**Spoilers. Although if you haven’t heard what happens in this episode by now you must be living under a rock. So if you are, stay under that rock if you don’t want to know what happens in the mid-season finale.**

m2Fans knew it was coming, but every time one of the beloved core characters died on The Walking Dead it’s a blow. Social media was blazing at the end of the Season 5 mid-season finale because of the death of Beth Greene. Speculation had been rampant that it would be Beth, played by Emily Kinney, who wouldn’t survive the mid-season finale but because The Walking Dead is known for surprises there was the slight chance it might have been Carol who didn’t make it. At the end of the episode Beth took a stand against Dawn and it ended her life. In the preview for the February premiere of the second half of the season it looks like they take Beth back to Hershel’s farm to bury her, giving Maggie the chance to grieve for both Hershel and Beth. Since Hershel was killed in last season’s mid-season finale there is a certain amount of poetic justice to Beth being killed in this season’s mid-season finale. But still, fans are devastated.

At the Church
While Rick and the others are still plotting how to get Beth and Carol out of the hospital Michonne and Carl are at the church with Father Gabriel, who has tunneled out and gone to the elementary school. There he finds personal possessions including a Bible that belonged to some of his parishioners who died when he refused to open the church for them.  He seems some walkers that used to be his parishioners. He draws a big crowd of walkers and because he is pretty much incapable of action he runs back to the church,…

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**Spoilers for the latest episode and predictions for the mid-season finale ahead. Go away if you haven’t seen Crossed yet or if you’re not emotionally ready to handle the mid-season finale yet. It’s ok, we understand. Just go. It will be here when you’re ready.**


It is so hard to believe that the mid-season finale for Season 5 of The Walking Dead is next week. It seems like Season 5 just started, but already so much has happened that the mid-season finale is sure to be incredible. Episode 7, “Crossed”, set the scene for what is sure to be an emotional mid-season finale and there are already rumors that at least one regular cast member will not make it out of the mid-season finale. But more on that later.

Noah Was in the Bushes with Daryl
Did you guess that it was Noah in the bushes with Daryl? You’re right. Although fans don’t get to actually see that scene. When the episode opens Daryl and Noah are at the church, helping the others fortify the church as Rick and Michonne discuss who should go on the rescue mission to get Beth and Carol. Michonne offers to go, but Rick points out that he owes Carol. Michonne counters by telling him that they all owe Carol and he responds that he owes her more. Which he does, because he banished her back in the first half of Season 4. They all work to make the church secure. The pews are broken down to wood slabs and nailed over the windows. The door is nailed shut from the inside and a series of stakes like the ones Morgan made is set up outside the front door. With the church secure and Michonne in charge of looking after Carl, Judith, and Father Gabriel Rick and the others head back towards Atlanta in the…

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**Major spoilers ahead for this season. Don’t read any further if you can’t handle some major story development and crazy action sequences.**


The mid-season finale of Season 5 of The Walking Dead is drawing closer. It seems like this season just started and already we are just two more episodes away from the mid-season finale. There is a showdown coming between Dawn and the group at Grady hospital and the prison group. The hospital group just doesn’t know it yet. After Eugene dropped the bomb on the group last episode that he isn’t a scientist fans wondered if Glenn and Maggie would head back to the church to rejoin the others. With that question still lingering this week cuts back to Daryl and Carol and what they encountered when they went after the car with the white cross in the back that took Beth.

“Consumed” and Tried by Fire

There are a lot of flashbacks in the episode. After waiting for a long time the writers finally show fans what happened to Carol when Rick banished her, which is the flashback that opens the episode.  Fans see her traveling on her own, and surviving well enough but clearly lonely. She is headed back to the prison when she sees the prison in flames and sees the aftermath of The Governor’s attack. The title of this episode, “Consumed”, comes from the many times that the survivors have had to survive catastrophic losses and reinvent themselves and adjust their mindset in order to stay alive in the post-zombie apocalypse world.

At one point Daryl and Carol are talking about how to move forward and start over considering everything that has happened. Carol tells him that the woman she was immediately after the crisis started who was still with Ed got burned away with the loss of Sophia and the fire at…

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**Major spoilers ahead. This week’s episode will change the course of the story. If you don’t want to know why do not read any further. Get out. Go. This was a game-changer. **


The Walking Dead continues to drop bombs on fans with this week’s episode “Self Help”. Last week fans got to see what happened to Beth and that Carol had been brought into the hospital. This week the show followed what happened when Abraham, Rosita, Glenn, Maggie, Tara and Eugene split off from the group at the church and continued to head towards DC. The episode also tells more of Abraham’s backstory, which hasn’t been shown before.

Abraham’s Story

In the opening scenes Abraham is seen beating a man to death with a dented can. It’s obvious from the scene that he has killed other men as well. He goes to find a terrified looking woman and two kids. The woman’s name is Ellen and it appears that she is Abraham’s wife. The flashback ends and shifts back to present day where Abraham is driving. Later on through flashbacks the audience sees that his wife and kids left while he was sleeping, leaving a note saying that he was not to try and find them. He runs outside and finds their bodies, eaten by walkers. Abraham is devastated and starts to lose it.

The Crash4

During the early scenes back with the group there are some good one-liners as Maggie and Glenn question Eugene about what will happen when he gets to D.C. and why he has a mullet. Maggie is feeling guilty about leaving the group at the church and it seems like she wants to go back, but they made a promise to Abraham and are going to keep it. Not far into the episode things take a turn, literally. The bus starts emitting smoke…

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**Spoilers! If you don’t want to know what happened to Beth after she and Daryl were split up in Season4 don’t read this recap! Just wait and hope she’s ok. ***


Beth is back, and Beth isn’t a pushover anymore. The question of whether or not Beth can survive in the brutal post-apocalypse world has been answered, and by the end of the episode the cavalry may have arrived to help her get back with the group.

Beth has been absent from the series since last season’s “Alone” episode when she and Daryl separated when the funeral home they were crashing in became overrun. Daryl drew the walkers off and gave Beth the chance to escape. Daryl made it out of the funeral home just in time to see Beth scooped up and driven off in a black car with a white cross drawn on the back. He chased the car but was not able to catch up to it and Beth was gone.

Daryl didn’t forget about Beth though. In the second episode of Season 5 he and Carol see the same black car with a white cross speeding by them and they go after it to try and find Beth. Will they find her? The end of “Slabtown” indicates that they will, although maybe not as they intended.

Where is Beth?

When Slabtown opens fans see Beth opening her eyes in a hospital, much the same way that they were introduced to Rick waking up in a hospital. There is a clock ticking on the wall, e1indicating that the hospital has either power or batteries. Beth is hooked to an IV and her arm has been bandaged. There is a gash on her cheek. She tries to open the door but is locked in. She yells for someone to let her out and takes the IV out…

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who-twdThe writers and producers on The Walking Dead have repeatedly warned fans that no character is safe. Beloved characters have lost their lives in many different ways throughout the show. Sophia was turned into a walker. Andrea had to take her own life after she was bitten by Milton, who turned after the Governor killed him. Probably the most shocking deaths for the fans were Merle’s death and when Hershel was beheaded by the Governor. Executive Producer Gale Ann Hurd has warned that Season 5 will be “heartbreaking” for fans, which is a pretty good indication that at least one of the core group of survivors won’t make it until the end of the season. Who is the most likely character to get killed off in Season 5? It could be anyone, but fans have narrowed down who they think it will be.



When Glenn and Maggie were reunited after the attack on the prison she tore up the only photo that Glenn had of her, telling him that he would never need it again because they’d never be separated again. For fans that was an indication that one or both of them would be on the chopping block. In the Season 5 opener “No Sanctuary” the Termite with the bat who was knocking out the prisoners before slitting their throats repeatedly was seconds from taking a swing at Glenn, which had fans at home cringing. In the graphic novel Glenn dies when Negan beats him to death with Lucille, a bat wrapped in razor wire. Some fans took that as a sign that Glenn’s time on the show is limited.


During the filming of Season 5 rumors flew that Glenn had filmed his death scene and the cast had gathered for the farewell party they have whenever a main character is killed. While the rumors of…

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**Spoilers! Serious spoilers ahead. If you don’t want to know what happens on the 3rd episode of TWD Season 5 just back away slowly. Do it now. **

When the second episode of Season 5, “Strangers”, ended Bob had been captured by Gareth and the remaining Termites who had escaped from Terminus. They had taken his leg and were eating it, in front of him. Gareth was explaining that they had to become hunters to survive, and told Bob that he tasted better than he thought Bob would taste. Episode 3, “Four Walls and a Roof” picked up where Episode 2 left off. Gareth was explaining to Bob why they had turned to cannibalism to survive. As an example he used bears. He told Bob that when black bears get hungry and food is scarce they will eat their young. They eat the young because if the older bears die from starvation the young will die anyway, and they can always have more cubs. That little story was a chilling insight into the depths that the Termites had sunk too and immediately brought to mind the piles of teddy bears and children’s items that had been in the remembrance room in Terminus. Presumably the Termites ate their children.

Tainted Meat

The situation is slowly sinking in as Bob’s head clears. He cries a little then starts laughing uncontrollably. Gareth and the Termites gather around wondering why he’s laughing. Bob shows them his shoulder, which is sporting a huge and fresh walker bite, which he got when he was pulled under the water when they were gathering supplies at the food bank. He laughs at them and yells that they ate tainted meat. The Termites immediately panic and start throwing up what they eaten.

But Gareth refuses to panic. He tells the others that since they cooked the flesh it…

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**Spoiler Alert – if you haven’t watched Episode 2 “Strangers” yet and you don’t want to know what happens don’t read any further. And you better stay off social media too, because spoilers are everywhere.**


b1Some people might think that the second episode of The Walking Dead’s fifth season, “Strangers” was a bit of a letdown. It wasn’t as intense as the season premiere, “No Sanctuary”, that’s true. But really it was a necessary breather before the story takes off in several different directions. There were several pressing matters that needed to be dealt with among the survivors, and the group got a rare opportunity to take a breath, enjoy a good meal, and talk to each other before things started spiraling out of control again. Here’s what happened:

The group is on the road again and looking for new places to crash each night. They are moving as swiftly as they can but with the confidence that comes from traveling in a battle tested pack. There are some great moments like when the group is passing a walker that is staggering towards the road and Michonne goes to kill it and remembers she no longer has her katana. Rick and Carol talk, and he says that while he’s still not sure how to feel about her killing Karen and David he does understand the motivation and that he owes her everything. In a rare moment of humility he asks her if they can join her, after acknowledging that she saved them all after he kicked her out of the group. It’s small vindication for Carol fans but at least he made an effort.

Daryl and Carol

Daryl and Carol have several really great moments in this episode. They stick together, even when just hunting or gathering water. Daryl tells Carol they can all start over and make a…

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**SPOILERS. Do not read unless you want to know in detail what happens in the Season 5 premiere**


Season 5 of The Walking Dead kicked off with a premier that was probably one of, if not the most, anticipated shows of the year. AMC played the first four seasons of the show in a marathon for the entire week preceding the premiere and fans were fervently tweeting and watching on Sunday leading up the premiere. From the trailer that had been released in July at San Diego Comic Con fans knew that there would be no time jump between the end of Season 4 and the start of Season 5. When the premiere opened the prison survivors were still in the train car, but preparing for a fight. They all were fashioning weapons out of whatever they could make or fight and they were prepared to fight for freedom when the train car was opened. As voices outside told them to get against the back of the car the roof opened and a tear gas canister was dropped in. Then there’s just blackness.


The audience sees what Rick see as he starts to come to and the view is terrifying. They are in a warehouse style room and there is a man in an apron seemingly sawing up a bloody human body. Rick, Daryl, Bob and Glenn are bound and gagged, placed on their knees with their hands behind them and their heads over a long, shallow trough. They are in a line of similarly bound and gagged men. One of the Termites wearing an apron and a face guard walks to the end of the row, where Rick sees Sam. Rick and Carol met Sam and his girlfriend in Season 4, in the episode where Rick banished Carol.

The Termite bashes Sam on the back of the…

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