scott wilsonFans of The Walking Dead will be happy to hear that Scott Wilson, who played beloved patriarch Hershel Greene on the AMC series, is joining another horror show. Wilson has been written into the upcoming A&E drama Damien, based on the classic film The Omen. The part was specifically written for Wilson by the Damien showrunner Glen Mazzara, who was the showrunner on The Walking Dead for the first three seasons of the show. The setting of the show moved to the Greene farm in Season 2 and Mazzara worked closely with Scott Wilson during the next two seasons. While right now Wilson’s character isn’t a main character the option is open for his character to join the show as a regular.

A&E Continues to Develop Horror Content

While networks across the cable spectrum are scrambling to find horror and fantasy driven dramas that can compete with The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones A&E is at the head of the pack. Already A&E has the popular Bates Motel in the lineup which has proven to be a sleeper hit for the network. Damien was originally slated to air on the Lifetime network for just a few episodes but Lifetime has been faltering when it comes to horror content and the show was moved to A&E hoping it would catch the attention of fans of Bates Motel.

Lifetime also tried a foray into horror with moves and miniseries based on V.C. Andrews “Flowers in the Attic” series and with a series based on Lizzie Border called The Lizzie Borden Chronicles starring Christina Ricci. While the movie that kicked off the Lizzie Borden Chronicles got very good ratings the show isn’t doing so well and is widely expected to be cancelled. After seeing how badly The Lizzie Borden Chronicles tanked Damien was quickly moved to A&E where it was given a series order with more episodes than Lifetime had ordered.

Damien Thorn

Damien Thorn is the main character from the 1976 horror film The Omen. The Omen centers on diplomat Robert Thorn and his wife Katherine Thorn. Katherine becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby that both parents are told died just after birth. A priest at the hospital where Katherine has just delivered tells the Thorns that another infant that was just born at the hospital is an orphan and will need to be placed in a good home. He convinces the Thorns to adopt the baby. They name him Damien. From the beginning there are signs that something is up with Damien. Dogs gather at the family’s estate and seem to protect him. The nanny that the Thorns hire hangs herself and another nanny mysteriously shows up. And people close to the Thorns start dying in gruesome ways. Robert Thorn begins to suspect that Damien is the cause of the all the tragedy. After talking to an expert on the Antichrist he finds “666” on Damien’s scalp which confirms he is the Antichrist. After finding this out Robert Thorn and Katherine are killed.

In the new series created for A&E Damien Thorn is all grown up and is a well-educated, powerful and wealthy man. He is haunted by his past and by the strange occurrences that surround him. The series will follow him as he starts to put forces in play that will help him fulfill his destiny as the Antichrist and as he learns the truth about himself and his real nature.

The Curse of The Omen

It’s brave for A&E to take this project on because there are many rumors and stories of a curse on The Omen. It was said that the devil wouldn’t allow the film to go forward and punished those who worked on it. It is certainly true that there were a lot of curious and strange coincidences that occurred filming. After filming some of the cast and crew continues to be afflicted with personal tragedies, nightmares and other problems. It will be interesting to see if the cast and crew of Damien experience any type of mysterious happenings, tragedies or scares. If they run into any zombies at least they will be safe because Scott Wilson has a little experience dealing with that type of threat.