talkingThe Walking Dead returns in just a few weeks and fans are already excited for the second half of Season 5 to begin. But fans on Twitter were upset to learn from tweets sent out by Chris Hardwick, the host of Talking Dead, that on Sunday February 8th Talking Dead will not be aired directly after The Walking Dead as it usually is. AMC is showing the premiere of the Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul immediately after The Walking Dead and Talking Dead will air an hour later, at 11 PM EST. Pushing back Talking Dead on the night that The Walking Dead returns to the air is a bold move for AMC. The next day, Monday February 9th, Better Call Saul will air a new episode in the time slot it will have permanently.

Fan Reaction
Fans of The Walking Dead had a Twitter meltdown after Hardwick tweeted about the change. It’s understandable, considering that Talking Dead is part of the experience of watching The Walking Dead for millions of fans. Talking Dead is the highest rated show on Sunday nights second only to The Walking Dead. Fans enjoy Hardwick’s interviews with cast members and dissection of the show. Fans jokingly call Talking Dead therapy to help them deal with the inevitable shocks and losses that occur in the show. And with the survivors on The Walking Dead still reeling from Beth’s death fans are sure to need some talk therapy after the mid-season premiere.

A One Time Only Change
Some fans were confused and didn’t understand that Talking Dead isn’t permanently moving to the 11 PM time slot. But Hardwick confirmed that the move is a one off deal just so that AMC can premiere Better Call Saul immediately following The Walking Dead. AMC is gambling on the show and wants to give it a good start, and there’s no better lead in for a new show than the biggest hit in TV history. So fans of The Walking Dead and Talking Dead shouldn’t panic when Talking Dead is not on immediately after the mid-season premiere. Talking Dead isn’t going anywhere, it’s just airing a little later on Sunday February 9th.

A Show With A Talk Show
Some critics of Talking Dead were excited and though the show had been cancelled but Talking Dead is a hot property for AMC and has high enough ratings to earn the slot directly after Talking Dead. Those same critics have expressed surprise that The Walking Dead needs a talk show following it but to the fans it makes perfect sense. Hard core fans can’t get enough of The Walking Dead and the only thing they like more than watching the show is talking about it.

Talking Dead gives them the chance to deconstruct each episode, talk about what happened with other fans, and listen to Hardwick and his guests give their reactions to the events that happened on each episode. After a character is killed off on the show they usually appear on Talking Dead, which gives fans a chance to grieve a little bit. When Emily Kinney appeared on the show after her character Beth Greene was killed in the mid-season finale the actress was overwhelmed by the reactions of the fans in the audience who were overwhelmed with grief at her character being killed off.

No Sunday Night Lineup Changes
AMC is not going to take a chance with the lineup it currently has on Sundays when it is dominating the ratings and setting records for viewership left and right. The network just wants to give Better Call Saul a nice introduction by airing it after The Walking Dead. Then fans can have their regular Sunday night lineup of The Walking Dead, Talking Dead, and Comic Book Men back again.

So fans of The Walking Dead don’t panic when you see Better Call Saul and not Talking Dead on your TV immediately after The Walking Dead mid-season finale. AMC is not playing a joke on you or taking away Talking Dead. Give Better Call Saul a look and then you can get the therapy you need from Chris Hardwick and Talking Dead at 11.