Are You Really Adopted?
Place a checkmark next to any statement that applies to you:
Parents save for your college tuition fund by filling a big jar with pennies In parents' Last Will & Testament, entire estate is left to someone named 'Pimp-Daddy'
Mother's maiden name on your birth certificate says 'Hoochie-Mama' Family business is discussed in a foreign language, which you were never taught
Often told your eyes and hair are different color than parents due to accident at birth Frequently asked by family members to ponder the phrase, 'return on investment'
Your bedroom is in the attic, bathroom is anywhere outdoors Family celebrates your birthday in different months every year
Never see your Aunt & Uncle, even though they live in the same neighborhood You're used to eating meals from doggy bags, even after all the good stuff is already gone
Whenever parents pick you up from school, they arrive in a rented car wearing ski masks Your own brothers and sisters refer to you as 'that other kid'
Have sign hanging above your bed that says 'visitors only' Parents' favorite game to play on 'family night' is entitled, 'Donated At Birth'
Last time you received praise from parents was when you ran away from home Size of  'baby shoes' pasted in family scrapbook is larger than the page itself
Before family goes on picnic, you are the only one not sprayed with insect repellent Parents say that the serial number tattooed on your arm is a birthmark
'Last Of The Mohicans' is your favorite book Family pet has same name as yours

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