who-twdThe writers and producers on The Walking Dead have repeatedly warned fans that no character is safe. Beloved characters have lost their lives in many different ways throughout the show. Sophia was turned into a walker. Andrea had to take her own life after she was bitten by Milton, who turned after the Governor killed him. Probably the most shocking deaths for the fans were Merle’s death and when Hershel was beheaded by the Governor. Executive Producer Gale Ann Hurd has warned that Season 5 will be “heartbreaking” for fans, which is a pretty good indication that at least one of the core group of survivors won’t make it until the end of the season. Who is the most likely character to get killed off in Season 5? It could be anyone, but fans have narrowed down who they think it will be.



When Glenn and Maggie were reunited after the attack on the prison she tore up the only photo that Glenn had of her, telling him that he would never need it again because they’d never be separated again. For fans that was an indication that one or both of them would be on the chopping block. In the Season 5 opener “No Sanctuary” the Termite with the bat who was knocking out the prisoners before slitting their throats repeatedly was seconds from taking a swing at Glenn, which had fans at home cringing. In the graphic novel Glenn dies when Negan beats him to death with Lucille, a bat wrapped in razor wire. Some fans took that as a sign that Glenn’s time on the show is limited.


During the filming of Season 5 rumors flew that Glenn had filmed his death scene and the cast had gathered for the farewell party they have whenever a main character is killed. While the rumors of Glenn’s death eventually died down there is still lingering doubt about whether or not Glenn will make it through this season.



Carol has become a true leader, but some fans worry that her growing presence in the show means that she is doomed. While off chasing down the car that took Beth with Daryl anything could happen, and some photos have surfaced that indicate Carol might be badly hurt, if not killed. The writers have repeatedly said that they don’t intentionally kill fan favorites and only kill characters whose death will push the story along. But it’s a toss up as to whether Carol will continue to develop as a leader and possibly develop a relationship with Daryl or if Carol will be a casualty of the brutal post-apocalypse world.


Rick or Daryl

Every season there are rumors that Rick or Daryl will be killed. Robert Kirkman and the writers love to tease fans that the more popular Daryl becomes the faster they will kill the character off but it seems unlikely that either of these two will be leaving the show. Rick is just starting to come into his own as a true leader. The story is just starting to change and go in a new direction as the group heads off to D.C. with Eugene, Rosita and Abraham. Rick’s story is far from over.


Since Daryl isn’t in the graphic novel is fate is a little more up in the air, but despite the teases from Kirkman it would be detrimental to the show for Daryl to die now. Daryl’s development has been incredible for the first five seasons, and he still has a long way to go. The writers have confirmed that the group will meet Negan before the end of the season and Rick is going to need Daryl once Negan shows up.


Beth is the wildcard character this season. She was absent for most of the last half of Season 4 after she was kidnapped. It was rumored that Beth was the survivor that would end up on the BBQ at Terminus, but fans now know that it was Bob’s fate to end up being meat for the Termites. Or Bob’s leg, anyway. Since we don’t know what Beth’s storyline will turn into it’s hard to say if Beth will be the one getting killed this season but of all the characters on the chopping block she seems to be one of the most likely.