**Spoilers! Serious spoilers ahead. If you don’t want to know what happens on the 3rd episode of TWD Season 5 just back away slowly. Do it now. **

When the second episode of Season 5, “Strangers”, ended Bob had been captured by Gareth and the remaining Termites who had escaped from Terminus. They had taken his leg and were eating it, in front of him. Gareth was explaining that they had to become hunters to survive, and told Bob that he tasted better than he thought Bob would taste. Episode 3, “Four Walls and a Roof” picked up where Episode 2 left off. Gareth was explaining to Bob why they had turned to cannibalism to survive. As an example he used bears. He told Bob that when black bears get hungry and food is scarce they will eat their young. They eat the young because if the older bears die from starvation the young will die anyway, and they can always have more cubs. That little story was a chilling insight into the depths that the Termites had sunk too and immediately brought to mind the piles of teddy bears and children’s items that had been in the remembrance room in Terminus. Presumably the Termites ate their children.

Tainted Meat

The situation is slowly sinking in as Bob’s head clears. He cries a little then starts laughing uncontrollably. Gareth and the Termites gather around wondering why he’s laughing. Bob shows them his shoulder, which is sporting a huge and fresh walker bite, which he got when he was pulled under the water when they were gathering supplies at the food bank. He laughs at them and yells that they ate tainted meat. The Termites immediately panic and start throwing up what they eaten.

But Gareth refuses to panic. He tells the others that since they cooked the flesh it should be fine. But the Termites are freaked out. Will it matter if they ate infected flesh? In the end it doesn’t. The Termites take Bob, missing his leg, back to the church where the group is staying. A big letter A can be seen painted on the side of the church, which the Termites did to try and scare the group.

Back at the church Bob tells Sasha and the group what happens, and reveals his bite. They take him into the rectory of the church to try and make him comfortable until it’s time for them to put him down. He hangs on as long as he can, treasuring the little time he has left with Sasha. Sasha wants revenge on the Termites.

Father Gabriel’s Secret

After Bob reveals to Gareth that he’s tainted meat the episode cuts back to the group. The group has been on edge ever since finding the church because it’s obvious that Father Gabriel is hiding something. Sasha, upset because Bob is missing along with Daryl and Carol demand some answers from Father Gabriel. Rick also wants some answers. He demands to know what Father Gabriel did that caused someone to write “You’ll burn for this” on the wall of the church. Rick says that if Gabriel is hiding something that will hurt any members of the group he will kill Gabriel.

Father Gabriel collapses as he tells Rick that back at the beginning of the apocalypse people were making their way out of Atlanta trying to find anywhere that was safe. Group after group of survivors found the church and tried to take sanctuary. But Father Gabriel locked the church doors and hid inside, leaving other survivors pleading for help as the walkers attacked. They all were killed.

Abraham and Rick Square Off

Unnerved by everything that is going on Abraham declares that he, Rosita and Eugene are leaving for Washington immediately to get Eugene to safety. He asks Rick and the group to come with them but Rick won’t leave without the rest of the group. Words are exchanged and Rick steps up to Abraham. Glenn intervenes and convinces Abraham to stand down. Tara volunteers to go with Abraham, Rosita and Eugene if they wait one more day. Maggie and Glenn say that they will go too. Abraham agrees to wait twelve more hours but no more.

Karma Finds Gareth

Rick’s had enough of waiting for the Termites to attack, which he knows they will. He and the others go on the hunt for Gareth and the others leaving Bob, Father Gabriel, Judith, Carl,4a and Tyreese behind. As Rick and the others slink off in the shadows to hunt down Gareth and the others they slip out of the woods and sneak up on the church. They enter the church calling out to those left behind by name. As they advance through the church with weapons drawn Gareth tells them that they may as well give up because they know Rick and the others are gone. Carl has his weapon drawn and the others are ready for battle. Gareth taunts them and mentions killing Judith. When the Termites are trying to decide which door the group is behind Judith cries, alerting them to where the group is.

As Gareth and the others prepare to fire on the door to the room where the group bullets fly. Rick and the others have circled back and come in behind the Termites. Rick shoots the fingers off of Gareth’s hand and orders the group to drop their weapons and get on their knees. As Gareth kneels before Rick he tries to talk his way out of being executed but Rick isn’t about to let Gareth go again. Gareth asks why the group didn’t just shoot them and Rick tells him they didn’t want to waste the bullets they have. Rick reaches to his side for a red handled machete, the same one he told Gareth that he would use to kill him. Rick hacks into Gareth’s skull with the machete and cuts him to pieces as Michonne and the others kill the rest of the Terminus survivors.

Goodbye Bob

5aThe fever gets worse, and Bob starts to fade. He tells Sasha that the nightmares will end, and they can’t let the nightmare end who they are and take their humanity. One by one the group says goodbye to Bob. When Bob finally passes Sasha is devastated and is struggling to put him down. Tyreese comes in and does it for her. Tyreese is still struggling with everything that has happened and watching Bob die has brought up a lot of his feelings about Karen’s murder although he is no longer mad at Carol, he just seems resigned and very sad. What happened with Mika and Lizzie have really affected Tyreese and only time will tell if he can put that behind him. Rick helps him dig graves for the Termites that were slaughtered in the church and Rick asks him what happened to him and Carol on their way to Terminus. All Tyreese will say is that the events killed him.

The Group Splits Again

Abraham, Rosita and Eugene have already repaired the small school bus that was found near the church. Once the Termites have been taken care of and Bob has died Abraham and the others prepare to head for Washington D.C. Father Gabriel is deeply disturbed by the carnage that occurred in the church, and he is visibly upset when he tells Maggie that the church is God’s house. Maggie tells him that it isn’t anymore, it’s just four walls and a roof.

Abraham gives Rick a map with their course marked on it and tells him they will stick to the map, so that Rick and the group can catch up. On the map is written a note apologizing for his behavior and telling Rick to come to D.C. beause the new world is going to need Rick Grimes. Maggie, Tara and Glenn leave with Rosita, Abraham and Eugene.

Daryl, Carol, Beth and a Surprise

As the episode wraps Michonne is sitting on the steps of the church on guard duty when Father Gabriel comes out to talk to her. He tries to explain his actions but Michonne just listens. She has her katana back. One of the Termites had taken it from Terminus and she took it back after they were killed. She hears something in the bushes and walks over to investigate with the katana drawn. Daryl steps out of the bushes, alone. He tells someone who is with him to come out, and the scene fades. Fans are left wondering if Beth is with him, or maybe Morgan, and why Carol isn’t with him. Next week’s episode will finally reveal where Beth is and what happened to her. Hopefully fans will learn where Carol is, and also who is with Daryl in the bushes.6a