Daryl DixonThat’s the question that fans of The Walking Dead are asking more and more as the Season 5 finale looms. With just one week to go fans are on edge because it’s pretty much a certainty that one of the major characters will die in the extended season finale. A lot of fans think that Daryl Dixon, played by fan favorite Norman Reedus, will be the one on the chopping block. There is a case for Daryl Dixon’s death, but there’s also a case to be made for the deaths of some other major fan favorites like Carol, Glenn and Maggie.

The Evidence That Daryl Will Die

The strongest indicator that Daryl might be the one who dies is the show synopsis which states that Daryl gets into trouble while out on a run with Aaron. Aaron and Daryl have been become very good friends, but if Daryl is out alone and gets into trouble even he may not be able to save himself. Daryl doesn’t exist in the comics so there is no way to judge what his fate might possibly be based on the comics. He is a hybrid of several characters that appear throughout the comic.

In interviews Norman Reedus has said that fans will need tissues for the finale and that they will be yelling at their screens. Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham on the show, has warned fans that they will cry during the finale but that they will be angry also. That may indicate that Daryl will die because there are millions of fans who would be really upset if Daryl gets killed off. However, Daryl is the most popular character on the show and while his story arc may not have gone very far this season there is still a lot of potential for the character to develop. It’s possible that Daryl become injured on the run and loses a limb or is seriously hurt in some other way but survives.


Most fans seem to think that it’s Carol who won’t survive.  There is definitely a case to be made for Carol being killed off. In both Season 4 and Season 5 she’s had some amazing character development and there’s been a lot of focus on her character. Usually just before a character is killed they get a pretty intense storyline that highlights the character. Carol has had a few episodes showing off how far she has come from being the abused wife of all around jerk Ed Peletier. Once a character starts threatening children with being left tied to a tree for the walkers to eat there’s not too many more places that character can go dramatically. In the comics Carol has been dead for a long time already at this point, so there’s a better case for Carol’s death than there is for Daryl’s death.


Another character whose death would anger and sadden fans is Judith. But, in the sense of the overall story it makes sense. They have gotten Judith to the relative safety of Alexandria, but is Judith going to grow up in the Safe-Zone like any other child? She is pivotal to Rick’s ability to keep his sanity and he’s teetering on the edge of becoming like The Governor as it is. But Judith is the last tie that the group has to their life before coming to Alexandria. She is their link to Hershel’s farm, to Lori, to Shane and to the others that were in the group when it first came together. But the future for Judith is unclear. If Judith is the one who dies it might send Rick over the edge permanently.


Another likely candidate to die is Glenn. One fan theory is that Glenn, who is filled with rage after Noah’s death and Nicholas’ lying about the cause of Aiden’s death to Deanna, gets careless and gets killed. It makes sense that Noah’s death could be a catalyst for Glenn to act out but the jury is still out on whether or not Glenn will die this season or stick around until Negan appears.