season 6 twdFilming Begins for The Walking Dead Season 6 in Georgia

Walking Dead fans rejoice! Season 6 will begin filming very shortly in Senoia, GA and the surrounding areas. Residents in the area have reported that the locations manager for The Walking Dead attended a recent City Council meeting and that signs indicating potential filming sites have started to pop up in the area. Of course the main set for the show will continue to be the Alexandria Safe –Zone, which is located just off the main business district in Senoia, GA. The Main St. business district is better known to fans as Woodbury since the main street was used as the setting for the fictional town where The Governor ruled in Season 3 of the show. The elaborate property used for shooting the Alexandria Safe-Zone is just down the hill from Woodbury. New houses were built inside the Alexandria walls over the winter and new sections of the wall are going up as the set is expanded. Does this mean that the show will stay centered on Alexandria for a while? Quite possibly, because in the comics Rick and the survivors are living at the Safe-Zone for a long time.

Live in The Alexandria Safe-Zone

The Alexandria Safe-Zone isn’t just an elaborate set created for The Walking Dead. While the wall around the property and some of the buildings were put up just for the show there are people living in some of the beautiful homes that are inside the Safe-Zone and there are properties within the walls that are for sale too. When the cast and crew were filming Season 5 they mentioned in several interviews how surreal it was to have to stop filming to let the mail person go through to deliver mail or to let a resident get through the filming area to get to their home. The homes are not cheap though, and the luxuries that fans have seen inside the houses don’t even begin to describe the amenities these homes feature. One of the homes was featured in Southern Living and used as a showplace home. Others are a whopping four stories and have private elevators as well as state of the art amenities. Prices for the homes range from about $400,000 to over a million dollars.

Stars Return to Georgia

Many of the crew members are local and live in Georgia all year long but the stars tend to split their time between Georgia and other places, except for Melissa McBride, Chandler Riggs and Scott Wilson who live in the area. Scott Wilson lives in Senoia and still comes out often to see and support his Walking Dead family. Norman Reedus drives to Georgia each year with his cat to start filming, which usually begins in early May. Filming this year is set to begin May 4th. The first eight episodes of Season 6 have already been written and pre-production has started for those episodes. Recently Laurie Holden, who played Andrea, was back in Senoia to meet fans and give autographs at The Woodbury Shoppe, which is just one attraction that Senoia holds for fans. Before filming starts Executive Producer of The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead Gale Ann Hurd will also be doing a signing at The Woodbury Shoppe and so is Hershel himself, Scott Wilson. Many of the stars can be seen around Senoia during filming season, especially in the Senoia Coffee Café which is very near the Alexandria Safe-Zone set.

Watch for Filming Areas

If you head down to Senoia this summer to see if you can see the stars or catch some of the filming there is a variety of tours you can take, including a self-guided tour of the filming locations for all the seasons. Be on the lookout for signs that say “Do Not Mow” or “SF” along the roadways and in fields because those signs are indicators that the area will be used for filming at some point. Once filming for Season 6 begins it won’t be long before the official trailer is released at SDCC in July, and then Fear The Walking Dead will air for the first time to help fans pass the time until Season 6 of The Walking Dead starts in October.