whatThe Walking Dead returns in just a couple of weeks and fans are already looking forward to the last half of Season 5. Showrunner Scott Gimple has promised that the show will be like an entirely new show in the last half of the season. Norman Reedus and Josh McDermitt have both revealed in interviews that the second half of the season is going to be very weird. It also looks like it will be very dark, since the show returns to the group grieving for Beth. According to Scott Gimple and to The Walking Dead Wiki the entire last half of Season 4 until Beth’s death took only about 12 days in the timeframe of the story. So really Maggie lost her father and her sister in less than two weeks which is a lot of loss. With so much coming up in the last half of Season 5 here are five things that fans can’t wait to see when the show returns:

Will Maggie Try to Commit Suicide?

There has been a lot of speculation that Maggie and Glenn have been left untouched for too long in the current storyline. Other than being separated after the attack on the prison they haven’t had too much working against them. Does that make them vulnerable to one of them being killed off? Possibly. In the comic Maggie tries to commit suicide after enduring too much loss, and fans are wondering if losing Hershel and Beth in such a short time will send Maggie into a suicide spiral. Even if she doesn’t succeed in the suicide she may be driven to such a dark action by her grief. Fans can count on at least one more major character dying before the end of Season 5. Will it be Maggie?

Morgan Joining the Group

Morgan has been tailing the group for most of Season 5 and fans can’t wait until Morgan and Rick are reunited. Although fans may have to wait a little longer to see Morgan join the group. It’s never been stated how far behind the group Morgan is, but there are some subtle clues. When Morgan finds Father Gabriel’s church after it was overrun there is some vine and flora growth that indicated at least some time has passed since the group left the church. It may take Morgan a few more weeks to catch up with Rick’s group. But now, thanks to the map, he knows which way they’re going.

The Whisperers

Even though it hasn’t been confirmed that The Whisperers will be the next villain that the group faces both Scott Gimple and the actors have commented on how strange the season is going to get. That indicates that the Whisperers are going to make an appearance because humans who wear the skins of the dead so they can blend in with walkers are definitely pretty weird. There are also come clues that the Whisperers are coming in the promos for the last half of Season 5. In one shot the group is firing at what looks like human shapes in the woods. In another shot there are two bodies, cut in half, lying on the ground hidden in foliage. Could that be the work of the Whisperers?

darylLeaving Georgia

It will be exciting to see the storyline of the show move beyond rural Georgia and branch out to some more densely populated areas. As the group heads toward Richmond to take Noah home who knows what they will find in other states and other areas? Fans can’t wait to find out what is out there in the rest of the country.

The Alexandria Safe-Zone

Probably the number one thing that fans are looking forward to in the last half of Season 5 is the group arriving at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. The Safe-Zone will be the group’s home for a long time, if the show follows the comics, and new characters will be joining the group at the Safe-Zone. New villains will pop up at the Safe-Zone too, like Negan. There is no word yet on when Negan will enter the storyline but it’s been confirmed that the group will end up at the Alexandria Safe-Zone by the end of the season.