**Spoilers ahead. And this was a rough one, so go get some tissues and maybe a bottle of water. You’ll need them. If you’re not emotionally ready to face the episode yet it’s ok, but you don’t want to read any further. But there’s only two episodes left so you’d better toughen up.**

Father Gabriel finally makes an appearance in this episode. He is seen in the church inside the Safe-Zone, where a parishioner has left him a basket of strawberries and a note, signed “Rosemary”, which was the name of one of his previous flock that he left to die outside the walls of the church. Gabriel apparently thinks God is messing with him, so he tears all the pages out of the Bible in the church. Gabriel doesn’t seem to be holding up too well under the stresses he’d had to endure since leaving his church in Georgia.

Noah Finds a Calling

Early in the episode we see Noah meeting with Reg, Deann’s husband. He is the architect who designed and helped build the walls. Noah wants to learn from Reg how to build the walls, repair the houses, and keep the community safe. He wants to learn how to keep everything from tumbling down. Reg gives him a notebook so that he can write down all the information he learns.

hEveryone Has a Job to Do

While Gabriel is quietly losing his mind in the church the rest of the group are trying to be productive members of the community. Sasha is installed in the tower keeping watch. Daryl goes out scouting with Aaron. It’s nice to see Daryl back on a bike, because it’s been a long time since he had one. The last time that Daryl had a bike was before The Governor attacked the prison. Rick and Michonne are keeping the peace. Rick investigates who may have damaged the owl sculpture that Sam was building in the garage of the house he and his parents occupy. Abraham does with some of the other residents to a construction site nearby to gather more materials to build up the walls and increase their security. And Glenn, Eugene, Tara, Noah, Aiden and Nicholas go on a supply run to get a part for the solar grid.

The Run

gAaron and Daryl pull out of the gate at the same time that the group going on the run leaves. Aiden, driving the fan, plays a very loud dubstep mix cd at volumes that could easily by heard by the walkers they drive by. It’s pretty clear there is still friction between Glenn and Aiden. Eugene is sulking because he didn’t want to go on the run. Tara tells him that he has to stop being a coward and pull his weight, but he insists that the group would never have gotten to Washington without him so really they owe him, not the other way around. But because no one else knows what the part they need to fix the solar grid looks like Eugene has to go.

They scout out a large warehouse where the part they need can be found. There are walkers surrounding the front of the building so they go in through the back, and they find that a fence inside the warehouse has kept the walkers from getting into the aisles in the warehouse for the most part. They are able to move fast and look for the part they need without much danger. Eugene quickly finds the part they need and starts to gather them up when a walker wearing body armor approaches Aiden. Aiden freezes, and then panics, shooting the walker several times but inflicting no damage because the walker is wearing a helmet and body armor. Then Aiden, who apparently missed rifle practice at ROTC, shoots the grenade that is hanging off the walker’s body armor and there is a big explosion.

eTara hits her head and starts bleeding out on the warehouse floor. Aiden is blown back and impaled on two pieces of rebar. The others are dinged up but alright. They get Tara into the warehouse office and try to stop her bleeding but they know they have to get her out of there if she is going to live. Glenn leaves Eugene to guard Tara while they clear a path out, but he is reluctant to do so because Eugene is pretty useless when it comes to killing walkers. But, he takes Noah and Nicholas with him.  They also are going to try and save Aiden, who Glenn thought was dead but is still alive. Even though Aiden is a jerk Glenn can’t leave him behind without trying to save him. They have to fight their way out of the office, which Nicholas blunders.

Eugene finally stops being a coward and starts to contribute to the group. He fireman carries Tara out to the van, shooting walkers along the way. He gets her in the van and drives around just in time to draw the walkers away from a revolving door where Glenn, Noah, and Nicholas are trapped. Nicholas, who is a bumbling coward, gave up quickly trying to save Aiden and while Glenn was struggling to save his life they were set on by walkers. Aiden was torn apart, and fans cheered because no one liked Aiden. But, that led to the three being trapped in the revolving front door. Glenn and Noah were trapped in one section and Nicholas in the other. Glenn tried to break the glass in the door when Eugene was drawing the walkers away with some dubstep music from the van. But Nicholas, the coward that he is, didn’t go along with the plan. He opened his side of the door and ran, leaving Glenn and Noah to be devoured by walkers. Glenn was able to save himself, but when he tried to save Noah he couldn’t.

RIP Noah

dNoah was grabbed by the walkers and pulled out of the doorway. He was ripped apart, literally, directly in front of Glenn while Glenn watched in horror. Noah had one of the most gruesome deaths that show has ever given a main cast member. It was pretty gory and pretty gross. It was traumatizing for everyone watching, as well as Glenn. Glenn was truly upset at the loss of Noah, because he had never been responsible for someone dying before. He was also upset because the mission to get Noah to Richmond was what had given Beth’s death some meaning. With the death of Noah Beth’s death lost meaning and became just another senseless random tragedy. Noah wasn’t on the show that long but he made an impact. He was a pivotal character in the show because he was the impetus for the group to head to Washington. He will be missed.


While Glenn was watching Noah get ripped apart by walkers Nicholas ran for the van and told Eugene to go. When Eugene refused to go without Glenn and Noah Nicholas pulled him out of the van and told him he could die like his friends. Eugene and Nicholas fight, which was pretty amusing even though the situation was serious, because neither one could fight. Just as Eugene is getting off the ground and struggling to get his gun Glenn comes up and knocks out Nicholas with a punch. Full of rage but still unable to leave a man behind Glenn and Eugene put Nicholas in the van and they race for the Safe-Zone to get Tara to a doctor.


Meanwhile back in the Safe-Zone Carol finds that Sam has come over wanting her to bake cookies. It seems as if Sam doesn’t want to be at home. Carol is very mean to him, which is probably just because she can’t take the emotional risk of bonding with another child. Sam asks her about her past carolbut she refuses to tell him. When he asks her to make cookies she tells him he needs to steal more chocolate from Olivia, one quarter bar for the cookies and one for her to eat. When he comes back with chocolate she grudgingly makes cookies with him. Sam reveals that his home life may not be what it seems, and reading between the lines Carol can tell that Pete has been hitting Jesse, and maybe Sam too. She takes her concerns to Rick and tells Rick there’s only one thing that can happen – Rick will need to kill Pete. Rick, who has had another creepy conversation with a  drunk Pete, doesn’t look like he’s too upset about the idea of killing Pete.

Abraham, out at the construction site, is having some trouble staying oriented out in the hot sun. Maybe he is having a PTSD flashback or maybe he just drank too much at the party. But he come out of it quickly when walkers start to pour into the construction site. There are plenty of armed men there who are gathering building supplies but despite their weapons and seemingly endless ammo they can’t hit anything. One of the people working at the site, Francine, is out in front and is set upon by walkers. One of the construction men tries to shoot a walker that is coming towards her then gives up and leaves her for dead. Abraham goes into a rage when he sees that. He storms out into the herd killing walkers left and right. He picks Francine up and boosts her up onto a large piece of construction machinery. He dives underneath it for cover, shooting walkers as he lays under the machinery.

When he rolls out from underneath he is furious that they would have just left Francine for the walkers and him too. After he single-handedly took out a small herd of walkers he’s not in the mood to listen to their excuses. The other men want to go back to the Safe-Zone and return another day to get the materials but Abraham tells them no. They are going to stay and get the job done. Francine, the woman he saved, storms up to the guy who left her and punches him square in the face, hard. It seems that Abraham has a new sidekick.


Maggie is working with Deanna, presumably learning a lot about governing a community. She also is instrumental in getting people from the group deannainto positions of power. The man who had been in charge of the construction expedition comes to Deanna and tells her that Abraham should be the foreman, because the people listened more to Abraham than to him and because Abraham was a true leader. Deanna consents. Maggie leaves the room and there is a knock at the door. Father Gabriel has come to Deanna to talk. Maggie, hearing Father Gabriel, waits in the hallway where he can’t see her. She hears Father Gabriel tell Deanna that Rick and the group are children of Satan, bad people who have done terrible things. He tells Deanna that they are dangerous and that she should never have let them in. She ramble on for some minutes about the terrible things Rick and the group have done, as Maggie listens. Deanna promises him she will think about what he said.

What’s Coming

iThere are only two episodes left in Season 5, and the season finale will be an extended 90 minutes long. Obviously the season is going to end on a pretty epic note. Judging by the previews for next week’s episode the veneer of peaceful cooperation at the Alexandria Safe-Zone is going to be peeled back. There will be conflict within the walls and outside the walls, and the people of Alexandria may find themselves under the rule of Rick and the group instead of Deanna and her husband.