever done. But there were some things that fans really wanted to see and didn’t, and other things they were glad they didn’t see.


No Major Cast Deaths

In the runup to the season finale there was massive speculation about which major cast member would die. The rumors of a cast member’s death were fed by comments from the cast in major media interviews and spoiler sites that claimed at least one of the core cast members was to die in the season finale. Fans were fiercely divided about which main character might be considered expendable. Despite the riots that would occur if fan favorite Daryl Dixon was killed off some people felt that Daryl has really reached the end of his character arc and would be one of the most likely ones to get the ax. Daryl fans disagreed, and it seems the writers did too since he lived through the finale. No major cast members were killed in the finale, including one or two that probably should have been.

Father Gabriel Still Causing Trouble

There have been a few characters across the seasons that…

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**Season finale spoilers ahead. Huge ones. So don’t read any further if you haven’t seen the episode yet. Go watch it first. Then read. **


Another season of The Walking Dead is now finished, and in many ways this season was the best season that the show has ever done. Conquer was the end of a long road for Rick and the other survivors. It brought them finally to a point where they and the residents of the Alexandria Safe-Zone understand and accept one another.

Ever since the group of survivors found themselves in Alexandria there has been the sense that something was off for the survivors. They struggled to adjust to the seeming absence of threats in Alexandria. But as Rick proved in tonight’s season finale the threats don’t stop just because there are walls and other security measures. And the residents of Alexandria, especially Deanna, learned what Rick has been trying to tell them all along. You kill or you die. Things will never go back to the way they were. Rick was willing to kill to make them understand but tonight it wasn’t Rick killing people that made them realize that. It was Rick killing walkers, and Pete killing a member of the group. Rick and the group did “conquer” the safe zone and now they can work with Deanna to make it as safe as possible.

No One Dies

We had to say bye bye Pete and Reg Monroe.  The season finale was a whopping 90 minutes long, so fans assumed from the beginning that meant a core cast member was going to die. The extended length combined with the appearance of a surprise guest on Talking Dead immediately following the finale seemed to confirm that fans would lose a beloved cast member. But amazingly enough no major cast members were killed, although…

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The Walking Dead Season FinaleThe Internet is on fire this week with speculation about The Walking Dead Season Five finale coming up this Sunday. The episode is a whopping 90 minutes long, although that probably means there will be a lot of extra commercials breaking up the action too. The Walking Dead doesn’t always kill characters off in the season finale but since there hasn’t really been a core cast member killed off since Beth in the mid-season finale it’s a pretty safe bet that one of the core cast members is going to die in the season finale. Because the episode is 90 minutes it’s also pretty clear that some serious action is about to go down. Here’s a quick rundown of who is most likely to die in the Season 5 finale of The Walking Dead:


Rick is pretty safe. Even though he’s been on the road to Crazytown in the last few episodes it’s really just because he knows something big and bad is on the way. Rick just can’t settle down to life in Alexandria because he knows the threats that are outside those walls. It’s more likely that Rick will get exiled from Alexandria then he will return with the group and take over completely. The Alexandria people are clearly incapable of protecting themselves or their nirvana and Rick will fight to have a safe place for his family.


Carl is also pretty safe. In fact, Carl is probably the safest of all the characters. In the comics he becomes a leader in his own right as he grows up and it’s pretty certain that he has a long future ahead of him on The Walking Dead even if he is the only one who does.

Abraham, Rosita, Tara and Eugene

Abraham and Rosita are tough as nails and their story arcs are really just beginning so…

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Daryl DixonThat’s the question that fans of The Walking Dead are asking more and more as the Season 5 finale looms. With just one week to go fans are on edge because it’s pretty much a certainty that one of the major characters will die in the extended season finale. A lot of fans think that Daryl Dixon, played by fan favorite Norman Reedus, will be the one on the chopping block. There is a case for Daryl Dixon’s death, but there’s also a case to be made for the deaths of some other major fan favorites like Carol, Glenn and Maggie.

The Evidence That Daryl Will Die

The strongest indicator that Daryl might be the one who dies is the show synopsis which states that Daryl gets into trouble while out on a run with Aaron. Aaron and Daryl have been become very good friends, but if Daryl is out alone and gets into trouble even he may not be able to save himself. Daryl doesn’t exist in the comics so there is no way to judge what his fate might possibly be based on the comics. He is a hybrid of several characters that appear throughout the comic.

In interviews Norman Reedus has said that fans will need tissues for the finale and that they will be yelling at their screens. Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham on the show, has warned fans that they will cry during the finale but that they will be angry also. That may indicate that Daryl will die because there are millions of fans who would be really upset if Daryl gets killed off. However, Daryl is the most popular character on the show and while his story arc may not have gone very far this season there is still a lot of potential for the character to develop. It’s possible that Daryl become…

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**This episode is the setup for next week’s 90 minute season finale. Pivotal stuff and thangs happen. So if you’re not ready to know what happens yet stop reading**

Where to start with this week’s recap? Deanna and her family are grieving the loss of Aiden, even if no one else is. The episode opens with them sitting in their living room, candles lit, wearing black. Deanna puts in Aiden’s “Run Mix” CD and NIN’s “Somewhat Damaged” plays. While they sit and listen the audience sees Carol in her fancy kitchen making a grief casserole, the kind of casserole that is usually dropped off at the home of a family that has suffered a death or tragedy by friends or church members. Carol leaves the grief casserole on the doorstep with a note. Deanna opens the door after the bell rings and sees the casserole on the step. She reads the note, and leaves the casserole sitting on the step. When she comes back into the living room she burns the note. It’s clear at that point that Deanna and the group are going to have a problem.

The Fallout From the Run

Deanna interviews Nicholas on camera about the run and what happened. Nicholas, of course, lies through his teeth and tells Deanna that Glenn was distracting Aiden and that’s what caused Aiden’s death. Nicholas made it sound like Glenn and Noah tried to kill him in the revolving door while Glenn was telling Rick the real story of what happened. The group was devastated to have lost Noah and to have Tara in limbo. Tara wasn’t in this episode at all, but Rosita mentions that Tara is stable and is being treated by Pete. It seems clear to Rick that they are going to have to take over Alexandria at some point. Rick tells the group that rules…

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**Spoilers ahead. And this was a rough one, so go get some tissues and maybe a bottle of water. You’ll need them. If you’re not emotionally ready to face the episode yet it’s ok, but you don’t want to read any further. But there’s only two episodes left so you’d better toughen up.**

Father Gabriel finally makes an appearance in this episode. He is seen in the church inside the Safe-Zone, where a parishioner has left him a basket of strawberries and a note, signed “Rosemary”, which was the name of one of his previous flock that he left to die outside the walls of the church. Gabriel apparently thinks God is messing with him, so he tears all the pages out of the Bible in the church. Gabriel doesn’t seem to be holding up too well under the stresses he’d had to endure since leaving his church in Georgia.

Noah Finds a Calling

Early in the episode we see Noah meeting with Reg, Deann’s husband. He is the architect who designed and helped build the walls. Noah wants to learn from Reg how to build the walls, repair the houses, and keep the community safe. He wants to learn how to keep everything from tumbling down. Reg gives him a notebook so that he can write down all the information he learns.

hEveryone Has a Job to Do

While Gabriel is quietly losing his mind in the church the rest of the group are trying to be productive members of the community. Sasha is installed in the tower keeping watch. Daryl goes out scouting with Aaron. It’s nice to see Daryl back on a bike, because it’s been a long time since he had one. The last time that Daryl had a bike was before The Governor attacked the prison. Rick and Michonne are keeping the peace. Rick investigates…

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HITHR**Spoilers! No one dies in this episode!! If there’s anything else you don’t want to know stop reading.**

Fans of The Walking Dead were a little amped up this week because there was a mystery guest star on Talking Dead and most fans assume when there is a surprise guest that means there is going to be a death of a main cast member in that episode. But, just to mess with the fans, that didn’t happen. The surprise guest turned out to be Alexandra Breckinridge who is plays one of the new characters in Alexandria, Jesse. It’s been reported that Jesse is going to be a love interest for Rick, but is that the case? Read on for more on that in a bit.

A Period of Adjustment

The episode begins with Rick, Daryl and Carol at the shack outside the wall creating a plan to steal and hide some of the guns from the armory inside the gates outside the gates in case things go bad in the Safe-Zone. Carol points out that she will have the easiest time stealing the guns because the armory and the pantry are in the same place. She can make an excuse to go to the pantry looking for food supplies and unlock a window while she is there so that later she can sneak back and get back some guns. She is dressed in a ridiculous floral sweater which is really part of her disguise. As Carol says, she can easily blend into the background in this middle class suburban community. She has got her “middle aged suburban housewife” act down pat and she can be invisible in the community whenever she wants to be. They head back inside the walls and split up.

The Party

Deanna tells Rick that there is going to be a party at her house that…

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**Spoilers about the Alexandria Safe-Zone and other stuff. And thangs. Back up if you don’t want to know what happens when the group goes inside those gates**

s4Finally the group has arrived at the Alexandria Safe-Zone and found civilization and hopefully safety.  But can they trust this place? They did hear children playing when they approached which is a good sign but Rick is not about to let his guard down yet. When they first go inside they are instructed to hand over their weapons. Rick refuses to do so until they have been interviewed by Deanna, who is the person in charge. She interviews them one by one, on tape, saying that transparency is everything in the community. At first Rick is caught off guard but he and Deanna have a very tense conversation where both of them size each other up and Rick sizes up the Safe Zone.

s3The Safe-Zone

The Safe-Zone isn’t just a community that has been cobbled together from bits and pieces and scavenged items the way that Woodbury or even Terminus was. The Safe-Zone occupies what was a luxury gated community that was built on Eco-Design principles so that it has solar power and other amenities that make it essentially like it was before the apocalypse. The houses are huge, filled with books, functioning appliances, luxury furniture, and electronics like video games and DVD players.

Deanna, who is the leader of the Safe-Zone, tells Rick that she was a Congress person before the apocalypse. She was trying to get home to Ohio with her family when the apocalypse made that impossible. She and her family were sent to this community to be safe. Her husband, who was a professor of architecture, scavenged materials to build the enormous walls surrounding the Safe-Zone and as people joined them they were able to build the walls…

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Walking Dead flare zombie**Spoilers ahead. This recap is lousy with them, so stop reading now if you haven’t seen The Distance yet and want to be surprised. **

This week’s episode picked up immediately with Sasha and Maggie bringing Aaron, the guy who had been watching them, into the barn to meet Rick. Later in the episode it’s revealed that Aaron has actually been following them since they got to Richmond. He even had a parabolic mic and was listening to them. It’s very apparent in the way that Rick approaches Aaron that the old Rick is gone for good. Rick is cold as ice and doesn’t trust Aaron at all. Aaron is a very smooth talker, similar to how Gareth was at first. Aaron is disarmed, tied up, and questioned. The situation in the barn is tense as Aaron start to explain himself.

Aaron explains that he used to work for an NGO and spent a lot of time in tough situations, which explains why he can stay so 7calm in a tense situation. He tells Rick that he is part of a community and he wants them to join his community. In his pack he has some blurry photos. One of the photos is of a heavy steel wall. Aaron tells Rick and the group that the walls surrounding the community are thick steel and that the community is very secure. Rick doesn’t believe him and doesn’t trust him. But Michonne wants to consider going to the community. Aaron keeps talking trying to convince Rick and Rick punches him and knocks him out to shut him up. When he comes to they question him further. He tells Rick that he has one other scout with him, and that they have vehicles not far away. Glenn volunteers to go look. Rick doesn’t want to take the chance but Michonne, Rosita, Tara…

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