The Walking Dead Season FinaleThe Internet is on fire this week with speculation about The Walking Dead Season Five finale coming up this Sunday. The episode is a whopping 90 minutes long, although that probably means there will be a lot of extra commercials breaking up the action too. The Walking Dead doesn’t always kill characters off in the season finale but since there hasn’t really been a core cast member killed off since Beth in the mid-season finale it’s a pretty safe bet that one of the core cast members is going to die in the season finale. Because the episode is 90 minutes it’s also pretty clear that some serious action is about to go down. Here’s a quick rundown of who is most likely to die in the Season 5 finale of The Walking Dead:


Rick is pretty safe. Even though he’s been on the road to Crazytown in the last few episodes it’s really just because he knows something big and bad is on the way. Rick just can’t settle down to life in Alexandria because he knows the threats that are outside those walls. It’s more likely that Rick will get exiled from Alexandria then he will return with the group and take over completely. The Alexandria people are clearly incapable of protecting themselves or their nirvana and Rick will fight to have a safe place for his family.


Carl is also pretty safe. In fact, Carl is probably the safest of all the characters. In the comics he becomes a leader in his own right as he grows up and it’s pretty certain that he has a long future ahead of him on The Walking Dead even if he is the only one who does.

Abraham, Rosita, Tara and Eugene

Abraham and Rosita are tough as nails and their story arcs are really just beginning so it’s unlikely that they will get the axe. Eugene is also just starting to develop some backbone and he will probably not put himself in danger willingly so he is fairly safe. Tara, since she is already injured, is probably safe as well. If they were going to kill Tara off they would have done so in the warehouse where she was injured. Also none of these characters are really core cast members. The core cast members are the ones who have been together since Hershel’s Farm or before.


There is a pretty good chance that Carol could die. Carol has had a huge story arc and has been a critically important part of the group for the last two seasons. While she just gets stronger and stronger as a character it could be that the writers don’t want her to become a caricature so they will end her storyline. In the comics Carol has been dead for a long time, which could work against her. Melissa McBride was seen filming the season finale but that doesn’t mean that Carol makes it out of Season Five alive.


Fans have been adamant that the writers will not kill of Daryl because is the most popular character on the show. But fame is fickle and loyalty means nothing when it comes to TWD. If the writers decide that Daryl’s story arc is over he will get the axe in the season finale. Earlier in the year Norman Reedus posted photos from the filming set showing Daryl seemingly having a mangled and bloody hand. Could it be that Daryl loses a hand like Merle did but manages to survive? It’s possible, but since Daryl doesn’t exist in the comics it’s possible they will kill him off. Expect riots and some seriously unhappy fans if that happens.

Maggie and Glenn

These two have the strongest chance of not surviving the season. Maggie has barely been since the group arrived at Alexandria. As the last member of the Green family still standing she is still reeling from the deaths of Hershel and Beth. Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, has been in talks to land some serious movie roles that might be more tempting for her than remaining on The Walking Dead.

Glenn has had a rough season. He lost Noah and had to deal with liar Nicholas. In the comics Glenn dies at Negan’s hand but it’s very possible that Glenn will die in the season finale and Daryl will die in Season Six or Season Seven when the group faces off with Negan. Nicholas, who hates Glenn, has Rick’s gun and could easily choose to do something stupid and kill either Glenn or Maggie. These two are the odds on favorites for dying in the finale.

Sasha and Michonne

Sasha may die in the season finale. She’s in a bad place mentally and she’s acting very recklessly. But, Sasha isn’t really a core cast member and it’s not likely to be a huge surprise if she dies. Michonne is probably safe. The group still needs her and she has a lot of story arc left so Michonne is probably not going anywhere.

Father Gabriel

Gabriel is a traitor and everyone wants him dead. If he is killed fans probably won’t be too upset about it.

Talking Dead

Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride have been announced as guests on Talking Dead after the finale along with Scott Gimple. Many people think that means either Carol or Daryl will die. But last week Chris Hardwick announced that there would be a surprise fourth guest on the show next week and that is probably the person who gets killed meaning that both Daryl and Carol could be safe.

If it is a core cast member who is killed fans will be devastated, as they always are. But this extra-long season finale of The Walking Dead will be an exciting way to end what is quite possibly the best season the show has done so far.