**Spoilers for the latest episode and predictions for the mid-season finale ahead. Go away if you haven’t seen Crossed yet or if you’re not emotionally ready to handle the mid-season finale yet. It’s ok, we understand. Just go. It will be here when you’re ready.**


It is so hard to believe that the mid-season finale for Season 5 of The Walking Dead is next week. It seems like Season 5 just started, but already so much has happened that the mid-season finale is sure to be incredible. Episode 7, “Crossed”, set the scene for what is sure to be an emotional mid-season finale and there are already rumors that at least one regular cast member will not make it out of the mid-season finale. But more on that later.

Noah Was in the Bushes with Daryl
Did you guess that it was Noah in the bushes with Daryl? You’re right. Although fans don’t get to actually see that scene. When the episode opens Daryl and Noah are at the church, helping the others fortify the church as Rick and Michonne discuss who should go on the rescue mission to get Beth and Carol. Michonne offers to go, but Rick points out that he owes Carol. Michonne counters by telling him that they all owe Carol and he responds that he owes her more. Which he does, because he banished her back in the first half of Season 4. They all work to make the church secure. The pews are broken down to wood slabs and nailed over the windows. The door is nailed shut from the inside and a series of stakes like the ones Morgan made is set up outside the front door. With the church secure and Michonne in charge of looking after Carl, Judith, and Father Gabriel Rick and the others head back towards Atlanta in the truck that Noah and Daryl escaped in.

Meanwhile On The Road to DC
Finally fans get to see what is going on with Abraham’s group that had a bombshell drop when Eugene revealed he’s not a scientist and doesn’t know how to save humanity. Eugene is still unconscious, and they are not sure if he will live. Abraham is still kneeling in the road, unwilling or unable to participate in the group. Rosita, finally getting to do something in the show yells at him and tried to get him to come out of his stupor. He moves towards her aggressively but Maggie draws her gun and tells him to sit back down or she will put him down right on the road.

There is a very long pause as everyone watching waited to see if he would walk into her gun after losing his mission and purpose in life. But he does as instructed and kneels back down in the road, practically catatonic. Maggie volunteers to stay with Abraham and Eugene and the others go off to find water and food. Maggie makes a sort of shelter for Eugene to keep him out of the hot Georgia sun and tells Abraham to get over himself because they have all lost people. But the way she said it was more motivational than angry, and it’s clear that she’s trying to get Abraham to snap back to reality.w2

In Atlanta
Rick and the others set up in the parking garage and talk over strategy. They decide to use Noah to draw out a pair of scouts from the hospital, then work out a hostage swap with Dawn to get Beth and Carol back. If that goes south he plans to kill whoever gets in their way and take Carol and Beth. After what happened at Terminus Rick isn’t even bothering with pleasantries anymore. He will give them a chance and if they don’t take it, they’re dead. Tyreese wants to work out a less violent plan but Rick vetoes is because of the possibility of failure. They get to work.

Carol and Beth
In the hospital Beth, still with large cuts on her face from Dawn’s beatings, is cleaning when she overhears one officer ask Dawn what to do about the new patient, meaning Carol. He points out that she was half dead when they picked her up and says that they don’t have the resources to continue to help her. Beth gets into the conversation and objects, saying that if the officer can waste enough energy to charge his DVD player everyday they can afford to give the woman a chance. Dawn disagrees, and tells the officer to remove all of Carol’s medical equipment and tell the doctor not to check on her. Dawn points out that if she can pull through on her own then she will be no worse off and if not then they are justified not wasting resources on her. But Dawn is up to something.

She pulls Beth aside after the officer leaves and tells Beth that she just killed the woman, unless she can save her life. She gives Beth the key to the drug cabinet and tells her to figure out how to save the woman. Beth doesn’t trust Dawn but she takes the key. She goes to the doctor and asks him if he were going to try and save Carol what drug he would give her. After some questioning the doctor tells her that he would give her Epinephrine. But he also warns her that if Dawn gave her the key to the drug cabinet it was because she has something up her sleeve. Beth doesn’t trust the doctor either, but she knows he’s right. She bribes another person on the ward to provide a distraction while she sneaks into the drug cabinet to get the Epinephrine. She restarts Carol’s IV and puts the drug in the IV. She also take her hand and talks to her, in case Carol can hear her.

w3The Best Laid Plans
Outside the hospital Noah does a good job attracting the attention of a scouting car. They come up on him, hit him with their car and knock him down, then put him in zip ties preparing to take him back to Dawn. Daryl, Rick, Sasha and Tyreese step out and surround them. Rick takes their weapons and tells them to get on their knees. It’s pretty obvious he wants to shoot them. But the plan is use them as hostages. While he is talking to the two prisoners another car from the hospital comes by shooting at all of them. They fall back for cover, then chase the car. The occupants abandoned the car and are hiding in what was the evacuation center. The site had been decimated by a napalm strike on Atlanta, the same ones that Lori and Shane witnessed in Season 2. So there are walkers everywhere that are literally embedded into the asphalt. Their skin is melting off their bodies from the napalm and from decay.  They are truly the most disgusting and awesome walkers seen on the show so far.

They start a game of cat and mouse in the napalm walker littered evacuation area. One of the hospital cops attacks Daryl and knocks him off his feet. He is pinned between two napalmed walkers and has the cop on top of him choking him out as the napalm walkers try to get at him. Fans held their breath when for a couple long minutes it looked like Daryl might not survive. Ultimately he dug his fingers into the eye sockets of one of the napalm walkers and twisting the head he tears the head and spine free and uses them to hit the cop on top of him, knocking him off. That cop is captured along with the other two. Rick wants to kill him, but Daryl tells him not to because having three prisoners to trade will give them more leverage. They head off to talk to Dawn and get the rescue started while Sasha and Tyreese guard the prisoners.

Sasha’s Mistake
Sasha is having a hard time dealing with the loss of Bob. She is wracked with guilt and feeling like she let him down because Tyreese helped her put Bob down before he turned. Seeing that she is in a fragile state one of the cops, who has been talking a good game about peace and not wanting to follow Dawn up until this point, tells her a sob story. He says that he saw a good friend outside who is now one of the napalm walkers. He said that when everything went down he was supposed to drive an evacuation transport but that Dawn pulled him off it and put his friend on it. The friend was driving when the napalm was dropped, which Is why he’s outside on the pavement. Sasha understands that he wants to put his friend at peace. She unwisely lets the cop walk with her to a window to show her where the guy is. Even though the prisoner has a zip tie on his hands it was still a mistake to trust him. He describes to Sasha where the guy is, and then backs up as Sasha moves towards the window to shoot him. As she raised her gun to aim the cop head butts her into the window, knocked her out. He runs.

Father Gabriel on the Run
At the church Carl has been trying to show Father Gabriel how to defend himself but Father Gabriel doesn’t want to learn. He reluctantly take a machete, mostly so that Carl will leave him alone. He says he doesn’t feel well and goes to his room. What he does there is use the machete to remove some of the floor boards so he can crawl outside. In the process he steps on a nail and has to pull the long nail out of his foot. Once he gets outside he is immediately attacked by a walker. He fights back but can’t bring himself to kill it. He does throw it to the ground where it gets impaled on a stick. He walks away.

Further away he finds a white bible on the ground. Inside it says Mary B. He read it a little, and then is startled by a walker nearby on the ground who is presumably Mary B. He clearly knows her, and is wracked with guilt. The walkers near the church are probably the people that he locked out of the church, maybe his parishioners who came to him for help, which would explain why he feels so guilty. But it’s clear that Father Gabriel is going to have to get it together pretty quickly if he’s going to survive in this world. As Bob showed us, there’s really no place in this world for people who aren’t driven to survive.


The Mid-Season Finale
The mid-season finale, Coda, is next week and clearly that’s going to be the big showdown between Dawn and the hospital people, Carol and Beth, and Rick and the others from the church. Rumors are flying that at least one cast member will die. Most people think that either Beth or Carol won’t make it out of the hospital. There is a strong chance that it will be Beth. The title of the episode is Coda. A coda is a flourish piece at the end of a movement in a piece of music or the end of the piece itself. With Beth’s musical connections the title could be a clue as to who won’t survive the episode. It’s not too much of a stretch to think that Beth will sacrifice herself to save Carol in some way.

Last year in the mid-season finale Hershel died, so it would be fitting for his daughter to go out in the mid-season finale also. It is always sad to lose one of the survivors that fans have come to love dearly so no matter who it is fans will be saddened to lose one of their own. But it’s a reminder that in this world no one is safe, as the writers and producers keep warning fans. No one is safe.